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Please come. Please don’t trouble me like this. Come fast. How can we take off without you? Please come Montu sir. Please sir. Come fast. You’ve said please 5 times. I won’t come un;ess you say it at least 6-7 times. Please come sir. Please. Now I’ve said it 7 times. So much love in India. What’s going to happen in Paris? Montu brother. We’re going to get so much respect in Paris, it’s okay if we don’t get it here. Mom dad don’t know about the Paris school trip. I’ve heard the chocolates in Paris are amazing. I’ll just eat chocolates over there. The school is taking the students for a school trip to Paris, so I want to go to Paris. And I want to sing with Lata Mangeshkar. And I want to have teat with Amitabh Bachchan. And I want to become a fashion designer. And not just an ordinary fashion designer. I’ll be so famous that everyone will wear my clothes. And then all the super models will walk on the runway wearing my clothes. Then I’ll get selected for Paris Fashion Week and that’s when we’ll go to Paris. One second. What’s going on? We’re discussing unrealistic dreams right? I want to go to Paris because I know they have the best chocolate so I want to try it. Oh so you want to go to Paris to try their chocolates? Okay Montu. Choose between the two. Par-is or Pair-us? Which one should I use to kick you? Archu you’re so funny. You should be a standup comedian. Why just one? Kick him with both the legs. He’ll touch Paris and come back like a boomerang. We’ll save some money. She has also started cracking jokes. Funny family. What is this? Everyone has been making fun pf me since childhood. I asked for a cricket bat and I got the bat used to wash clothes. It looks like a bat only. I asked for a choco bar and I got an ice candy instead. That’s what people have in summer. Now that I want to go to Paris, you buy me something cheap. Like a Play Station. You’re buying me a Play Station? What will you do in Paris. Just 2 days of fun in a 4 day trip. There’s also jet lag. It’s better you take the Play Station. Instead of 2 days, you’ll have fun for the next 2 years. Montu bro. Forget Paris. If you get the Play Station, you’ll be a pro in Candy Crush, Snakes and Ladders and Ludo. Then you’ll be everyone’s leader. Montu what are you doing this evening? Montu would you like to have some coffee with me? Shall we go to buy the Play Station? Where? To buy the Play Station. You guys only said that you will buy me a Play Station. Yes. We also said that you should score 90% in boards but that didn’t happen. You guys always do this. Especially mom. You bribed me with a PS4 and cancelled my Paris trip. I’m going. Don’t talk to me I’m going. Montu. Where will you go alone? Should I drop you till the rickshaw stand? Get some coriander on your way back. This is not fair. This is criminal. First you cancelled my Paris trip by saying you’ll buy me a Play Station. Now instead of the Play Station you will give me a cycle. Okay listen. What will you do with the Play Station? Play alone. Take the cycle instead. You’ll roam around all day. You like roaming aroud right? Go out with your friends. Yes. Okay. Cycle. My cycle will have more than 1 gear. 18 means adult. With this cycle I can take rounds till Sonia’s house. Then she’ll fall in love with me. Then one day leaving everything behind, I’ll run away with Sonia on my cycle and then we’ll get married. Mom dad also won’t be able to do anything. Okay then. When should we go to buy the cycle? Okay lets go. Get your piggy bank. But I just have 1 rupee in the piggy bank. With 1 rupee you won’t get a cycle. You’ll just get one chocolate. For that only you wanted to go to Paris right? Which chocolate will I get in 1 rupee? Yes you’re right. You won’t get a chocolate in 1 rupee. Do one thing. Keep that 1 rupee in the piggy bank only. And has this ever happened that you asked for something and we didn’t give you that? Take this. It’s a 100 rupee note. Buy a nice chocolate for yourself. First of all stop lying. You all will just talk, you won’t buy me anything. Take it. It’s yours only. Are you sure? And take some chips also. Take 10 rupees more and buy a cold drink also. 120 rupees? Wow! Lottery. I’ll go and get it right now. From Paris to Play Station, then cycle and then a chocolate. Did they make a fool out of me? No. Wanted to have a chocolate only right? You have it in Paris or at home how does it matter? You got what you wanted. From 1 rupee you made a profit of 120 rupees. Even Guru Bhai couldn’t do this.

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