Start Planning Your Trip to SPACE!

Why float in a hotel pool when you can float in your room? Being a private astronaut sounds like a dream,
but it’s 100% real. As of 2013, seven private space tourists have
slipped the bonds of Earth to go out into space, at least for a short while. We are in the middle of a space tourism revolution,
and you can actually start planning your trip today! Maybe you want to take advantage of a package
from Space Adventures, where you go on a twelve day trip into Earth orbit. You’ll be traveling at 17,000 miles-per-hour
which is fast enough for you to see the entire surface of the Earth rotate underneath you
in ninety minutes. So what’s the downside? Well… It costs about 50 million dollars. But hey, maybe that’s not right for you. Maybe
you would prefer a sub-orbital flight. Now this would be cheaper and shorter, but
it would also mean that you would go high enough so that you could see the actual curvature
of Earth, you would experience weightlessness, and you’d be about sixty miles over the surface
of the planet. So Virgin Galactic estimates that the first
1,000 passengers of its service will spend about $250,000 for this privilege. But a company called XCOR estimates that a
shorter flight would cost only about $95,000. One company called Bigelow Aerospace wants
to be the leader in space lodgings. They have these space stations they called
expandable habitats. Just imagine an orbital rental cabin made out of inflatable fabric. But as long as we’re going into space, we
might as well go whole hog right? I mean, more than 500 people have been up
in space. But only twelve human beings have ever been
to the moon. As far as you know. That totally happened. That was not Photoshop. Anyway, an organization called The Golden
Spike Company estimates that they could take a person from Earth to the moon for the measly
sum of seven hundred fifty million dollars per person. If we can create an efficient non-rocket launch
system like a space elevator or a launch loop concept driven by electro-magnets, that could
radically reduce the price. But each of those methods have their own drawbacks. Another way to drop prices might be to have
the space tourists do science when they go up into orbit on behalf of a professional
or nonprofit organization. Just imagine, you could reduce costs, you’d
go into space, and you’d do science. Everybody wins! This is a chance to be a part of a human movement
that’s a new era in our history. And we might be able to answer some important questions
that professional scientific journeys have yet to address. Things like what sort of party games are best
in zero gravity? Or what’s it like to jam out with your garage
band when you’re in space? Or even what baby is going to have the honor
of being the first human conceived outside of Earth? Alright guys, I have a question for you. Lets
say that you’re going out into space but you can only bring five pounds of stuff with you. What would you pack? Let us know in the comments
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