Minoxidil Beard Journey | Minoxidil Beard Growth

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man Mike and we’re back for another video so stay tuned okay guys today I’m going to be giving
you a update on the minoxidil beer journey this is what y’all have been
asking for I’m giving you what you’ve been asked for I’ve been seeing so many
comments asking for this video so since you asked for it I’m giving it to you
so press the like button right now you did it okay good now I gotta be honest I
got some good news and I got some bad news which one you want to hear first
okay I’m gonna give you the bad news first
here’s the bad news okay why honestly I haven’t been consistently putting on the
minoxidil I have been putting it on but not consistently that’s just the honest
truth when I do it it like gives me like pumps and stuff and then like he
motivates me to put stuff on now like crazy bumps but like like little acne
bumps and I don’t like that so I haven’t been consistently putting it on like
every day however there’s a catch that was the bad news that here is the good
news even with a little bit of tongues that I have been putting on the
minoxidil it’s still been working I still see results either way maybe it’s
because I’ve used it before in the past or something but this hair is still
growing definitely not as much as if I were to use this um twice every single
day but nonetheless it is still growing I don’t know if you can see or not cuz I
can’t really turn my head like that many angles but look there’s still hair here
there’s still hair on my cheeks and stuff and if you look at my pictures you
can get a much better view because I take them at better angles and
everything like that like if you remember in the first video when I made
the announcement that I’m gonna start using minoxidil again none of this cheek
hair was here none of this over here was there you can tell you can’t really see
it cuz my light is really bright we’re not pol you just see much she
comes up none of that hair was there so that’s proof hair is still growing this
stuff actually works and I have no reason to lie telling you that this
stuff works when it doesn’t because it’s not like they’re paying me or anything
the company probably doesn’t even know who I am so yeah this is the true
and I’m about to show you what brand of minoxidil I use so you guys have been
asking what type of minoxidil I use and I use the liquid one by Kirkland this is
what it looks like they gave me six of these inside the box I can’t remember
how much it cost because I bought it like a year ago but yeah it was like six
of these in there for however much it costs this one is almost empty because I
did use a lot of it so far I’ve been using it on my cheeks on my chin on my
mustache area which is not gonna show up under this harsh lighting my eyebrow
area my hairline and on the sides of my hair but I haven’t used it on there a
lot only like one or two times but yeah I think like this hair wasn’t here
before I started using minoxidil first time so I think this hair is the result
of minoxidil 100% because if you look at me like a year ago
go watch one of my old videos you will not see any of this chin hair here it’s
like very short chin hair and it stay like that for years until I started
using this but hey maybe I was just at the point where it was going to start
growing anyway but I don’t think so here’s another reason why I don’t think
so when I started using minoxidil the first time I had like a full beard that
was about to start growing in like there was hair all over my cheeks never seen
before I used minoxidil once I started using it hair started growing and here
is where it gets interesting I cut it off and stopped using an Arsenal and the
hair never grew back interesting right that’s what told me that this minoxidil
might be onto something this stuff might actually work because if it was just
regular hair growth wouldn’t just grow back by itself nah the hair didn’t start
going back again until I started using minoxidil again so just think about that
tell me down below have you used minoxidil before or maybe
you’re thinking of using minoxidil I don’t know and if you have used
minoxidil tell me how long you’ve been using it and has it been working for you
yet and if you’re thinking about using it also tell me that – I don’t know
maybe stuff like that might keep me motivated enough to make more of these
minoxidil videos because you guys seem to like them but I won’t know unless you
but yeah that’s pretty much the end of this video I might include a video of me
putting minoxidil on my face but it’s like from a couple weeks ago cuz I
recorded a video and I never uploaded it but either way that’s the end of this
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22 thoughts on “Minoxidil Beard Journey | Minoxidil Beard Growth

  1. I been using minox for 5 1/2 weeks.. consistently twice a day everyday.. and for me it’s been working great!! My goal is for a year and a half to 2 years.

  2. Hi wave man mike I have a question whenever I wears my drag my hair feels played down when I touch it but when I do a brush session it feels like it puffs up like if I were to comb it back words do you know y this happends

  3. Waveman Mike the foam version of the Minoxidil is better then the liquid version it’s a lil more money then the liquid, but it’s worth it. An it has less side effects the acne bumps is minimal you should try it out it’s a godsend.

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