100 thoughts on “MY SHOE COLLECTION

  1. Ashley: These shoes litlary feel like they're hanging kn by a thread

    Also Ashley: proceeds to walk out in shoes basically made of rope

  2. I thought at 8 pairs that I had too many pairs of shoes, thank you for making me feel better 😂😂 but also your shoes are all so freaking cute wowowo

  3. I bought a pair of Nike air Force online but it was one size too small so now i feel like I'm getting the Chinese foot binding done Everytime I wear them:)

  4. Am I the only one thinking that she’s actually only changing her pants bc that’s all u can see in the vid, and on top she’s just wearing her bra 😂

  5. As I'm a new subscriber please let me know – are you in America or Britain? Purely because I haven't heard of 99% of the shops you mention but then mention primark and pounds (yes you could've come here in holiday but most people use their home currency when talking so just a tad confused lol)

  6. Man I need more cute shoes but fuck I walk so much I just end up with sandals in the summer and sneakers in the winter 😭

  7. Those sounds tho, i have those shoes with very cute furs but oh boy they’re fucking embarassing to walk with!!! HHAHAHAHAA

  8. K clothing recommendation: there’s these pair of white filas that look like those cloth shoes that are painful but cute, but it’s literally so so so comfy and they are amazing

  9. I thought it was funny that she kept saying "sock but for your feet" like are there other kinds of socks???!😂

  10. I wonder how long did Ashley make this wardrobe changes for the entire video?? Cute shoes…with matchy clothes to go with each pair!

  11. I loved this video! Shoes are usually the most daunting fashion item for me because 1. they are hard to keep in good condition (wrinkle/scuff free) and 2. they are usually an after thought when putting together an outfit.
    I'd love to see a video about how you keep your shoes in good condition (there are so many different fabrics!) or tips on how you pair your shoes with your outfits!! 🙂

  12. Ive had the same shoes 5 times and i have 1 extra in my closet. Sadly they no longer sell Them so the ones i have gotta last like 70/65 years or something😂

  13. Hey Ashley! Could you do a “how to style your boots for different outfits” video. now that winter is coming. i’d like to know how to you’d style ankle boots for different cuts of jeans and styles of skirts. Thank you!!!

  14. meanwhile i have one pair of floral vans, 3 pairs of running shoes, one pair of black heels that look like they belong to someone's 50 years old aunt and one pair of winter ankle boots……. i need to get my shit together and buy some Nice Shoes lol

  15. the way Ashley said she picked midi skirt and jeans color coordinated with the shoes makes me wonder if she was topless shooting this XD bcs.. girl, I love being topless whenever I can .. it's comfy

  16. Gurl, your collection is sweet and neutral! 😻 also I hope you can answer this but, how do you keep/ store/ maintain your shoes? They all look in very good condish~

  17. Do you have flat feet? Great video btw, I love these types of videos now cuz I have a little itty bitty shoe obsession!

  18. literally evry vid that i watched on her channel is 4 ma drawing.cus fashion ? i suck so drawing a manga with only a pair of clothes dat theh wear evryday.nah!

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