Proyecto Carrito Caravan, Day 2-3

So how many hours did we just drive? Around 18 hours. Yeah—18 hours, Chicago to—we’re in Boulder now. We’re about ready to go to the University of Colorado at Boulder and give a talk to a little over 100 students. And yesterday, we were invited impromptu in the morning to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago at the Sullivan Galleries, and it was the first day that Drea Howenstein’s class was setting up their art, and the class is called “Art as Social Force,” and it’s part of HelioLabs, as in the Brazilian artist. How was that? I think it was very interesting, because all the people focused on everything when I talked. So I really liked yesterday when we framed the talk in the studio about what wouldn’t you do for the good of your children, right? You were talking about that. Yeah, I was talking about the connection I think of between education with the immigration problems right now. I think, because one thing we would change with the project, is the real information that most people have about immigration. I think they always receive wrong information, and I think that the best way for starting to change is to talk to the kids, especially in the primary and secondary, or high school, the real reason for why people immigrate to the United States. What do you think, Eloisa? Do you think that’s important, to learn about why people come, like in your school? You have a lot of people who immigrated, right? Mhmm. What do you think about— do you think it’s important to learn about that? Yeah. What do you think people should know, about students in your school, for example? Most people are Haitian. And why did their families come? I don’t know. Would you like to know? Yeah. Right now, we’re staying in Boulder, preparing for another presentation. And I’m a little nervous because it’s not easy, speaking in front of a lot of people. But I try to do it.

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