15 thoughts on “Rise | Webseries | S01E02 | Take That Road Trip | Cheers!

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  2. A to z mere dream v yehi hai,,,koina koi reason dikhake dostose mana kardeta hu kisi holiday pe janeko,,,,,faltuka kuch khata v nhi,,,bas avi bhi chal raha hai mera survive,,next yrto bike ahi jayegi

  3. Bhai meri bhi job gai thi us din moze bi aise hi 10sen aya tha our maine akele 🍺 bee the ooo din moze yad liya yar apne

  4. Fucking true documentary of fucking 5-7 job employees follow your passion I was a fucking engineer I started following my passion and I'm a proud to say I'm a best personal trainer in fitness industry… Don't take life to serious follow what you love guys😍

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