Season 2: Episode 1 “Best Laid Plans” | ALL IN: The Road to the Classic

I’ve been training
horses 30 years. It’s not for everybody but
personally, I wouldn’t change anything. And you still get
butterflies. Our business is
very competitive. I like to win, you know. Anybody, I think
loves making history. It literally takes
four and a half years to get to this point. We’re not fooling around. It’s tough to win. Everything has to
go right. A lot of these good horses,
they know they’re good and McKinzie, he knows right
now that he’s the man. So hopefully he
can prove that. What’s the most prestigious
race in all the United States? Most people probably say the
“Kentucky Derby” but it’s not and it’s
not even close. It’s the Breeders’
Cup Classic. The Breeders’ Cup
Classic is the Superbowl, just to be in it
would be amazing. You win the Classic, you’re the best
horse in the world. The future then
is really bright. That’s why we’re here,
to reach the pinnacle. The payday that comes with
that six million dollars. The horse could be
worth 25 million. This is a lot of hard work,
this is 24 hours a day, early morning hours, late nights,
time away from family. The Breeders’ Cup
is the best of the best from all over the world. The best trainers, you have the best jockeys,
you have to be at the peak. You’ve got to have
a horse that’s on top of his game on
that exact day. The Breeders’ Cup Challenge,
has “Win and You’re In” races which means that the
winner of that particular race is automatically
in the starting field for the Classic. They don’t have to worry
about the points or the committees. So when a stable has a horse they feel is good enough, they start planning for that
as soon as the year starts. And then, they hope that
everything transpires during the season exactly
like they want it to. But as we all know,
sometimes things don’t go according to script. We’ve had a couple of funny remarks about the Derby, I’ve read. You saw it right? Yeah. Maximum Security
wins the Kentucky Derby! Well, I mean, It was a situation unlike
any in the history of the Derby. Clearly, the best
horse in the race wins, and there’s a 22-minute
deliberation after not one, but as it turned
out two foul claims. Hey, you know that
they call a foul huh? They have to
make a decision, and then the horse
is disqualified. They disqualified him.
They did. So for the first time, in the
history of the Kentucky Derby, the horse that crossed the line
first has been disqualified. When you don’t
have the trophy, your name’s not
in the record, but everybody knows
he’s the best horse. Now, coming into
the Haskell will we see the same
Maximum Security or will we not? That’s one of the
compelling story lines. ♪♪♪ The Haskell is always one of my
favorite races to cover. It’s not just a great horse
race, it’s the biggest sporting event, biggest social
event in this particular area all
summer long. But we’ve got a
little uncertainty here. The temperatures in
the mid-nineties, the heat index is
off the charts. The governor of New Jersey
is talking to the CEO of Monmouth, expressing his
concerns about the horses running in
such heat. Look at this, 105. I can’t wait for them
to get in the stall, you know. This is four and a half years,
getting to this point. We’re not fooling
around. Maximum Security, we
hooked the last time. Who wants it more? King for a Day forges
to a narrow advantage, Maximum Security
has been defeated. So we’re confident the way
we’re coming in today’s race. Probably been to about
45 Haskell’s in my life. We’ve never run a
horse in the race. Is he coming off first? Yeah. I’ve been coming
here my whole life, I grew up three miles
from the stable gate. So to be involved in
this year’s with a real legit horse that could win
it, it means everything. I’m happy now, glad
that is over with. This horse is here. I can’t wait to
get in the paddock. There’s a lot of anticipation
because my brother, Greg Sacco,
a lifelong trainer. We’re both running our first
Haskell horses. He’s running Joevia, we’re
running King for a Day. It’s odd, but if King for a Day
doesn’t cross the wire first, I am rooting for my brother
like you can’t imagine. We’re just going at
the gate on race day, you don’t want horses to be
agitated going to the gate, you want them to
walk right in. When the bell rings,
you want them to pop out of there get your position. As a trainee, you
want to train a champion, you want to be competitive
in a Breeders’ Cup. You just hope that
everything you’ve done and your staff has done to
prepare the horse works out, ’cause everything is
a reflection on you, ultimately. And you still
get butterflies, and I think the day that I don’t get butterflies racing a horse is probably
the day I’ll pack it in. That went good. My brother and I are the
only two in our family that actually carry the
torch of racing. We had three
uncles that trained, and our father. So we’ve been running
around with my dad since we were like
five years old. Kids weren’t allowed here
and people used to complain because my brother and I
used to take his pony and like take off on it. And he’d be needing it for
the barn in the morning and we’d be like,
you know half way around the track, riding
double on the pony. He’s beeping the horn
to get back to the barn. So you know, my
fathers and my uncles, I’m sure they’re looking
down at my brother and I really proud,
and it means a lot. Give us a stretch call from
the quarter pole to the wire. Wow, this is a
tough race here, because this is a
very tough situation. Yes, do it. I’m sweating bullets right
now, I feel like Let’s go. They have a quarter mile to go in the Haskell. Joevia is all hot at the rail
and he has King for a Day swinging to the
grandstand side. Maximum Security,
King for a Day and Joevia they’re gonna
hit the wire. King for a Day won it by a
nose, don’t be disrespectful. I like it. Listen, there’s no
question there’s gonna be hugs and kisses in
the Winner’s Circle, whether you win it or
you win it. Of course. This is what
it’s all about. It’s overwhelming to
be competing against one another, but a
good overwhelming. Let’s have a
great Haskell, first two Sacco
horses in Haskell. Let’s do it. Salud, cheers. How cool is that? We used to watch the races for
so many years, over there. And now the horses are
gonna run right here. Are we gonna feed
Joevia? Yeah!
Yes, okay. Carrots or mints? Mints Mints? Okay. I got into horse
racing many years ago. My father was into it
very much with his friends. They used to joke, I think
what drew them many times was they would get a tip on
a horse and somehow every race I went
with them never won. These tips were fifth
place, sixth place, I said “Dad you got to lose
these guys’ phone numbers.” How old were you when
you first came to the track? You were eight maybe. Eight? You were
probably six, yeah. Little different back then,
dad betting two-dollar exactas and be
pissed if he lost. Yeah, how things change. Now we have a horse
racing in Haskell. I grew up in Northern New
Jersey so I’ve been coming to this race for
so many years, I’ve seen all these
incredible horses. So I’ve been dreaming
to have a horse here. When I bought
Joevia, he went cheap, 32,000 dollars we paid. Say “Hi, Joevia”
Hi, Joevia. Fast forward a few years. Less than six
furlongs remain. Joevia raced
in the Belmont. And it’s been
Joevia, all the way so far. I watched the
replay 75 times, I still hope for a
different result, you know. And Sir Winston to
the lead, Joevia fights on. We took third. It is Sir Winston! But my heart still races
and I’ve seen it 75 times. Little weird, but– Say “Adios, Joevia”
Adios, Joevia. That race really
put it all together, so we’re excited about
what’s moving forward. We’re here with
Joevia, race day, he’s chowing
down a little bit. It’s like his form of pasta,
doing whatever he has to do. Let’s go, champ. Announcer: It is very warm, as
you might have gathered, here at Monmouth Park. And the Haskell had
to be postponed to five past eight this
evening. It’s a sensitive time
in racing and absolutely, safety for the horses first. This is crazy! With the fatalities
at Santa Anita now there’s
freak weather system. How comfortable are you
with public opinion counting on
established protocol? In this particular
situation, I’m okay with it. This whole [bleep]
joint’s in limbo. I don’t even know what’s
happening with the races, let alone our horse. What happened here? In one of his feet.
What the [bleep]? I mean, how is
that possible? So if there’s
sign of inflammation, it’s very palpable. You know, we had an issue
with the blacksmith about ten days ago,
two weeks ago. They put a shoe on Joevia’s
front foot and he must’ve shaved it down
a little bit too much. An analogy would be like
getting a pedicure for somebody and cutting
the nail too short. Guys, nobody wants
to run more than me. But I’m not sugar
coating anything, he’s not good enough to
go running in the Haskell. You know, we have
to be perfect, that’s the thing. I know, I understand. I mean, it’s
just crazy to me, some blacksmith
changing a shoe and keeping my horse
out of the [bleep] Haskell. I mean, over a
shoe, I mean– You’ve got to put
your trust in me. I mean, it’s inexcusable
but I can’t control– We’re out.
We’re out of the race. Just couldn’t do it. We’re in a no-win situation. But it just can’t happen. I’m out of here. Crazy. Can you believe this [bleep]? That was
Joevia’s only shot. It definitely hurts, being
a Jersey guy and first time ever having a
horse in the Haskell. What’s up, my brother? We just scratched. Can you believe that? I was hoping to bring you
to the Winner’s Circle after all these years. I’ll see you later. As much as
I’m disappointed, I mean I can’t say I’m
directly disappointed at Greg because
how upset he is. I mean, this is a man
of 30 years dedicating his life
to the sport. And he’s never
been in this race. So for him just to stand
there and say “I think we got to play for another day.” I scratched. It was just in
his best interest, I couldn’t take any
chances. It is what it is, I mean
Joevia comes first. All right, bye-bye. Crazy, the whole
thing, really crazy. Announcer: It has been a challenging year
for United States horse racing. And today’s postponement,
one of the latest twists. The race will be run,
Joevia is a scratch. Maximum Security,
he will face five rivals, it will be very interesting
to see what ends up happening with Maximum Security but
all my money’s gonna go to the one horse, Nick,
King for a Day. I’m going
King for a Day, I think he’s the now horse. King for a Day, after
defeating Maximum Security, looks to make it two for
two here at Monmouth Park. You just hope it
is a fantastic race. I think they
deserve it today, after the
troubles they’ve had. Been a bit of an
odd day, but it’s going to end
on a great note. We’re ready for New Jersey’s
signature thoroughbred race. We’re going to Frank Mirahmadi for the live call. [bell rings] And they’re off in
the Haskell Invitational. Maximum Security comes out
running and King for a Day protecting the rail
down on the inside. Let them go,
Jonny let them go. Mucho Gusto settles about
three lengths off the lead and it is a long
way back to Everfast. King for a Day comes through
on the inside of Bethlehem Road. They are head and head but
Bethlehem Road is a little bit quicker. Come on, King! Get in your rhythm. Then comes Maximum Security inching up And now, these
two square off again, Maximum Security
and King for a Day, Mucho Gusto joins the
party with a big run on the outside and now
Mucho Gusto is right up to Maximum Security. King for a Day
just checked sharply, Maximum Security
cuts the corner. Mucho Gusto’s
gonna make him work, trying so hard to go by. But Maximum Security has won
the Haskell Invitational over a stubborn Mucho Gusto. Got cut off. So Maximum Security gets
his spot in the Classic. It’s been a kind of roller coaster with this horse the last couple months. But the fact is, he might be the most talented three-year-old in the country. There’s Jason Servis Sorry, guys. No worries. Maximum Security is back and with a vengeance. He took all the heat and turned away Mucho Gusto in deep stretch. Mucho Gusto, hey boy. Drinking water? He’s having a
little drink there. Come here boy, come here boy. I tell you what, he came back from the Haskell acting like
a big dog now. He knows, you know he
made the derby winner run. But they could’ve
gone around two times, he wasn’t gonna
pass that horse. This is like Millionaires’ Row down through here. These are my kids, you
know and this is what I look forward to everyday,
watching them go out there and
perform. I remember winning my
first Breeders’ Cup in 1992 and I really didn’t think I
was ever gonna win a Classic, I’ve been
through it. And I was in the
second level and you had to take an
elevator. I thought, if I didn’t
get down there in time, they were gonna take the
Winner’s Circle picture without me,
and I didn’t know. But that’s how I was,
sort of excited and sort of green I was. This is Gamine she is so sweet. Hopefully, she’ll be
at the Breeders’ Cup. You’re sweet, aren’t you? And we got Big Mack, McKenzie. He’s not like the
friendliest guy in the world. Huh, what do you
think, my man? What do you think?
You like those. See, he likes the cameras,
they like the cameras. I’m very excited
about McKinzie. When I was trying to map out
what I was gonna do with him this year you know I could’ve
stayed at Del Mar and run the Pacific Classic
which is also a great race. But you know, I think the
Whitney, it’s the sexier race. There’s so much history, and
it’s a race that you know, I’ve never won
and on top of that, McKinzie was named after
a dear friend of ours, Brad McKinzie. We were at his
funeral and thought “We need to name a
horse after Brad. It’s got to be a good one.” And McKinzie was a
two-year-old just getting ready and I said
“You know what? I think I have a good one.”
And I’m just grateful that he turned out to be a
real good horse. If we were able to
win the Whitney, it would be the most
incredible feeling. He knows right now that he
is the man and so hopefully he can
prove that. Summer at Saratoga,
what a place to be. Saratoga, Whitney Day. Million dollars on the line,
over 30,000 people will be here today. Gonna be a very
interesting betting race, multiple grade one horses. And the winner will be one
of the favorites for the Breeders’ Cup Classic. Every week, the Breeders’
Cup puts out the top ten contenders, voted
on by members of the media, ranked in order
for the Breeders’ Cup Classic. In the Whitney, it looks like
there’s a big three on paper. You’ve got McKinzie,
Preservationist and Vino Rosso. Bafferts never won the
Whitney, he has McKinzie obviously but smell
a bit of an upset here. In Vino Rosso,
five is Vino Rosso one of the favorites. The eight, that is
Preservationist, five wins in his
last six starts. I would have him
in my top five maybe, maybe number three. He can be brilliant. You know, it’s tough
goal, tough field. Horse looks great. Hopefully we’ll be right
there and I think we will be. Preservationist
looking good. A lot of people here are
looking good because they have that Breeders’
Cup apparel. Six McKinzie the
Bob Baffert trained Mike Smith ridden star That is the horse to beat
in the Breeders’ Cup Classic in the opinion
of many people. Who do you like
in the Whitney? McKinzie, obviously.
McKinzie? McKinzie lays over
the field but I think Preservationist is the up and
coming horse. He beat Catholic Boy– One bad race his entire career. Well, here we go.
Breeders’ Cup part one. It is a Breeders’ Cup “Win and
You’re In” event. The one million-dollar
Whitney Stakes. [bell rings] They’re off in
the Whitney. Out quickly McKinzie on the
outside, flashing early speed will take them to
that first turn. One, two, with Preservationist
floating out wide as Imperative sinks on
the ground inside of Forewarned. Vino Rosso behind them. So there’s a scramble for
the lead around this first turn, McKinzie and
Preservationist, these two will take over as they
head to the backstretch. Preservationist and Junior Alvarado want the lead and they’ve got it. Onto the backstretch,
Mike Smith yields that top spot
and now switches Elected to get an outside with
McKinzie. Vino Rosso is getting
roused to go on the outside, around the far
turn they go. Preservationist is the leader.
McKinzie comes under pressure. They’re coming to the
top of the stretch. Three quarters.
1:11.3. They’re into the
stretch of the Whitney. McKinzie, Preservationist,
Vino Rosso and Yoshida. Come on! Coming to the
final furlong, McKinzie’s in front, Yoshida
runs after him on the outside. Vino Rosso is
third, but McKinzie is in front at the 16th pole And he’s gonna do it, McKinzie
has won the Whitney! Yoshida was second,
Vino Rosso is third and Preservationist was
fourth in a final time of 1:47.10 seconds. Real quick time. Too fast. Darn. Mike Smith let McKinzie
run to kind of spread the field out,
but down the backstretch, I’d like to get an outside
run on Preservationist. Bob Baffert has his Whitney
winner and it is McKinzie. Bob Baffert, your
first Whitney Victory, how does it feel? It feels good, you know,
I’m emotional ’cause it’s named
after Brad McKinzie. But I was really nervous
today because I really wanted to win
this for this horse. And you got me crying. It’s an emotional moment.
It’s huge. It means a lot. We saw a very
emotional Bob Baffert. Saratoga’s the toughest
place in America to win. Grade 1 races are the
toughest races to win. Baffert has now won
nine of his last fourteen starters at Saratoga, eight
Grade 1 Stakes, unbelievable. Every time I ask people
that I don’t know that don’t know that
much about racing. I ask them “So what’s
the best thoroughbred you’ve ever heard of?” And they all say
“Secretariat.” You know, I’d just like to
have a horse that would
leave that stamp. Someday I want that person
to say one of my horses. Next on ALLIN: The Road to the Classic The main event is upon us. He looks pretty good but
you never know what could happen
in a horse race. There we go! You don’t just wake up
in the morning and say “Oh, this horse is
gonna be a great one, we know.” No it’s tough. You have to take big
risks to get big reward. It’s not out of the
conversation to beat the boys. Who’s it gonna be? Is that us?

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