Presidential security advisor returns from U.S. trip

Seoul’s top security advisor returns from
his U.S. trip on Sunday. Chung Eui-yong… left for Washington on Thursday
to discuss the agendas of a summit between Presidents Moon and Trump set for June. During his two-day visit, Chung met with senior
U.S. government officials, including his American counterpart, H.R. McMaster. Although more on his trip will be revealed
through his report to the top office and a press conference to be held at the earliest
possible time…, for now it is confirmed that key details of the first meeting between
the two leaders have been covered and finalized. This includes the need for in-depth discussions
on THAAD deployment, namely China’s opposition, and the incident involving Seoul’s defense
chief failing to report important details of the anti-missile upgrade to the new president.

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