Sindhudurg (Part 1/3): Bike through Konkan | Travelling India

What to do? Should we also eat something? We are also hungry. Hello everyone. Good morning. Alright. Quick information. The coastal region of Maharashtra state of India, the west coast, is called Konkan region. From Mumbai and South. It consists of three districts- Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg. Below that is Goa. Goa is world famous tourist place. But Konkan region is not. And which is why I like it. I am going to Sindhudurg. It will be a three part series and first part is- going there. I will take Mumbai Goa Highway and in half way and in between I will take a coastal road which is again less known to people. So this vlog is Not a Motovlog. But about two guys, Me and my brother Mr. Manohar, and one bike and one strange road we don’t know about. Okay now enough with the information and lets start with action. Alright we have taken a break for breakfast. If you are coming to Konkan region from Mumbai, I will suggest you don’t come by motorcycle. Come by any other mean like train or anything else but don’t come by motorcycle. You don’t want to torture your ass. Alright, we took like half an hour break here. We are in Nagothane right now. And Mumbai Goa Highway is really bad. We are going back on highway now. Let the torture continue again. So this is the National Highway. After crossing Nagothane, after few kilometers the road was really good. It’s smooth like this. Here it will go to Goa. But We are going through this route. It will connect us to the coastal highway. Right now cars are coming out. We will put our bike inside. Alright, we are supposed to go to other side of the river. our Ferry is here. Look at that. The road we took after crossing ferry, this is actually coastal road. And that is the reason why it’s called coastal road. It goes along side the coastal line. And this is our first view. Sea view. -I think we are going to get many
-That I like very much. I think we are going to get many such views on our way. Alright, this is ferry number two from Jaigad. We are in Ganpati Pule (Ratnagiri) right now. Our destination is still three hours away from here. And it’s already sunset. So we are thinking we will see some hotel and stay for tonight. We are thinking about making hault. We are getting tired We are riding from morning and on really bad roads. So we will take some rest tonight and ride tomorrow morning. Alright, we looked for hotels in Ratnagiri city. Some were full, some were not good and some were rude. But we found some contact who had some contact and we found a contact from them. And we found a place to stay tonight. And tomorrow morning we can leave. So my bike can take some rest now. And even my bottom can take some rest now. Good morning. We are ready to go ahead. Actually I was ready to ride in the night. But my brother said what’s the use of taking all the pain and coming through coastal highway if you cannot even see the scenery. He had a point. So we stayed. And now we will go ahead. We are in small part of Devgad village. And we are here because My brother Manohar lives here. His house is here. That’s why he became ready to come with me all the way from Mumbai to here. Alright. The journey became longer than expected. Still it was fun. It was an adventure. Tell me How you felt about it. Okay. See you in the next video. Till then, take care.

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