One Year Of World Travel| Bucket List Destinations Around The World

what’s up legacy builders I’m Rob I’m
Reshawn and this is Learn Hustle Grow! Wow guys this is our last video of 2019 yes
2019 has really come and gone yep nine years ago we sought out to be
debt-free and to be real estate investors mmm little did we know we
would end up traveling the world for a full year yeah we really thought that
this would come at a later time you know 50 55 ish but hey I’ll take it at 44
it’s good to go in this video we’re gonna recap on the
year it’s like oh by the way it’s like a musical video just playing music over
the clips of every place we’ve been this year I hope I didn’t miss any or many of
them those videos got some pretty good beats yeah so check it out

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