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English subtitles will start soon….. Someone inside Maybe we will meet again or not. Yes we will Bro(Prathemesh) Guys follow, share and do like too. He is here ha ha Best of luck for future (Rajat Bro) Thank you bro thank you and Same to you too. So, guys, I had already visited the temple. and as you can see here, is a long queue. And if you are planning to see then wake up early and stay in the line. as the queue is very long. Now I will share the story of this Temple which I came to know after doing my research. What happened was; When the battle of Mahabharata happened So after that Pandavas wanted to meet Lord Shiva to get rid of their sins they wanted to see them. But Lord Shiva got angry with their sins and hideout somewhere Then after that to find Lord Shiva the Pandavas went to Kashi But they were not able to find him in Kashi as Shiva turned to a Bull and went to Garhwal. But Pandavas followed and reached here. And then Bheem saw the Shadow of Bull at Gupt Kashi. And they chased the bull and caught it. And when they caught that bull by tail and legs then its body and head vanished into the Ground. And after that the different parts of that bull like the Hump originated at Kedarnath; The face at “Rudranath” ; The stomach was at Madhmeshwar; Hands at Tungnath And at the Kalpeshwar it was Forehead and hairs. And these five together are known as Panch Kedar. And my journey will be for these 5 Panch Kedars. Now my first destination had been completed. Now I will move towards Bhairavnath Temple which is on that side. The way is from there. The glacier which you can see at the front is known as “Chorabari Glacier” as it is told by the Google Maps. Namaskar.. What a Tremendous view. It’s just fantastic. There is a fixed effective way and the way is going straight to the Bhairavnath Temple. Three Thousands 3500 M is the height of this place. and I am feeling little bit of breathlessness. Right now here I can see some photographs on which I can see NIM : Nehru Mountaineering Institute which had provided some details because they headed the construction of Kedarnath after the Disaster. The information says that At 14th June 2013 the place was stuck with a Disaster and Kedarnath, Rambada and Gaurikund village were heavily affected and the first responders to provide relief were from a team that was headed by Coln. Ajay Kothiyal he reached here first and started evacuation very fast. The info is shown that those guys rescued 6500 people. So to see this Indian Govt proposed him to rebuilt the Kedarnath. And after that NIM is working here and they have done it in a tremendous manner. And rebuilt Kedarnath. So from here, I will move there. as the second way is from there the fixed way is from the backside But I thought about going from here. So I have reached to the Helipad. Here the Prime Minister’s Helicopter and the other Officials who come here Lands to this Place. I have to go there. I will go little bit more and then after that I will take a U turn as there is a high-speed river in the middle. and I can’t cross it However, there are Few Stones its too risky so I will take the fixed route. and will turn back and will head to the right way. From here the view is amazing. Let’s get back now. I have crossed this river My shoes were waterproof. so i did not face any problem. Now I have to go down from here. I will go cautiously. and there is a small bridge. I had took a shortcut. Backside there was a brother and he guided me a little. not little but whole 😀 LOL! From here you can see the whole Kedarnath Valley. At one side there are Hotels Etc. Downside GMVN Tents and toward backside Chorabari Glacier. and one amazing thing I want to tell you that here the climate changes in Minutes. In the morning it was a clear sky The sky was soo soo clear that I thought the whole day will go as that. but after a few minutes when we got out of the hotel room; the sky was full of clouds and the weather was rainy. Hat’s off to these Pilots and and a big salute for whole people who are working in these adverse conditions. And this is the Bhairav Baba temple. and we are about to reach. Say Jai Bhairav Baba. Guys, I am not so religious if I make any mistake in these slogans; then please don’t get angry I hardly go to any temple and hardly prays at all. There at the front is written that “Please take off your shoes here” The story of Bhairav Devta that I had read is that in the winters when the doors of the temple are closed So Bhairav Devta protects Kedarnath Mandir and Kedarnath Valley. in the wintertime. The kedarnath Temple Opens in May and shut down two days after Diwali means this time it will close in October and then Bholey Nath are Prayed in Ukhimath as people carry them to ukhimath. so if you are coming to Kedarnath after watching this video then please do a visit to Bhairavnath Mandir. See it guys when I was coming up the sky was clear here and now there is fog and the glacier on the backside is now invisible. Now I will go downside and then we will start towards the Cave The cave where Modi Ji meditated. Before going up I will be doing some breakfast. Uncle do you have Parathas? How Much? A paratha for 50 rupees. and its Aloo? Will it be a thick one? Give me, please. Only one So here a circled structure and from here there is a route and this is a proper way. So aloo pratha and Chai after drinking it you will get a little bit of energy. I did not eat much because yesterday a brother ate a little bit much and we had to climb then And because of potato, he faced Gas problems and he vomited later. So if you face such trouble then eat less. and I have to go from here. I don’t have much info about that cave. but this cave became famous recently when he did meditation here Maybe after that, it started for tourism. So I had checked that online and found that you can book it from GMVN website. I believe that this bridge will not fall down by walking. So this is the way. Here are two routes. and I don’t know that which one to take? so I will go up and ask the people to confirm. and then will move forward. It’s a steep climb; A very steep climb. Let’s reach there. Right now I asked those sir and they told me that Modi Ji’s caves way is this one. you guys when coming here you will see two routes Take this too steep climb route. Little bit more Let’s move forward. Hello Brother How are you? Going to Modi Gufa? Yes thought to see that as well. Where you from? Srinagar Garhwal. From downside Srinagar Garhwal. I am coming here for the first time thought that everything here would be recorded. Proper Srinagar. When did you come? Yesterday. Means from this the whole Kedarnath Gets the power? Only for the temple. Wow That’s great. Alright, I would go from here? That’s the Modi Gufa there you can see… So we have to move from here and you will find a straightway which goes directly to the Modi Gufa. These guys were from the Mandir Samity and they told me that here is a small power house which produce the power for the temple. I can see the pipeline and up there the water is stored. and yes one thing the one who goes to manage that from here goes almost straight. And our way is this side. and now it is straight. Beside this cave here two more attractions exist where trekkers will want to go One is Gandhi Sarovar which is 3KM away from here. another is Vasuki Tal which is straight 7KM away. And I wanted to go there but down there I asked people and they said that don’t go solo right now there is too much fog and you will not be able to see your own hands and without a guide, you will get lost. so for me, Safety is the most important and I am totally a newbie for trekking I never did trekking before this so I was looking a way to go up and then I saw a route forward and another stepped way here. and this must be the way to go upward. Let’s move forward on this. This is the right way straight. Is there anyone here or not? Let’s see there is someone inside but knocking and asking them will be good or not? I don’t have any idea. Should do it? ask? No No, I should not disturb the meditation. So, guys, this is the cave. Right now there is no one and inside there is someone meditating and I will not disturb them. So guys It’s time to say goodbye to Kedarnath Let’s see when I will be back here someday. Right now I have to go down. Sir ! is this a reception of GMVN? Sir I need some info about the Dhyan Gufa. Ok sir can I get this info online? Yes it is online all. Its booking system is online. Ok Sir. So guys if you are interested on that Dhyan gufa so I will provide you the links and and you can check that from GMVN website. Few minutes ago Ankit saved his life and now he is Dairing and getting the luggage.

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  1. Being nervous is totally normal Ankit. You have done an amazing job. Well done buddy! And you yes you why not you appreciate yourself as at the end the only one at good and bad times is you 🙂 Thanks for watching.

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  3. I watched this video, really enjoyed it. I will watch more video later, kya hai na tajikistan have one of the most expensive Data:) Amazing Vlogs:)
    Keep it up. Would love to watch all of your journey:)

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