Part 07 | Sanadar katha jheel | Journey of 3 friends

its our room last night we stay in there my bag 1 2 3 4 5 6 my main bag clothes bag its AMI and its our hotel now going i: we come for there from kalam me: 1st visit kumrat from Peshawar to kumrat then kumrat to kalam now going samandar katha lake now going to Muree in there water store water they do the right thing made restaurant provide entertainment dill dill PAKISTAN jan jan PAKISTAN today i see what happen i like bikes go go my tiger go go , cross they all 1 2 3 see 4 😛 😛 😀 😀 just jokking a car turning, suddenly stop us we survived bro, where the samanadar that road ok thank u Muhammad khan my Facebook friend 1 min now we r in the point where samandar kahta jheel road take some stay in there my back side the road is turn samandar katha 5km offroad you see and also aur now going for that way go forward road is not bad but the width id tough from lower to upper. engine must be heat-up. uh its not a bag lake he: where did you come from? me : from karak he: you cna’t ride a bike from Islamabad to here. look at samandar lake visit r ended how much we explore we did it. now visit aubia .natiya gali and ISLAMABAD steel stay with me and watch now we return today many bikers are visit from Islamabad take some stay . that is it protect the environment after the bus take stip check my bag ets so bike take rest then go its not fake/ time lips its real uhh we are on the top the clouds are moving. we see it with our own eyes. uhh yar these are the clouds for those looking down. and for us its fog now let’s go down. and the condition is getting worse. now look at this wawooooo :D:D its fog good bye Khyber Pkhton khuwa if u like our video then must be subscribe our channel shear, like and must comment about our video our tour click the link in the description to watch the rest of the six videos from this story. i hop you enjoy our video steel stay with us for uncoming video thank you

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