[S2 – Eps. 47] Can somebody please explain me THIS?

Good morning internet! It is 06:40 hours in the morning and welcome back to the channel. I am in a town called Fiambala, in Argentina. And I’m leaving early again today But I have a little bit of a problem I stayed here two nights so yesterday I put Dhanno up here but last night there were no cars here, and this morning… Yeah and it’s still early and I think everybody is still sleeping, so I think what we have to do is go through here, go through the hostel I think I’ll just push her because if I ride through the hostel everybody is still awake but anyway, I’ll figure a way out First let me show you on the map what is the plan for today So I’m now here in Fiambala and the area that I want to explore is this area so it’s quite remote, there is no main road and there are two ways to reach this area. One is straight from here, up in the mountains and the other one is all the way around here making it about twice as long about 400 kilometers, whereas this route is only 200 kilometers so I was looking at the shortest route which is also the most adventurous route but it is impossible at the moment in the last video, when I arrived, there was one shot where you could see that the entire road was washed away and when I arrived they told me that only happened 2 days before this is an area where normally there is never any rainfall, maybe once per year there is a little bit of rain and now there has been really unusual rainfall here and that road that I would like to take they told me there are 86 river crossings and at this moment it’s just impossible to go there it’s just way too deep and too dangerous so I thought, okay then I’ll have to take the long way around so I want to ride to a town called El Penon but that is 400 kilometers and I’ve been doing so many really long rides lately so I decided to change it up a little bit so today I’m riding only 200 kilometres to Belen and on the way there are some things to see, so I thought, you know what, we do a little bit less riding and do some sight seeing today, how about that? So that is the plan. and then after that from Belen it’s again 200 kilometers to El Penon so I just cut it up in two rides, make it a bit easier for me and not so extremely exhausting I cannot fold this map with one hand, one second So, before I go, I’m going to have a breakfast and I was going to buy something myself but yesterday here in the hostel they promised me that they would make me some breakfast so let’s see what they made and I also need to fill up my camel back because I don’t have any water left. Good morning! Good morning, how are you? Good, good.. Did you rest? So this is for breakfast, I have some toast with ‘dulce de leche’ and a coffee with milk, so Thank you very much to all Have a good journey Bye! Alright, this is the tiny town called El Puesto And there is an 18th century church over here let’s have a little peek at the church where do all these dogs come from? well for once nobody is chasing me you can do it! Come on! Run, forest! So this is the church, I think See if I can read this Private chapel built by the principles of.. what is that then.. of the 18th century in the interior it preserves the image of the virgin Rosario… I don’t really understand it let’s have a peek inside I don’t know if it’s actually open there is also a museum that’s definitely closed it’s not open but I can have a look here. I don’t know what it all means what this is I don’t know what they used this for if anybody knows what this is and what it was used for, let me know in the comments obviously it’s really early in the morning so everything is closed I don’t know what time the museum opens little horse cart well, this is the 18th century church shame I can’t have a look inside but yeah, it’s locked.. see? next time better luck anyway, I see some really dark clouds over the mountains I hope it stays dry and it is so unusual that it rains here that they told me in the hostel that the roof isn’t even waterproof because that’s not necessary because it hardly every rains and he said, recently with the rains it was raining in the kitchen and everywhere inside the hostel because they are just not built for that. That was that. I have one more sightseeing thingy planned, which is very close to Belen so basically, I think I’m riding kind of around this mountain range there is very strong wind coming from the South and I am riding to the South right now, so I’m having really strong headwinds but at some point I’ll start going a little bit more East or North East and just before I reach Belen there is something else to see So that’s it I asked the owner of the hostel if the route to Belen was interesting and he said: No, it is super boring and ugly so, let’s see! So far I think it’s quite pretty but let’s see what the rest of the road is going to look like and if we stay dry today, that would be nice So at first sight, you would think why is everybody throwing all their trash here but I’ve seen many of these things along the way and I believe they are some sort of shrine those little houses are the shrines and that the plastic bottles are some sort of offering. But this is just my interpretation! Again, I’m not 100% sure, so anybody from Argentina or in Chile I think I also saw them please explain me the meaning behind this if this is just an offering for a safe passage on the road, or, what’s going on and what is the deal with these plastic bottles I’ve seen, I think, this is quite a big one I’ve seen one where it was just an absolute sea of plastic bottles so yeah please, somebody, explain this to me! It’s okay! relax! I’m not going to hurt you Stop running I am either riding straight into the rain or this is a sandstorm see how dark it looks? I actually have a feeling it’s sand yep, I am riding into a sandstorm here El Shincal, that’s where I am going Here we go.. El Shincal de Quimivil Hello, good morning So it turns out that you are not allowed to enter this site without a guide and the next guide, or group that I can join is in one hour so I don’t think I’m going to wait around for one hour she did say I could have a look in the museum which is for free and I can just walk here by myself So basically this place has ruins from a very ancient civilisation which is even older than the Incas, so it’s all pre-inca time. So the Incas were mostly entered around Cusco, in Peru, where you can find Machu Picchu but the Incas even stretched here until the North of Argentina but this area was even Pre-Inca so they found all sorts of remains of this civilisation living here which was around 2150 years ago so that’s why I thought, interesting, I’m going to have a look but if I have to wait one hour for a guide and then it’s an 1,5 hour tour and I don’t think I’m going to wait for 1,5 hour .. for an hour for this guide, there is nothing here. Except… look at these guys These are my first llamas I saw lots of Guanacos, which are the wild ancestors of these guys these are the domesticated ones, which as the llamas Charming.. So well, at least I had a small look in the museum, it was just interesting I didn’t even know there was some pre-Inca civilisation down here, so still learned something today I’m now going on to Belen That really strong wind blowing from the South that brings all this sand and dust in the air and at the same time there are rainclouds so it’s a bit weird weather at the moment. It started to rain a little bit more so I say, time to… time to go! Villa San Ignacio May the force be with you! well, I love Star Wars so I think this is a good place Dhanno is all parked up for the night. Nice huh? Very nice area and I’m staying here in this room let’s turn this off for a second so I was actually laughing at myself a little bit because today I was like: yeah I’m going to ride less and then do some touristy things and then I realised.. wait a second, so the touristy things I did was look at a closed church and trying to see some ruins but then not actually seeing them. so I pretty much failed as a tourist today, I’m just not the best tourist anyway I’m much better off riding but then when I arrived here the owner of the hostel said that today here in town there is a big procession or something going on here, a special day, so that is later in the afternoon so I’m going to attempt one more time to do something touristy or at least see something so later this afternoon I’m going to go and check out the procession walk a little bit in the procession and see what that’s all about.. So it’s getting dark quickly now, but this is how a Catholic procession in Argentina looks like so I watched it for a while and I also got myself some dinner that’s for dinner today there wasn’t anything else to be honest so I was like.. yeah ok I’ll have this for dinner and some water and now I’m walking back to the hostel before it gets dark It’s now.. I think it’s close to 21:00 hours now something like that So that was it for today I hope you liked this video, if you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video !

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  1. The plastic bottles are indeed small shrines where travelers, especially truck drivers, stop for succor and prayers to Difunta Correa. Difunta means deceased, but her name was Deolinda Correa, and she died in the 1840s while following her husband's battalion during a civil war. She is not an official saint, just a saint of the people. Her sacred mission is to protect travelers. She also symbolizes the power of motherhood.

  2. El Shincal de Quimivil BC150. it fits right into the the time period 600BC-200AD as recounted in the Book of Mormon!

  3. There are many shrines built alongside the roads in Argentina. Many of them are shrines built in memory of those killed in auto accidents Others are for Gaucho Gil.

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  8. The first shelter like structure you visited looked like a Nativity scene.  In other words, a representation of where Christ was born.  It did not have the usual statues that come with it to include Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, 3 wise men etc..  Just a guess…

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  12. The procession of the catholic native individuals converted from their own beliefs over 2000 years. Colonial rule and conversion so sad!! Thank you for showing it.

  13. Noraly , un gusto ,te cuento que lo que ves en las rutas ,botellas con agua son para la Difunta Correa que murio de sed,y muerta amanto a su hijo este fue encontrado con vida.

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  22. That is arbic 🕌 Mosque

    What you did not know is when the rain comes, they take this thing out to take advantage of the rain water to drink

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  25. Sobre los eso lugares con botellas de agua. La difunta correa.
    Se conservan diversas versiones de la leyenda, conforme a la cual Deolinda Correa, o Dalinda Antonia Correa, según el nombre con el cual aparece mencionada en el relato más antiguo (Chertudi y Newbery, 1978), fue una mujer cuyo marido, Clemente Bustos, fue reclutado forzosamente hacia 1840, durante las guerras civiles. Vivían en el departamento de Angaco (provincia de San Juan) donde vivía la familia. La soldadesca montonera que viajaba a La Rioja obligó al marido de Deolinda, contra su voluntad, a unirse a las montoneras. Esto hizo que Deolinda, angustiada por su marido y a la vez huyendo de los acosos del comisario del pueblo, decidiera ir tras él.

    Deseosa de reunirse con su marido en La Rioja tomó a su hijo lactante y siguió las huellas de la tropa por los desiertos de la provincia de San Juan llevando consigo sólo algunas provisiones de pan, charqui y dos chifles de agua. Cuando se le terminó el agua de los chifles, Deolinda estrechó a su pequeño hijo junto a su pecho y se cobijó debajo de la sombra de un algarrobo. Allí murió a causa de la sed, el hambre y el agotamiento.

    Cuando unos arrieros pasaron por el lugar al día siguiente y encontraron el cadáver de Deolinda, su hijito seguía vivo amamantándose de sus pechos, de los cuales aún fluía leche. Los arrieros la enterraron en el paraje conocido hoy como Vallecito y se llevaron consigo al niño.

    Al conocerse la historia, muchos paisanos de la zona comenzaron a peregrinar a su tumba, construyéndose con el tiempo un oratorio que paulatinamente se convirtió en un santuario. La primera capilla de adobe en el lugar fue construida por un tal Zeballos, arriero que en viaje a Chile sufrió la dispersión de su ganado. Tras encomendarse a Correa, pudo reunir de nuevo a todos los animales.

    Hoy en día mucha gente deja en el santuario de la difunta botellas con agua, para que "nunca le falte agua a la Difunta".

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