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Foot down is my favorite game in the whole
world, period. The rules are amazingly simple
It’s exciting for bystanders to watch Foot down is nearly impossible to cheat at
and invariably results in laughter Best of all, it improves your bike control
skills To play foot down you start with any amount
of people riding their bikes in a circle. Then, the match begins. If you put your foot down, you’re out. If you go out of bounds, you’re out. The last person standing is the winner. Games don’t get much simpler than that. Some players use the strategy of staying out
of trouble while the others fall victim to their own attacks. Others play more aggressively. No matter what strategy you use the object
of the game remains the same, and who’s foot touched the ground first is the only
thing that matters. But there are a few versions of foot down
with some interesting rules. For instance in “Regulation foot down”
you should leave your bike in the ring after being eliminated. It then becomes an obstacle for the remaining
players. Body checking and deliberate ramming are allowed
in my circle of friends. But understandably some people refuse to play
this kind of foot down for fear of bike damage. I can recall a couple of tweaked rotors and
bent spokes in games past, but nothing you wouldn’t expect from a day on some real
mountain bike trials. Today we’re going to play ten rounds of
full contact foot down and crown a champion. But first, we’re going to build something. I want to turn this XC hardtail into a foot
down bike. While that may seem like an extravagant waste
of a mountain bike, it’ll all be reversible. This project is just for fun and experimentation. For starters a good foot down bike should
be barebones, as it’ll spend most of its time pedaling around a small court. Removing the gears will eliminate a lot of
mechanical complexity from this bike, reducing the number of things that can go wrong with
it. Since I’m not trying to spend money on this
thing we’ll use what we have to hack it into a single speed. I’ll remove the outer chainring in the front,
as well as the cassette in the rear. I have this chain tensioner just in case,
but we’re going to attempt to get the tension right without it. The chain tension is a little tight, but it’ll
work in and be just fine for a hacked foot down bike. Since this bike came with mechanical disc
brakes, we can use this special lever to engage both front and rear at the same time. By having one lever for both brakes, the rider
can enjoy full stopping power while using their other hand for self defense. Or to wield a firearm if they’re playing
civil war reenactment foot down. Finally we’ll install a bell to signify
the start of each round. A few little details and our foot down bike
is done. It has predictable gearing, very few vulnerabilities,
and of course that dual lever which also makes it great for games like bike polo. But how will it perform in the ring? Our foot down bike seems up to the task, but
we have here four bloodthirsty opponents ready to do battle. In ten short rounds, one of them will be crowned the champion. At this point in the game, Kevin was locked
in for first place, so the tenth round was a tie breaker for second. I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you’ll
try playing foot down. It’s guaranteed to make
you laugh. If you already play foot down please share
the details your version of the game below. Do you allow body checking, ramming? Weapons? Let me know where you draw the line. Thanks for riding with me today and I’ll
see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Playing Foot Down on my Battle Bike | Build and Ride

  1. I used to play this on my road bike with my race team, we did it on the grass, but still a lot of expensive bikes being crazy with (but damn, great work on your core and balance.)

  2. My friends and I played a game like this and if you allowed BMX bikes, it would be a massacre cause I learned how to lay my bike down and stand it back up w/o touching the ground¡! Our game was basically a game of bike but you couldn't move… It was super fun but super hard.

  3. when I have played we call it the "circle game" same rules for the most part, the only differences are the spectators move in a step every once in a while, you take your bike out with you when you fall and you cant intentionally ram someone with your body.

  4. He says do you think you could send me any kind of bike because I'm living with a bike from Walmart already plugged the tire several times

  5. Me and my brother play that all the time but when I fall of I stand on my bike so my foot doesn't touch the ground then I attempt to stand back up

  6. Well me and a few friends play foot down with basically no rules nothings bard and we play on much rockyier ground aha so not very stable floor like u guys were usin

  7. My friends and I played some of this and we allowed to all have a stick or twig and we just ended up sticking them in between the spokes and flipping over our handlebars

  8. We have a better one than this.. last one to cross the finish line wins. You cant go in the reverse direction. If you put your foot down you are out. It is a test of balance …

  9. Hey seth i also play it with my friends but we have a way far small field but enjoy and that we use our cheap bikes for that….you know😅😅

  10. How do you do that thing at the end of the video. Where your profile picture is in the middle and your 2 latest videos on the out side?

  11. Sitting home, sick in bed, scrolling thru all the Seth's bike hacks videos… I've watched almost all, but I missed this dreamy gem. Thanks so much Seth for the laughs!!😆😆🤣🤣

  12. My famly has played a game simuler to foot duon we play it like bike tag but you have one tager and four runers the tager has to tag the runers all aas fast as he or she

  13. Yes I've played this game I'm 13 so basically anything went sometimes we would have sticks in the final round and we could hit each other with the sticks kicking punching body checking everything went

  14. While everyone here is saying why do this on a premium priced bike, I'm saying dont play this with single wall rims or bad things will happen. I try not to ram since rims arent meant for sideways strain

  15. Played 35 years ago, yet we didn’t call it foot down. I remember demolishing XT derailleurs, broken spokes from pedals tangled in wheels and bad bruises and skinned knees and hands. Played for hours in the school corridor. So fun! Now I play with my kids.

  16. Foot Down is a favorite on my bike team! (I'm part of something called NICA which stands for National Interscholastic Biking Association and it's a competitive biking league.) However, we call it both Circle of Death and Circle as well. It's quite a bit of fun when you have a few different county teams all playing together! During practice we're not allowed to play full-contact but when practice ends it can get pretty rowdy and it's tons of fun!

  17. So on my schools mountain bike team I was the captain and was well known for how dirty I played this game (since we couldn’t really ram, body check or anything similar). Like I’d chase you round the circle then grab your front brake, or trap them in the corner of the ring and just hop there till they fell over or something

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