My SIMPLE Body Transformation Journey – Skinny Fat to Fit – Draw My Life

Hey, check this out! Top secret? What’s in here? Oh my god, wow. You know what? What’s even crazier is to go from there
to here is actually very easy. Here is the story on how I went through the
multiple stages of my transformation. The first stage I was in is the “no-exercise”
stage. I grew up in Asia and I was basically a geek
who only studied. Fitness wasn’t emphasized there and almost
everyone around me had the same skinny-fat body type just like me, so I never felt the
need to make a change. The second stage is what I call the “motivation-shock”
stage. For some people, what triggers them to take
action to change their body could be being rejected by a girl, could be being laughed
at at school. For me, it happened when I had the opportunity
to work in America as a camp counselor during my college summer break. I remember there was a trail running race
for all camp counselors, and with no surprise I got beaten by all the other male camp counselors
by miles, but what shocked me is I also got beaten by most female camp counselors by a
large margin. At first, I tried to find excuses like ”yeah
it’s normal for me to be beaten by my female colleagues on a race because you know they
are white and I am Asian.” However, when I got to know more about my
female colleagues, I learned that some of them smoked, drank alcohol, and sleep very
little. Though I did none of these, they still killed
me in the trail running race. That was the moment I realized I absolutely
needed to take action to make a change. The third stage is the “exploration” stage. I first tried the gym, but it was repetitive
and grindy. Then I tried long distance running, but again,
it was boring and hurt my knees. I knew there had to be a better alternative. One day I checked out the mountain climbing
student club, and they introduced me to a thing called “rock climbing”. I tried and my arms were dead after barely
finishing one single 5.8 because I made all sorts of classical beginner mistakes, but
the point is I felt so happy doing it. I instantly knew that rock climbing was the
perfect alternative I had been searching for. The final stage is the “building the habit”
stage, which is usually the hardest stage to get through for most people. Lots of people I know watch these crazy transformation
videos on YouTube and get pumped up to go the gym, but most of them are unable to follow
through because it’s not fun. But for me, rock climbing is something I enjoy
and I have no trouble doing it regularly. The first climbing gym I regularly went to
is called the LanZhou bouldering gym. It’s very hot and humid in there and it
looks like this. I was the weakest climber there for years
and progressed very slowly because no one ever taught me and there weren’t any rock
climbing tutorials on YouTube back in the days. But none of these mattered to me because I
liked to climb. Since then, I’ve been climbing at least
twice a week. My transformation may not seem to be as drastic
as some others you see on YouTube, and my arms are probably still considered as “stick
arms” by American standards, but the point is to get to where I am right now is very
achievable and painless, and thanks for watching. Make sure to like and subscribe. Click here to watch some tutorials to get
started. See you in the next video.

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