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  1. I've been patiently waiting for this! Found out about your background through reddit forums but have always been intrigued in the details and now…. its here! No need to worry about the time! Make it a 10 hour episode 🤣. Looking forward to more!!!!

  2. Could you dive more into the flip side of campus ministries, especially for women? As a female who was very active in one and had a pretty positive experience I would like to understand the other side of the coin #earbiscuits

  3. 29:12 “I don’t want this to be a 7 hour podcast.”
    Um… I’d totally listen to a 7 hour podcast by you guys. The story of Wax Paper Dogs is riveting.

  4. I also was a part of CRU in college and very involved. It totally blew my mind to hear you guys talk about the weekly meetings, Big Break, Summer Project, Winter Conference, etc. cool to hear this side of your story!!

  5. You don’t owe an apology to ANYONE over your religion. You were following the religion you were raised in, and evolved a more worldly view. I think you two are totally super cool – I’m a little older than y’all, but I love you both. 💕❤️💕

  6. You could make every ear bisquit 7 hours each and I would still listen to every single minute of every one no matter what

  7. I’m so anxious as to where this story is headed. 😬😬😬😬😬😬
    No matter which direction it turns, I’ll still watch.

  8. its weird how they've switched just about everything on gmm (ie. mythical kitchen, no ltat, Saturday vlogs) but they've never changed ear biscuits

  9. I’m super interested in what they believe now and how it compares to what they believed before they started YouTube. Thanks for the talk guys 👍🏼

  10. I used to watch you guys years ago then I stopped but I restarted again recently and I'm glad we get you know you guys better ! Keep it up 🙂

  11. I loved this conversation. Plus, it sounds like my religious upbringing was similar to both of yours. Except by high school, I rebelled and refused to join any religious extra curricular activities. And then avoided them in college. I admire you guys having this conversation and being strong in your faith.

  12. For the few people saying they're "disappointed" ..🖕🏼

    They are grown ass men who have the right to believe or not believe. As a non believer I dont judge them if they do beleive in god. They're accepting, inclusive, and have big ass hearts. Their personal relationship with god doesn't effect my life. If theyve chosen to no longer have the same beliefs they once did…that should not disappoint you nor should you pRaY fOr ThEm…
    INSTEAD try understanding and RESPECTING that people may not have the same religious views as you and that's perfectly okay as long as you're not being a judgmental sexist homophobic dickfuck.

  13. This is really interesting and full circle but the first video I ever saw was the cause I’m on vacation song and I watched it at the beginning of youth group as a teen. I like you all have moved on in my life and it’s very bazaar to look back on the very conservative restraining years. Glad you guys have come so far ❤️

  14. First time commenting….awesome talk guys. I respect your honesty and openness. Growth and change but still true to yourselves is not an easy journey. Can't wait to hear more of your story. Sending hugs to you both.

  15. I look forward to hearing about your personal experiences in life. In many ways you guys are an inspiration. And bring to light what it means to be a good person and friend.. never hold yourself back! You guys are two amazing men who have done amazing things!

  16. Thank you so much for suggesting listening to ‘1619’. I started listening g to it immediately after your suggestion, and I agree with you, Rhett, it should be mandatory listening. It could be what truly heals America as a nation on so many levels. Thank you again for the recommendation. 😊❤️💫

  17. Ah, memories. Not sure I'll ever forget holding Mrs. B back stage for y'all to finish Pimp My Stroller and exit the other door.

  18. I am loving this! As someone who has transitioned from an arguably more orthodox religious group, I am eating this up. I've developed something of a passion for hearing about people's faith transition stories, mostly from my own former faith, but also from other traditions. Don't rush this, guys. Faith transition stories are some of the longest form content on all of YouTube, and people listen to the whole thing.

  19. I love Ear Biscuits and learning more about you both. I think I'm more like Link in many ways. Thank you for sharing. I am kind of sad that you felt like you even had to have "lost years" you couldn't talk about. We all grow and change…stop apologizing. As a believer it does make me ache that you have moved somehow away. I have many questions that I know you will answer. The thing I always like about you is the inclusion and I hope you realize that it's ok to relate back to your upbringing in the church. As a Baptist pastor's daughter…who is now more Jewish…I appreciate your past.

  20. Normally an audio listener but wanted to see what y’all other mythical beasts thought cause I LOVED this episode. So happy to see all the support for them! I’m so pumped to hear more too!

  21. This was an amazing podcast guys. I'm currently 56 minutes in, paused to grab some food and then realized it was almost over! I could watch a podcast like this for hours.

  22. The first 15 minutes is just them saying we are gonna talk about this over and over again. Love the video but like damn i spent 15 mins wanting to hear the story

  23. I remember as a kid- I was 4-12 In the south then, (TN) people would introduce themselves like "Hi I'm xxx what church do you go to?" I have never been religious, even though my parents tried… I am about to move back to TN from Hawai'i and I'm afraid of social isolation

  24. You Guys are truly inspirational. I’ve been a fan for years and I’ll listen to anything you have to talk about because it also helps me succeed and have a better view on things.

  25. yo this took me 3 days to watch and im still not finished

    im 18 mins in lmao

    5 days: 18 mins 40 seconds

    edit: bruh why tf was i watching kanye the preacher

  26. It's so hard to discuss religion without the conversation getting heated. I definitely understand why you would hold back this information. It would have become part of your brand and through your changes there would have been a lot of discomfort for both ends. I appreciate that you are both open to communicating.

  27. Hi guys no offense to anybody who is religious but I don't agree with it but grew up with it and it was a horrible experience and it should be avoided

  28. I've been waiting years for this. In a way I always felt almost a bit sad that this subject was never really opened up. Love you guys

  29. Best podcast so far!!!! I hope GMM goes to this casual style. I agree “back to the roots” isn’t exactly what we want, but we love when you speak naturally and with passion!

    Great work guys

  30. This is what ear biscuits is made for! Thank you for talking about this, its super brave. You will no doubt lose fans but my guess is you will gain a lot more.

  31. Best EB in a while. I am typing this knowing you already finished recording. You should have kept talking and saying everything your mind wanted to say.

  32. This has been a interesting and personal earbiscuit. No need to speed up or skip ahead. Thank you so much for being the people you are. ♥️

  33. I didn't think the talk about CRU would go on this long… All of these retreats and everything they talk about, I now have something that I can actually relate to them about something. I love hearing this stuff.

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