Nepal Pokhara to Kathmandu Bus Journey goodbye to the Annapurna Mountain Range & Himalayan mountains

Hop on your bus and off to Kathmandu, Err, that’s not my bus, is it? I’m on a blue bus. Let’s go and take my bus then. And a good morning to you, I hope you’re having a wonderful day, as you can see, I don’t have a sunny day today, which is quite unusual, I’ve had so many sunny days in a row, it’s incredible but it’s not so bad because I am on the way back to Kathmandu from Pokhara. We just stopped to have coffee, this is a typical, what they call a tourist stop, sorry I just knocked the wrong button really must get used to doing this, so this is a tourist bus, so they’re quite comfortable buses, I’ll show you some pictures of the inside, this is what they look like, that’s mine there, the blue one I hope, Baba Adventure Travels and it’s, although it’s only two hundred kilometres from Pokhara to Kathmandu, the road isn’t in brilliant condition and it’s also quite a narrow road, as you can see here, this end coming from Pokhara, there’s not too much traffic and also, I happen to be travelling in Nepal during elections so, and elections are actually happening tomorrow and there’s been a sort of general strike organized today, so, I’m hoping there’s not too much traffic on the road and we’ll get through because last time when I went from Kathmandu to Pokhara it took seven hours. Two hundred kilometers, the bus stops three times at these stop so, plenty of toilet stops, so there’s plenty of places to stop on the route and you know, go to the toilet, stretch your legs and then get back on the bus for a nap. Hmm, but and yes and I’ve actually got a really nice day for traveling, because as you can see it’s misty, foggy can’t even see the sky, but when I left Pokhara this morning, because I got up fairly early, had my breakfast in the bus, had to be at the bus station at 7:30 for leaving at 8:00. I saw the mountains, the Annapurna mountains in the distance, they were clear and the sky was blue, so it was a nice farewell for me, but now it’s back to Kathmandu, one night in Kathmandu before moving on again. Okay, let’s show you on the bus, have another nap, my bus is revving up, beeping his horn, time to get going. Remember this place? This is where we stopped, on the way from Kathmandu to Pokhara, ten days ago before we did the trek, and I asked then, do you think I’ll have the same energy? well I don’t think I’ve got quite as much energy I must admit that was a tough hike but we’re still strong, we’re still going and I’m still here, enjoying this beautiful view, no, I’m back here enjoying this beautiful view and soon leaving Nepal as well, it seems to have rushed by, was at Pokhara last night, now I’m heading back to Kathmandu, having our lunch stop with about half an hour, instead of staying up at the restaurant, I’ve wandered back down here to the river again, just to enjoy the peace and quiet down here, he says with a road in the background blazing with horns away. But yes we’re still in one piece, a bit dirtier, all my clothes are dirty, I don’t have any clean clothes left, I have got some that I left in Kathmandu but everything I took at the hike, sweaty, stinky, smelly so nobody’s sitting next to me in the bus, so that’s a benefit. We’re making good time today, doesn’t seem to be too much traffic, but we are at the quiet end, the next stage is heading to Kathmandu, I think we’ve only got about, seventy kilometres to go, but the traffic does get much worse, as we get towards Kathmandu, so we’ll see what time we arrive, in the meantime, I think I’ve got some biscuits that I can snack on, so I might go get myself a drink, and sit in a nice corner, have some biscuits and enjoy this view. Before I eat it all, you should come and have a look, okay, there we go, fillet steak, fillet pepper steak, with fried veg, sour cream and homemade mustard which is very tasty.

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  1. My memory is not serving me very well. I don't recall the Hwy between Pokkara & Kathmandu being that narrow in 1973? You deserved that Steal & Chips, after that Annapurna Hike!

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