PAKISTAN- All the way- Chapter 1- Beginning of Journey

yes hello Umair, What are you doing tomorrow? -Nothing, I am off
Okay, pack your bag i am coming Why, Where are we going? Hello… Helloo…. Damn man…. when you get tired of Karachi’s hectic life so pack your bags and leave… we did the same, got the train and straight to Pindi! yes Umair bro, Whats up? problem is that we are in greenline (train) but before that Arsalan wants to say something Sorry, hes like that! he lost the ability to speak he just ate Lahore’s khicdi (rice dish) okay so after 23 hours, we reached pindi and we are just waiting for our driver and then Inshallah, our next stop would at Mansera’s side Now the real journey will begin, that was just a start Inshallah, lets go to Mansera and see what would be our next plan. See you… It got really late so we decided to spend the night in Abbotabad and than next morning, we headed to our destination We have left Mansera like 4 hours ago… On the way, we found a place called “THAKOT” so we thought why dont we show some shots Okay, so finally we reached to Chilas it was like 10-11 hours of journey we got really tired, basically the problem was that Babusar top is closed due to heavy snow fall so we had to cross Kohistan to reach chilas But in all that, one good thing happened that we got to see some breath taking views which Inshallash, you guys will see So, Today’s plan is that we are going to Gilgit and to reach Gilgit, it will take us around 3 hours lets go to Gilgit and then we will plan something Now, we are going to Hunza from Gilgit but between that there is a district called NAGAR district which is very famous for its mountains and peaks and also there is a place called RAKAPOSHI POINT which i heard is really beautiful so hopefully we will able to see that and you will see that point on the way to Hunza If you go from Gilgit to Hunza through Nagarparkar district then you guys will see Rakaposhi Hopefully, we able to get some shots of Rakaposhi will show you… our next stop would be Hunza See you So after traveling for about 2.5 – 3 hours, we have finally reach H unza…

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