Ryan Bang prepared a helicopter tour for Boom & Jihye?! [Battle Trip/2018.04.22]

It’s so cool. You can go down further if you want. Goodness, it’s a turtle. What is that? A turtle. We’re flying. We’re flying now. We’re flying. Unbelievable. Sunset. – It really is breathtaking. / – So pretty. This isn’t a postcard. That’s amazing. It disappears in a moment. The stars are so pretty. The atmosphere seems great there. They’re the best parts of Boracay. Amazing. Now that we’ve eaten, next up… Of the 5 “S,” we’ll do the sky. – A helicopter tour is expensive. / – A helicopter tour? – Yes. / – That would’ve been really expensive. Jihye and Boom. – I’ve never been on one. / – It’s hot to walk around. And it’s far. Then use the e-trike. E-trike? Use this to get around. – You can get on right away? / – Yes. Grab one that’s waiting and for a dollar or two… – You can bargain the rate? / – Yes. I love the color. It’s so pink. It’s the perfect color. It’s pretty. So cute. You must post a photo of that trike. I want to buy one. 30 minutes. – 30 minutes. / – The island is quite small. It’s windy. The weather here is amazing. Of the 5 “S” that I mentioned… Which one is it? This is sky. – Sky? / – Sky. The sky in Boracay is beautiful. Yes, it is beautiful indeed. We are hiking, right? We’ll be close to the sky. Please come this way. I prepared this for you two. Seriously, it’s so… I have to live off instant noodles for a week now. – What is it? / – I prepared this for you. I prepared this. You mean it? Come this way. The helicopter was just right there. (We’ll go up to the sky on that?) I’m slightly afraid of heights. I can go up to 5 to 7m… 5m is only this high! I prefer being safe. You’re easily scared. – Why don’t you get on it? / – Don’t be like that. This must be an aviation museum. No, it’s not a museum. What is that? Why is that drone so big? – Let me control it. / – That’s not a drone. – It’s not? / – It’s not. Get on it. Is this for real? Come this way. Look here. Hop on for now. Step inside… – No… / – First… It’s hired on a timed rate. If it goes over 30 minutes, it gets very expensive. – Are we really flying in this? / – Just get on first. – Is this for real? / – Just go in. You don’t have to take off your slippers. We’re really using this? (Sealed in) – Goodness. / – What’s this? He didn’t mention this beforehand. You’re slim so… – Be careful. / – Really? Driver on call. He just turned on the engine. Wait, isn’t Ryan getting on? He didn’t. Saying he’s scared of heights. Ryan just dumped us in here. I’m scared of heights so… When you ride it for the first time, you do get nervous. You get a little nervous when it goes up. He’s saying he’s the worst. He’s not getting along with the guide. That’s when it’s the scariest. – It’s scary. / – That is scary. Really? It’s really scary. We’re going up. Amazing. Wow, amazing. The wind is strong so it’ll shake a lot. It’ll be really pretty though. Wow. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Using all the English he knows. This is crazy. He’s scared. He’s scared. Jihye, look. (He’s really happy now) Forget being scared. It’s so beautiful. He took a turn. Look at the island. Jihye, look. Jihye, we are about to see Stage 1, 2, 3. It’s Station not Stage. We perform on a stage. This is Station. – Stage 1, 2, 3? / – Stage. It’s like three stages. We can see the harbor where we took the ferry. There’s the harbor. You can see everything. I can’t believe I get to see Boracay from the sky. This is spectacular. What a fantastic view. ♪ I believe I can fly ♪ ♪ I believe I can touch the sky ♪ ♪ I think about it every night and day ♪ I don’t know the lyrics. Wow, beautiful. Look at the shape of the island. It looks different from there. From this point of view, it’s not a big island but it’s definitely beautiful. Now, I understand why Ryan prepared this for us. The water there is so clean. Even from up here. Say that if you’re a couple… – It’s worth taking a ride. / – I agree. – You can confess your love up there. / – Right. You should take 10,000 photos in the air. Jihye, I see where we’re going to land. (I can see you too) Why is it going down so fast? Slow down… (The helicopter is about to land) (Argh) (A perfect landing) His face just changed. He’s relieved to be alive. – Captain! Captain! / – Captain! Captain! – Captain! / – Captain! Hey, that’s overdoing it. Why would you bow to the helicopter? I’m just so thankful. Wasn’t it fun? Isn’t that too excessive? My knees are very glossy because I kneel down so often. Wasn’t it beautiful? It was beautiful. I was nervous but I saw such a beautiful scenery. A weird sensation surged through me. Everyone should try this. Of the 5 “S…” – Sky. The sky is beautiful, right? / – Yes. – I agree. / – This time… We’ll check out another “S.” Where will we go? To the sea. Then let’s ride the helicopter and dive into the water. Okay. Let’s take it slow. – Yes, we’ll take it slow. / – Do you have red ginseng? You went snorkeling. – You learned how to free-dive? / – Yes. Free-diving. You just dive down. It’s really fun once you’re hooked. Of the 5 “S…” We saw Boracay’s sky. We need to focus. And? This time… Of the 5 “S…” We’ll go to sea. – Sea. / – The sea. – We need to go in the water. / – You’re coming too? It’s beautiful to observe the sea in Boracay but it’s even more beautiful underwater. That’s why I prepared free-diving as an activity. – Free-diving. / – Be free. Normally, for free-diving… You go in without the oxygen tank. you go in without the oxygen tank. It’s probably with no oxygen. The oxygen mask… Jihye, have fun. I’ll see you later. Why would we remove our masks? – You have to come. / – Why remove our masks? How could you think about ditching me? (What is free-diving?) We go in without the oxygen tank. – You dive in without any gear? / – Yes, yes. Without any gear. First, you grab the rope to go down. I’ve tried that before. It gets tough because your ears ring. We’re heading to the Boracay sea. Let’s go. (Let’s go and free-dive) (They head to the free-diving spot) Look at the color of the water. The color of the sea is so pretty. Welcome to Boracay! (You can’t not sing here!) It’s a tough experience. Look at Ryan. Ryan Bang… It was the same for Gyeonghwan. They get exhausted on the first day. – You’re right. / – He’s aged rapidly. Go, go. Go, go. – ♪ Always waiting ♪ / – ♪ Always waiting ♪ ♪ Boracay is always waiting ♪ Boracay! Boracay! Bora, Bora, Boracay! We’re here already? (Everyone, come here) It was scary at first. Was Ryan Bang good? Yes, he was good. (Jihye joins them too) (They are clustered together) That looks great. The color of the water is so pretty. (The instructor demonstrates) Who is that? – It’s the instructor. / – Oh, the instructor. (You’re so cool) (Let’s dive in without the breathing gear) It wasn’t easy because of the waves. Plus we were beginners. Ryan goes down. (The beginner’s course is good for practicing) (Ryan goes all the way to the bottom in one breath) (I’m fine) (They are relieved) (It’s the best) Since you’re going down without oxygen, I was on my own. – Right. / – That was the frightening part. I’m going down now. – You’re taking forever. / – Is that you, Boom? – That is me. / – Are you really going down? Don’t I look like a fish who doesn’t move? (Going slow) (I’m out of breath now) I’m coming back up. I need air. – He has to return. / – I had to go back up. On the way up… I’m really fast on the way up. – You can’t do that. It’s dangerous. / – No, no. When you wear the scuba gear and breathe in the air, there’s nitrogen too. That’s why coming up fast is dangerous. But you hold your breath for this, so it doesn’t matter how fast you go up. Oh. (This is a beginner’s course, mostly for practicing) (But if you’re skilled, you can free-dive in various spots) (This time, Ryan goes down without holding the rope) (I want to go down without holding the rope too) What is she doing? She’s floundering. – It’s not as easy as you think. / – What is this? You should do that under water. You should pull yourself down. It isn’t as easy as you think. (This is how you do it) (Happy) (Safety is important) I heard it’s fun. It is fun. I heard it’s incredibly fun once you become skilled. Once you overcome the fear in the beginning, you will enjoy it a lot. – It looks fun. / – It’s exhilarating. (They enjoy their time underwater in Boracay) (Let’s go back) (They’re finished with free-diving) When you go to a place with clean water, you must do things like that. – You’re right. / – You must see inside the water. Applause. Free-diving! – Free-diving! / – You were great. Ryan was great. He was leading us underwater, which helped us go down deeper… – Ryan is… / – Ryan looks very exhausted though. – He needs some food. / – He looks down. – Ryan looks so exhausted. / – I’m hungry. – Hungry, right? / – Yes, I’m hungry. We’re going to a restaurant in Boracay. These days, well-being food is popular in Korea. We’re going to go eat well-being food. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! Let’s go.

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