PUBG – Season 4 – Erangel Tour Guide Episode 3

Hello Survivors! How was your stay in Erangel’s Prison? Today is the last day of our tour, so if you
have any remaining questions about the island, be sure to let us know as we move! Yesterday, we saw Rozhok, the Mansion, the
Prison and even the Hall of Fame. Today, we are going to start at the famous
Mylta Power Plant, pass through Pochinki, check out the old Quarry, and wrap up our
journey on the island of Sosnovka. Pile on into the UAZ and let’s get moving! Mylta was one of the first nuclear power plants
in this area of the world, and enabled Erangel to sustain
its civilian and military populations. Some historians even speculate that the Quarry
up the road was used to mine some of the materials that went into building Mylta, giving the
people of the island plenty of work to do. We know from evidence found around the island
that Mylta was targeted by the Resistance, and by the looks of things, they succeeded. The damage wasn’t enough to cause any kind
of nuclear incident or anything like that, but I’m sure they had a purpose. Another of Erangel’s major cities is Pochinki, and if you haven’t picked up on the general theme of the island by now, it’s also surrounded by farmland. Close to the heart of this island, it’s
pretty easy to imagine why Pochinki would be fought over, and fought over it was. In fact, curfew posters and red flags still
hang all over the city, which served as a strong hint
that it’s better to just obey. Not everyone just rolled over on command, though. If you thought Pochinki was a hot drop in
the Battlegrounds, just take a look at all the craters, tanks, and general destruction left in the wake of what went down here. You’ve no doubt noticed all of the resistance
signage around the island. In fact, I’m sure the military wondered how they were getting so many of them past their inspections. Well, the truth was found here in this
hideaway warehouse. They printed them right here on the island! This warehouse was more than just a print
house, though. Operations were planned,
communications were relayed, and it probably served as an easy-to-get-to hideout for those keeping an eye on Sosnovka. Now, the Quarry here was a key commercial
venture for the island. Stone from here can be found in architecture
all across the land. The stone even matches up with some found
in the Ruins to the North, meaning this site has been in use long before
modern Erangel existed here. Even newer structures like Mylta Power Plant
have stone and brick that seem to have originated here, which suggests that the military either contracted, or more likely just forced the workers
here to supply their demand. That forced labor could have been a reason
for the Resistance to target this site for liberation. Nowadays, most of Erangel’s visitors make
it to the island by plane and parachute, but back in the day it was more likely you’d
take a ferry from the mainland. While most of the islands supplies were offloaded
up North in Georgopol, this is where the majority of the people
came and went. That wasn’t this little town’s only trade, though. Abandoned fishing boats still line the beach here, and this area and Primorsk were likely home to many of the laborers who worked at the Quarry. It also appears to have been the home to pretty large battle between the Resistance and the Military, as the craters and husks of
aquatic vehicles line the beach to the West. Now, I know you’ve all been seeing these dead vehicles laying around and wanting to get inside one, so we’ve got another treat
for you. If you wouldn’t mind hopping into our authentic
Battlegrounds Tour Agency BRDM-2, we’re going to ride the waves
over to Sosnovka island! Remember that when you’re telling your friends
and family about how great of a time you had here. The island of Sosnovka was a key factor in
Erangel’s painful history. Connected to the island only by its two bridges,
Sosnovka is where the military established their base, from which they’d carry out their
plans and the overall occupation of Erangel. Now, onto the location everyone’s been waiting for. Sosnovka Military Base. You know it as one of the bloodiest places
on the Battlegrounds, but during the Erangel conflict, it was one of the safest places for the military to be. Heavily fortified with soldiers, artillery,
and red propaganda, this base easily helped establish
the military’s hold on Erangel. That’s not to say that the Resistance never
made their way in here. There’s strong evidence that points towards
one of the military’s own guided missiles, as the cause for the destruction over
at Mylta Power Plant. Infiltrating this base couldn’t have been
an easy task. What historians find most odd is that not even the Military Base was spared from the bombardment in ‘65. Maybe they thought it easier to wipe everything out instead of recovering it or losing it to the black market. Might even be some other reason it got leveled,
but we may never know for sure. And that’s a wrap! Now, you all may not be getting the same type of Chicken Dinner an actual Battlegrounds survivor would get, but we do have a catered
chicken dinner waiting for you back at the hotel. And remember, your package includes a discount
to any of our other Battleground tours, so be sure to take advantage of that and get
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Battlegrounds Tour Agency, the world’s most authentic way to experience the Battlegrounds like never before.

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