Neal Schon & Jonathan Cain interview – Journey/Don’t Stop Believin’

Included in the album “Escape” Album “Escape” ranked at US #1, the first time for Journey Single “Don’t Stop Believin’” ranked at US #9 Kevin Elson, Producer Positive message that encourages the listeners Broadly accepted and listened through the ages “Glee”, very popular TV drama in US started in 2009 Don’t Stop Believin’ was featured at the highlight scene in the 1st episode Got popular among young generation as well You should not stop believing That’s the message from Journey How has this message impacted the people in US and worldwide? San Francisco, mecca of music in 70’s American dream of a guitar boy started in a studio in this town The boy was Neal Schon, then only 15 Neal joined Santana band from 3rd album The group broke apart after 4th album Left the group with Gregg Rolie, the original member, keyboard player Herbie Herbert, roadie for Santana, later became manager for Journey Catalyst to have formed Journey Journey was formed in 1973 Debut with this album in 1975 Sound was progressive rock Much more taste of jazz rock Released 3 albums since debut, but not big hit Joel Selvin, music journalist for newspaper in San Francisco Observed Journey since debut Steve Perry, vocalist, was invited to reinforce the band to aim for commercial hit Steve’s high toned, soaring voice, and unique ability as a composer That changed whole color of the band Kevin Elson, concert sound engineer, later recording producer Kevin talks about Journey at that time Journey established their new sound while Gregg, keyboard player, left the group after this album With Jonathan Cain joined, Journey’s sound became much melodious and pop With Jonathan Cain, Journey got its peak times In 1981, Journey started to record the new album The album included variety of songs Don’t Stop Believin’ was the last one recorded Jonathan, a new member, was the beginning of this song Jonathan came up to the group with his idea of that phrase Music’s done, then Steve and Jonathan started to work on lyrics They felt good about the completed song, and started recording Fantasy Studio in Oakland Recorded at Studio D, brand new with leading edge facility then With this lead-off song of the album, Journey made its great leap Escape, released in 1981 This song was first released single from the album First single from “Escape”, ranked at US #4 Journey finally ranked at US #1 with this album Big hit with more than 10 million copies sold worldwide Psychedelic movement hit San Francisco in 60’s Stanley Mouse, illustrator, was at its center, leading the art scene We visited his studio Started from poster, he worked on album jacket design for various musicians He worked on Journey’s album since “Infinity” “Escape” was the masterpiece among them Album title and the name Journey cannot read instantly This was also his work The returned original is carefully exhibited at the studio With big hit of the album, Journey made live tour even aggressively Renewed Journey started in December 2007, with Arnel Pineda, Philippine lead singer Don’t Stop Believin’ continues to be Journey’s symbolic song even with the new vocalist The positive message, don’t stop believing, became an anthem to hurrah underdogs, sometime along the line Believe in yourself. The message to everyone who lives nowadays. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

42 thoughts on “Neal Schon & Jonathan Cain interview – Journey/Don’t Stop Believin’

  1. Fantastic documentary, Herbie looks great, and even says nice things about Steve Perry! It was nice to see Kevin and Mouse interviewed too, always nice to see the band from a different perspective!

  2. I liked this journey documentary better than VH1's. I didn't when STEVE PERRY was bashing the other group members, this was a nicer one, even if it was a Japanese documentary with subtitles.

  3. Nice piece; but…hey! How on earth do you leave out over ten years of Steve Augerie? Come'on! Get it right!

  4. 20:34 neal schon looks like he is either a mannequin or dead and john cain is just talking to him, weekend at bernies stuff haha

  5. I really don't know why not, but "Ask The Lonely" is supposed to be included here. That's a golden piece of Journey.

  6. I like their first three albums the best. They have stood the test of time for me. They sounded more like Santana's old band back then. After that they sold out and went "pop bubblegum". They were ok, but I rarely listen to those albums anymore. Just turn on a classic rock station and they will overplay them in no time.

  7. YES, Steve Perry brought the success because He had tremendous song writing skills and a incredible amazing voice to make journey successful. Neal Schon needs to Thank Steve Perry!!!

  8. yup! this guy cain can get any beutiful girl in the world but endsup with a whore! the left over ! all this Rich famous assholes LIKE BRAD PITT END UP WITH WHORE TOO TOM CRUISE ETC. ANY BITCH BRAIN WASHES !!

  9. It's that Golden Voice of Steve's that makes the song…without Steve's voice the song just doesn't stand out.

  10. Yes,,Steve Perry had the voice. Jonathon, and his talent for writing those songs for Steve were great. They all came together.

  11. Steve Perry is The man with the Voice and song writer which made Journey who they are today and in this video i love how Neal Schon, and Jonathan Cain sit here and talk about how all journeys music was create but yet they haven't been able to write any new songs …… Go figure that in its self says a lot

  12. I don't know if it's just me but Neal looks like a muppet, botched plastic surgery? That would explain the shades on indoors unless he has some light sensitivity. The jet black dye gotta go though cmon

  13. This was the first time I ever seen this documentary of Journey. It was actually really good. Journey is the best band ever! Journey with Steve Perry and Greg Rollie. I'm so happy they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame! They deserved it! Beautiful song writing between Steve Neal and Jonathan. They made timeless music!

  14. The Golden Gate Rhythm Section what a weird name for a band!!! And it wouldn't make sense if Journey was named like that from 1973 And onwards

  15. NOTE TO ALL DRUMMERS: This Video makes no mention of the INIMITABLE syncopated drum part by Jazz-Fusion drummer Steve Smith.

  16. Steve perry made journey what it is today, i am so thrilled they were inducted into the r and r hall of fame, i am grateful to have been to 2 concerts to get down with journey in person!!! 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

  17. "Like Jack and Diane?"
    THAT would come a year later on the song JACK AND DIANE on John Cougar Mellencamps album AMERICAN FOOL.
    OK Jonathan, what WERE you on?

  18. I like Neal, there was a very real chemistry between Neal Steve Perry and yes while Cain has some talent with music its Steve's lyrics and voice that has made Journey's music soar and live within people hearts. Steve is a special kind of artist and they worked him so hard maybe didn't appreciate him and what Steve added to the band. Right now Neal wants to work with Steve and realized its Steve who brought the band to the success that they achieved. Cain however need money due getting devorced and didn't give a shit about what Steve had been going through at the time just want to tour didn't want wait for Steve to get better and be there for his mom wow what a good christrian is he NOT. While Journey is still going on and touring and has a good singer now. They have not had a really good album since Steve left the people love Steve Perry while Steve made some mistakes while in the band he does acknowledge them and says he would not have done them if he could go back. They did Steve dirty they should have waited for him he was their brother in music but money spoke louder I guess.

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