15 thoughts on “Portuguese back to Angola – Straight through Africa | VPRO Documentary

  1. esse portugues do talho ainda teu o habito de falar pros angolanos como os patroes de escravos…ganhe respeito pk es bem recebito em angola coisa k em portugal o preto ainda e fo……do.

  2. foi aquilo k o teu passado ensinou a esse povo?em portugal nao ha maladros? pk voces usaram os escravos? o k tu pagas a eles e o mesmo k se paga na europa? esse povo andou a fugir da guerra k tu e a europa america criaram russia tb…vai pra portugal entao pra trabalhares mais rapido e andares na linha??

  3. A professora negra resumiu muito bem a situação dizendo que Portugal não precisa dela, mas Angola o faz.

  4. Because Portugal is backward and poor that wants to leech more out of Angola. Don't forget Angola bailed these inbred bastards out and now Portugal is indebted with Angola loans which they can't pay off. 😂🤣

  5. Oh how the tables have turned…but the poverty needs to be dealt with, Luanda looks nice, but what about the other regions and the people?

  6. The poverty, healthcare, and literacy need to be dealt with in Angola. Why is the cost of living in Luanda HIGHEST in The World when there is so much of poverty and disparity? Luanda looks nice superficially, but what about other regions and their people?  I feel the government is pretty corrupt because they've been bought by the Chinese !!!!!!

  7. Indeed, I miss my homeland Angola. I know that my country doesn't look like New York City, but it is a great opportunity for me to be part soon in history among brave men that are helping Angola to become a great country where people can be proud for their beautiful culture, smart hometowns, and citizenship. Jack Ma once said, " Where there is a problem, there is an opportunity". Please hold on Angola. I am coming back soon to serve you as a my duty and not to criticize you. Good to see the book, "Rich Dad and Poor Dad" in that lady's house.

  8. Teachers leaving Portugal is s symptom of low-birth rate 31:37 griping all the Western countries. China, Japan and Korea =all have problems too.
    Economics 101: you need people
    1. None of these teachers are OLD; their college and university should have told them there are not enough students in the country to graduate this many teachers. a 5 year old entering school was born 5 years ago. They have the numbers ahead of schedule. The University wanted the $$tuition money.

    2. Economics: 101: you need -people- children
    The WEST tells Africa to stop having children but if they listen; this business owner would not have the opportunity to build a school [construction + Real Estate ] Open a school [ textile, food, teacher jobs ]

    The WEST has greed + selfish mentality……….. which is why they are suffering. look how FAT + OVERWEIGHT they are and cant share a meal with an infant.

  9. The look mixed race, not pure Portuguese. But Portugal is a multicultural and multiracial country.

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