ORIGINS: The Journey of Humankind – Official Trailer

It’s the biggest question of them all: Where did we come from? How did we rise above our humble beginnings? How did a remote group of primates go from swinging from trees to walking on the moon? We now have a chance to peer back and see for ourselves. To see how our ancestors grappled with the untamed forces of nature. To shape our own destiny. This is the story of how the world became modern. We are the designers, you see? But also, the designed. We invented the tools. And the tools then invented us. Man and fire. Man and medicine. Man and transport. Innovations that changed the world and changed humanity. This is the greatest adventure story ever told. It’s bigger than science. It’s greater than history. This is ORIGINS. Subtitles by the community

100 thoughts on “ORIGINS: The Journey of Humankind – Official Trailer

  1. This revelation was like a kid in school bringing a working fusion reactor to school after first showing the other kids pieces of some scribbled papers full of stick figures. You level up from 1 to 1000 in an instant. AMAZING. ALSO the show looks INCREDIBLE. WILL WATCH AND SHARE WITH MY FRIENDS.

  2. Could you please do one of your remixes for Bill Paxton when you have a moment? Your the only one I would trust to do it justice. Thank you!

  3. wow — congratulations! I was a featured extra in the 'Medicine' program…thanks for creating this, cannot wait to see the whole series!

  4. Looks pretty sweet! Any chance it'll be streamed online somewhere that doesn't require a TV login? I don't have a cable subscription so I can't watch it on the natgeo website, but I'd love to support you if it's possible!

  5. Does this love song about the rise of mankind also include the shadow sides, the self destructive aspects, like pollution and ravaging of natural resources, the harm of externalizing costs by big business, etc.?? Otherwise the story is only a half truth.

  6. It was such an honor to play the Spartan character and to be involved with this production! Big thanks to Evolve IMG, Melodysheep, and Jason Silva for the epic opportunity. For more of my content – subscribe to my channel and find me on Instagram @copernicus_johnson. #ORIGINS

  7. guys somebody pleaaase tell me the name of the soundtrack /remix or whatever you wanna call it in the background pleaaaaasee

  8. +Melodysheep Welcome back John, the internet has missed you dearly. You've certainly been busy!
    I own your album "Midnight Sun"
    and listen to "DJ melodies" and "Symphony of Science" with my daughter every day. Thank you so much.

  9. That fire episode was pretty fire~
    Next comes medicine for me, can't wait! Such an informative and beautifully edited piece of past/present!

  10. Awesome!! Glad to see your talent in work. I hope that being a part of commercial activity can become a breakthrough experience. (sorry – text from an interpreter)

  11. What's funny… is that the word human derives from a word meaning "soil", "earth", and in a more mundane way, "dirt."

  12. Where can I watch it? I tried the national geographic website, but it is region locked and they won't let me pay for it… Goddamn it people. Let me give you my money.

  13. God, so much hype! Does everything have to have a 'blockbuster' feel to it these days to hold the audiences attention? The music alone is enough to make one run away screaming…

  14. The series The Day the Universe Changed is far superior to this series. Origins, I find it is more entertainment than informative. Not a huge disappointment but could have gone so much further.

  15. ТТhеее Jоoourneуу mоviе hеееre =>

  16. I like the content, good stuff but the commentator is inexperienced and aggressive. He does not have to convince me of the facts. Use a mature person with a calming and rational voice. You are dealing with an older audience who have been there and done a lot.

  17. 1:11 Bigger than science? Our puny insignificant story on a puny insignificant planet orbiting a puny insignificant star orbiting a puny insignificant galactic center orbiting a puny insignificant galaxy group in but a incredibly tiny part of the universe. Science is defined by the entire universe. You cannot be greater than science.

  18. Oh my god. The atmosphere, the sound effects….amazing. You are not sharing your stems, are you? Or creating a video on how you made this song? It would be a dream.

  19. Hi! your work is absolute awesome!!! The first video that I watched was "Our Story in 1 Minute"….Then, I watched almost every video of your chanel Congratulations! Will you do some video tutorials about your creative process? Regards from Argentina! =)

  20. jason silva – i cant look at him, he moves too much, i felt dizzy. the show was great but can you replace the host seriously — i tried to not look at him when he s presenting … and i gave up in the 4th episodes

  21. swinging from trees to walking on the moon, he meant for Darwin's theory of evolution, and that's just unacceptable af -_-" apart from that I still support you melodysheep great contents you make.

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