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Right now I am standing at Terminal 3 of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. Today, through this video, I will tell you what to do if you are travelling by air for the first time. Today, we are going to Kolkata from Delhi by Air Asia Domestic flights of companies like Air Asia and Air India also fly from Terminal 3. This is our luggage. Firstly, you can get here by car or taxi and find a trolley. You can find the trollies here. Now we will put the luggage in the trolley and go inside. Now we will go inside. There are lots of doors here. You can go in from any door. We are standing at gate number 2. Here they will check your tickets. Apart from this, they will also check your identity card. If you are traveling internationally then you have to show your passport. Now our tickets will be checked. Before that you should prepare your ticket and identity card or passport. We have just entered from that gate.From whichever gate you enter you will see a screen like this everywhere. In each screen, you can see the flight numbers, destination and the row number where you have to go and submit your bag. The information of that row is written there. A, B, C, D, E, F all rows are here. You should go to the row that is shown here to submit your bag. Information about our flight is not visible right now. Let’s wait a bit. Maybe it will display after some time. You can see your flight number on the screen there. You have to go to the row number written next to it. The next step is that you get to that row There are lots of rows here till J. This is the row number C for Air Vistara. Behind it is row B for Jet Airways. You reach to your row. There are so many people there to help you. If you face any problem as to where I should put my luggage or what will be the next step, they will help you. If you do not understand anything, then you should reach them directly. The counter of Air Asia is C. You have to deposit your big bags here. You cannot carry them into the cabin. I’m going to take this back pack with me inside the cabin Let’s go to the counter now The bags will also be weighed here. The weight of the bags prescribed by the airline will also be checked here. Hello This one. How many bags are there? Two No Only two bags? Yes Here you have to deposit your bag. They weighed our bags. They will ask how many check in bags you have. We had two. I have shown my tickets here. If they want they can also check our passports. This is where they will give you boarding passes, in which the seat number will be written The information about which gate number will also be there You can like our page on Facebook, from there you can get the information. Okay. Sure. Okay That’s it. Done. Thank you. . Bye This is our boarding pass because we web checked otherwise you would get a proper ticket. We got this because we had already checked in online. I will tell you later that how can you web check in They have written the gate number on this. Now we have to go to Gate number 37B. For International flights you have go to the international departure gates If you want to take a domestic flight then you have go to domestic departure gates. We have to catch a domestic flight, so we will go here. The trolley is allowed only till this point After this you have to carry your hand baggage They have mentioned here “Please stack your baggage trolley here” So this is my hand baggage which I am going to take with me. We left the trolley there and now we have come here Here they have given the information about what things you cannot carry in your cabin baggage You can not take things like spices, coconut, chavanprash, oil. You cannot take inflammable and sharp things like scissors, lighters, wine bottle opener, pistol and blades You are not allowed to carry more than 100 ml of fluid in the bottle.You have to leave it here. In fact you have to leave your water bottles here.So we also have to leave our bottle here. And this is the trash bin. If you have things like food waste then you have to put it in green box and if you have recyclable waste like bottles then you have to put it in the blue box. So we will finish our water and throw this bottle here. After taking tickets, boarding passes etc. we have reached this lobby. There are a few shops here. After the security check gates, there is a large shopping area like a mall. There are food courts, big brand shops where you can buy from. Our next stop is the security check. Anyone going through the security check has to keep his boarding pass with himself Because after checking they stamp your boarding pass. So every person should keep his boarding pass with himself We are going for the security check process Here you have separate counters for men and women The queue is very long. You can find blue trays in the security check area wherein you have to put your phones, electronic devices, laptop, camera, purse etc. You have to take those out from your hand baggage. We have crossed the security check area.They have stamped our boarding pass. There was no permission to use the camera there so we could not shoot the entire process After the security check, we have come here. We will have to go to gate 37B Now we have to go in this direction. The food court and shops I talked about is in this direction. You can find watch shops here like Rado, Helios, Tanishq etc. If you are in a mood to shop, come atleast couple of hours early You can shop, roam, eat, But if you arrive at the last moment, then you have to rush to your flight. This is a mini mall. Here you can buy clothes.You can buy toys for your children You can buy suitcases, sweets. We just saw Haldiram’s board a shortwhile ago Behind me is a bookstore. There’s also the Chroma shop from where you can buy mobile-related accessories. Apart from the medicines shop, there is also Fab India showroom for clothing. The wine shop ‘The Celler’ is also here. You get duty free liquor at the airport.
So many people take alcohol from here too. Now we will go to the food court. We are a little hungry, so we will eat something. We still have about one and a half hours for our flight. You will have to go up here for food court You have to come down again for the departure gates. They are on the right. We have come up through escalators. If you have more stuff then you can also take the lift. Food court includes McDonald’s, KFC, Vango, Costa, Yo China, Pizza Hut shops. These are all the small restaurants where you can eat. Another suggestion, whenever you travel by air you should always eat light. We have ordered a plate of Idli and a plate of vada. Both the items have been billed at Rs 385. Those who are coming to the airport for the first time may find them a little expensive. But this is how it is. Everything is very expensive. If you want to eat at the airport then be prepared to pay a little more money. The food we had ordered has been served. Three idlis and one plate vada with coffee. We had our food. Now we are going towards gate 37B. For gates 37 to 62 you have to go to the left. And for gates 27 to 36 you have to go to the right. There are rooms available for activities like worship, smoking, etc. Our gate number is 37 so will go there. If you have any problem you will find staff wearing the identity card. They will help you. Now we have arrived in the departure lobby. We will go in this direction. Our gate number is 37. It’s nearby. Suppose if you have to go to the gate number 62, then it will take 14 minutes by foot. This thing is called Travelator. Passangers whose gates are too far or those who have difficulty walking, can just stand on it and go on. We will also go on this. All the stages in domestic and international travel are the same except one For international travel you have to go through immigration check. You have to go to immigration counter after the security check Immigration means when you are leaving your country or going to another country or you are a tourist then you have to go through this process. This does not happen in domestic travel. We have arrived at our gate number 37B according to our boarding pass. Everybody is going inside Don not worry. People here will help you. You can ask them anything. Now they will see our boarding passes here and then we will go inside the flight Now we are going inside the plane. There are two options for it. Either you can go from aerobridge or you can reach the flight by foot or bus. In many places, where the plane is far, the passengers are transported through the bus. Right now we are inside the aerobridge Now we have boarded the plane. Our seat numbers are 18 A, B, C. The seat numbers are written above So far, everything has been smooth. There is nothing to panic. This is very easy. If there is any problem then many people are there to help you. You can also keep your stuff up there. You can keep your hand baggage there. Right now we are sitting inside the flight. If you are traveling for the first time then I want to tell you a few things. Some people don’t feel comfortable and are nauseating. They feel like vomiting. For them, this air sickness bag has been given. You can vomit it in this Security information is also given on every seat. Before the flight takes off, the air hostess also informs you about how to wear the life jacket, seat belt etc. Same things are also written here about flight safety. These are do’s and don’ts. These are nutritious gram-almonds. We just bought this. Araina has ordered this granola bar for herself. If you like this video, please press like and subscribe buttons and do not forget to press the bell icon so that you can get information about our upcoming videos. Share this video a lot. Thank you.

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