Perfect Style On The Road | 3 Favorite Travel Shoe Styles For Men

Perfect Style On The Road 3 Favorite Travel
Shoe Styles For Men [0:00:00]
Today, I want to talk about three travel shoe options. So for me when I’m traveling, I’m wearing
business attire. I need to look good. I want a travel shoe that I can go in and
out of the airport and be able to slip through security very quickly. So all the options I’m going to show you
these are shoes that have no laces and to me that is key. I want a shoe that is just not going to slow
me down where I got to spend time lacing down then lacing back up and yeah. To me that is the biggest thing. But when I show up if I got to go straight
to a meeting I want a shoe that would still look great with casual suit with maybe even
a formal suit, maybe something that would look great with my odd trousers, my sports
jacket, or it’s just going to make my outfit pop. Each of these I think has their own unique
style and starting off you’ve probably seen I’ve got the Chelsea boot. The Chelsea boot this is a classic, became
popular in the 1960 with musicians out of England. We saw the Beatles. We saw the Rolling Stones. If you have a Chelsea boot I think you’ll
agree this is one of the most versatile shoes that you’re going to see out there. So the Chelsea boot the overall design and
the style of it is going to be what you see right here. It’s not going to have any laces. It’s going to usually have elastic on the
side. Some of you will actually see you’re going
to have a zipper on the inside. But what you’re looking for is something
that has a toe design that you’re looking for. You’re going to see them with a little bit
of basically a cut toe. You’re also going to see them with sometimes
a really big square toe. You want to avoid that. You’re going to see them with rounded off
toe. Whatever is your particular choice the style
you want to go for except for that big heavy square toe, don’t go with that. Now let’s talk about the hell. If you see a Chelsea out there with a really
– we’re talking 1 inch to 1-1/2 inch heel. Can you guys tell I’m shooting on location? I’m just getting blown up by the light here. But guys I’m actually in New York City. I’m in at Paul Evans. My friend Evan owns the shop. He’s letting me use all of his shoes as
props. So if you want to check out, you like any
of the shoes you see in today’s video make sure to go check out Paul Evans. I’m linking to him down in the description. I’ve got a discount code for you RMRS 100. That’s $100 off guys and you can go use
this. Use it or lose it. Cause it’s not going to be around too much
longer and it will disappear and his shoes are just a great deal. They’re all Blake stitch. That’s how we get that nice little elegant
look around here and still a great construction. Now the thing with all the shoes I’m going
to show you is that you will see in getting to the construction a leather sole. Leather soles are great in terms of showing
the quality of the shoe, the material used. The problem with leather sole is they take
a while to be able to get some traction and they can lose that traction. So do take them to cobbler. If you travel a lot, you want to get a rubber
strip or you want to get a rubber sole put on the base right in here. You don’t have to have an entirely new sole
put on it. You can just simply have an overlay put on. What that does is its going to give you a
lot more traction, enables you to don’t go slipping and sliding through the airport
cause that is something I do not want to have happened to you when you’re traveling. So the Chelsea boot right there my no. 1 choice. I just love it because it’s so simple, so
elegant looking. You can dress it up. Dress it down. You can go in black if black is your shoe
color. I like oxblood. I like dark brown Now speaking of oxblood and my other travel
shoe, the shoes I’m wearing right now when I travel to New York with are actually double
monk straps. This is a modern classic. Taking off the single monk but the double
monk what you’re going to notice again is the overall beautiful elegant design. Many people are going to mistake it just a
classic dress shoe. So you could actually wear this with a suit. You could dress it up or dress down. I’ve worn this with jeans. But it is something that because of just the
simplicity of the overall built the leather sole which I talk about. Overall I just look at this easily you can
go with a dark color, black. You can go with dark brown. You can go with burgundy, oxblood like I talked
about. You can even possibly bring in a suede. Although, suede isn’t going to be as versatile
and I would usually go for a darker color on my first pair of double monks. But again it’s slipping on, slipping off,
being able to slip through security, not have an issue. Really quick tip by the way is shoe horns. The Chelsea won’t have this issue. But this shoe right here you don’t want
to be pushing on the back on the heel with your heel. So what you want to do is take your belt and
actually put your belt right in here and you’re going to use that as a shoehorn. A shoehorn is a device. Do I have it handy? No. All right, wait a minute. One may magically appear in my hand. Watch this. So magically did you see that? It’s amazing how it happens. So a shoehorn wouldn’t allow you right here. But since you’re going to carry this with
you through security just simply use the end of your belt and you’ll be able to get your
heel back in there and not damage the back of the shoe. The last shoe I want to talk to you guys about
is going to be the penny loafers. The penny loafer is a great shoe in the sense
that its classic, it’s conservative. It’s something that you definitely can dress
down. You can wear this with even lighter color
jeans if you so chose. You can wear this with shorts. You’re traveling in short. We’re not talking cargo shorts here. Although, you probably could pull it off,
some of you. [0:05:03]
But I would say go for a leaner cleaner short design which is one that’s just simply not
going to have the pockets on the side is going to possibly be just a couple of inches above
the knee. But the penny loafer classic shoe. Avoid in black in my opinion. Yes. I know some of you guys are going to do it
anyway. Black is your color. But I feel the penny loafer is a more casual
shoe. It’s definitely not something you want to
wear with a formal suit. You can pull it off in the summer time with
a casual suit. But if you’re ever doing that, do not go
sockless guys. You don’t want to have the moisture from
your sweaty feet basically destroying the inside of a quality shoe. Everything you see in here is leather. Leather will absorbs that wetness and what
it’s going to do is it expands a bit but it never goes back exactly to its original
shape. If you ever do get any of these shoes wet
what you want to do is let them dry in a cool dry place. You don’t want to put them next to a heater. Don’t put them next to a fire. That will destroy. That will crack the leather. That’s it guys. So when you’re traveling I know you want
to carry as little as you need to and at the same time you want something that’s versatile. So all three of this travel shoe I think fit
the bill. That’s it guys. Take care. I will see you in the next video. [0:06:16] End of Audio

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