Solo Backpacker at Tungnath Mahadev | Tungnath Chandrashila Trek | Chopta Uttarakhand

Guys what I am seeing right now Goodmorning guys! Today is 27th September 2019 Right now I am at Ukimath. And today’s planning is to reach Kalpeshwar Mahadev So as I received the information. Here between 7 to 7:30 AM there will be a Badrinath Bus coming. which runs single only as I had been told. and you can see the board upside there is Ukimath City and if you are planning for Kalpeshwar then you must not stay at ukimath city. Stay here rather As to reach here from the city there is no cab and you will need to walk 1.5 km and there is less availability of buses as told by the people. here this is a hotel and this is ashram. You can find low-cost rooms here but there was no “thali System” in the food. I bought a mix of vegitable which cost me 90 Rupees and 8 Rupees per chapati and here we are getting an amazing view Finally, we got the bus where is this bus going? This one is going to “Gopeshwar” (Driver) Does this bus come daily at this time? Yes (Driver) and if someone wants to Badrinath from here. From here to gopeshwar then chamoli and then Badrinath. Ok ok bye ! Oh, Hello Sir. How are you? Good morning How are you? (I am fine) Hello sir how are you? I accidentally landed here. you are going there. Ok Ok I will catch you there 🙂 So i changed my plan and thus reached ” Chopta” with that same bus. And now the planning is for Tungnath. So, first of all, I will eat breakfast and then start the trek. Brother, do you have the idea of Room pricing here? 700 to 800 rupees Single room? A double bedroom can cost 400 to 500 rupees. and can get it for a single person? And are the vehicles keeps on going from here or? Only one bus goes from here. and are there other vehicles like trucks etc? No other vehicles. OK, bro how much is the distance up of the trek? It is 4Km ( Brother ) so guys right now I am eating Paratha and after that, I will start the trek. so I am starting the trek Let’s see how much time would I take to reach up there. as I already had eaten the breakfast No uncle. do you want horse? (uncle) How much do you charge uncle? to go up we charge 700 rupees.(uncle) and what about coming down? Its 900 rupees ( Uncle ) ok thank you. If you want a pony then they will charge your 700 rupees. Greeting uncle. though I will find hotels here. So I will be staying here only. So guys what happen was that I changed my plan in the middle. and from ukimath to chopta the fare is 50 rupees but but I already had paid the fare up to gopeshwar so at this time I am at 70 rupees loss. and the main motive why I changed the plan was that coming back from Badrinath here it would have gone totally opposite. Not like every day. Today’s climb is just 4 : 30 Km the other days the climb was 15 Km or more Hello sir! How are you? How far will be Chandra Shila? From tungnath. [ It is 1 Km ahead of Tungnath (Police Man) ] Ok sir thank You. Lat time when I came here then at that time the weather was like that. Today is like that as well. My bad luck As like I have read online the pattern of “Panch Kedar” yatra is like that First one Kedarnath Second one is Rudranath ( I am wrong ) then tungnath Then Madhmaheshwar and then at the end it is Kalpeshwar but as according to the route which will be the right way which I found the right way was first one Kedarnath Madhmaheshwar then tungnath After that next will be Rudranath and then at the end is Kalpeshwar and everyone is telling that it is on the Road. not so uphill. Right now I will take the jacket off and tie it to the waist. as it is too heat and I am in the fire inside with this load. now to stay warm I need to walk continuously. as it is cold here and I am in a t-shirt I was trying to use the washroom. But these washrooms are too much dirty. so I will not use them. and here it is an amazing photographic spot. and you guys can do photography. the way is from there side up there. so at this side there are a lot of shortcuts and if you are with less luggage then you can take these shortcuts. Last time I took these shortcuts but this time I will take the long route Here I do not need that much of efforts. But the two treks before this Kedarnath and Madhmaheshwar Mahadev By GOD keep moving keep moving the way will not end however it 4 km here but when you will start walking don’t misjudge it with 4Km of plain. It will take time. that side as you can see the fog, we have to reach there. Let me try a shortcut This is how a shortcut looks like I am trying it zig zag as straight up it will be horrible. though the way is straight but i will go like zig zag zig zag If you are tired and are unable to climb then try zig-zag motion can be followed as because of this not only your knees will get relaxed and you will not feel tired. and this climb will become easier. as at the time of steep climb you kees has a lot of pressure And also while descending there are chances of a knee injury we have reached to the top we have to walk little bit more and that side is the temple. I feel very early If you will come for the first time then you will feel long however the height of this temple is more than Kedarnath as everyone was telling that. Bro till when will the Temple open? till evening. Prayers time? Till 12 PM and then in the evening. Have a look at that amazing Mahadev’s Art So right now I have bought a Thali from Uncle’s shop downside and the temple is in the front. have a look that side. so going there Right now I am at Tungnath Mahadev This is the temple. It is said that this temple is the highest Shiva Temple. One of Panch Kedar. Here Lord shivas hands were originated. God’s food time 1 -2 PM Arti time 7:30 PM Now I am going towards Chandra Shila which is that side. Right now I am alone in this trek. nobody is beside me Last time I wanted to go to Chandrashila but was unable to. This time I am going. I have raincoat in my bag. as I have remembered my Yesterday’s mistake. right now I am moving towards Chandra Shila and I see a trekker coming from upside. However, this is an offseason so you will see fewer people here. My plan for today is to stay here. Hello Bro! So are you staying here or going down? Staying I am also staying here. If you want we can stay together there. did you go to MadhMaheshwar? I think I had seen you there. while you were coming down and I was going up there. Your name “Aditya”( Bro) My name is Ankit (me) I will meet you down bro. so this is our Aditya bro. He is also a solo traveler. Now I will be joining him. But right now we are going forward. towards Chandrashila Truely speaking I use to speak “Tooo” a lot have to correct a ton of mistakes with the camera to being normal will take time. so this is the way and my memory card is about to get full almost. last one hour left. this is the second one of 128 GB. guys as you can see the view. The sky is being cleared up. don’t know whether you are able to see or not. as light is from that side. Ok, guys, I want to discuss one thing with you all In the bus I gave the conductor 120 Rs till gopeshwar and that guy did no gave me the ticket and later I told him that I will go to chopta you please give back the money. But he said that the ticket is deducted. now you will not get the money back so you tell me did you ever faced such kind of incident. Should money be returned or not I don’t know do share with me. So we are at chandra shila. a lot of climbs as you can see. Down there is a family coming. very few people come here. there are a lot of rocks in places like this. Don’t know why? But they did place them. Now the raindrops are falling down. slowly I will go down and after that in the room. I will eat food and will rest as tomorrow’s trek is a challenging one. the visibility is next to none so you might see a thing. so guys right now the rainfall has increased and I am using a Poncho and if you guys are coming here then please bring a poncho with yourself. be prepared to save yourself from showers with everything ready in your backpack. Look at the view and right now I am walking on the green grass as it is less slippery. Though I have trekking boots of Columbia which are made for Snow grip is good but sometimes they do slip as well. with caution you have to walk even if you have trekking boots because of rainfall, the sky is clear. and you can see this scenic beauty this is the way towards down. that one is the way. I have to go there. From this side is the way. slowly with those rocks and then downside there. and I will reach there down. Finally, I am stoping here at Chandrashila Hotel which is operated by this uncle. and will spend my night here. with us, there is a brother who is an experienced trekker and instructor as well. so with him, I will go on Rudranath Trek. so right now it is so cold that we are near the fire. till 2017 when I was visiting tungnath there were no public washrooms and right now as you can see a building in green shed is a public washroom is in construction and will be ready till next year. right now I am sitting here near the fire and you can hear the radio which is the entertainment of this place. and the backside preparation of food is going on. and here the mobile networks works somewhere like in the open backside there you will find jio networks. but here inside we do not get the networks. and as you can see on the floor above there are a lot of woods like this. so in this way the woods are stored. here the goods are transported with the help of horses and then are stored here. and they provide this for travelers like us electricity is provided with the help of solar energy. here on the backside, you will find baba kamli Dharamshala. Guys right now which I am watching.. let me show you Tremendous, Amazing if you want to see this then you have to stay here. from this side the fog is being cleared up and slowly slowly see that side. the sun rays are falling in such a different manner with me a photographer brother is staying but he did not came so he missed this I have no words and maybe this camera might not able to show this beauty. Good Morning guys and today is 28th September 2019 and right now I am at Tungnath. last night I stayed in this hotel. this is Chandra Shila hotel which is exactly at the starting point. here washroom facility is also available washrooms are normal but water is chilled. I will show you the room so this was the room. as you can see up there is wooden These side beds and sleeping stuff which is quite good. this is the window here and one solar light and besides that as like in Madhmaheshwar there are no charging ports so make sure to bring your own power banks. So that’s it guys now we are leaving to Rudranath and have to catch a bus. At chopta there is a bus at 8:30 to gopeshwar in which we went to next destination which is sagar and this bus waits on chopta only for 10 min. the way is very very dense forest. very very dangerous jungle way the columbia’s waterproof shoes has filled with water 10%

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