It was a long journey I learned so much Through the good times and the bad This is my story About 4 years ago we started on TAEYANG’s album Because he was trying to find a new direction to go, he was learning as he was going So he was trying to figure out his own voice His own statement he wants to make, like a message he wants to give out in his music In the process of producing songs, there were surely ups and downs There were doubts about actually completing an album The doubtful thoughts hit us about twice There’re so many songs we worked on together that we can make double CDs We worked on so many songs And he was hard to please TAEYANG is like that He has his principles for music He is determined to show that belief To many people And his determination comes from the heart YOUNG BAE is a perfectionist in everything We know his character well He doesn’t openly express things, but to us He looked like he was agonizing He was struggling He agonized much before releasing an album The release was continuously delayed, which wasn’t what he intended Many things gave him a hard time These things can make you disappointed It’s natural to feel upset and let down But TAEYANG would get over it on the day And would work on a new song in the recording room That’s how he produces something better To me, it’s like all of his influences are on this album. His voice, and everything—it’s different When you listen to the songs you could tell it comes from the heart So it’s not just him singing. Every time I listen to a completed song, one by one, Everything was an epitome of TAEYANG I’ve worked with him for a long time and I think he will do music until the end It’s like pulling out what he has on his mind one by one He is continuously upgrading himself TAEYANG up to now Symbolized something powerful, like his name But this album Is like the red sunset Wider and deeper The album holds something like that, just the way they are

71 thoughts on “TAEYANG – JOURNEY TO RISE

  1. Cette vidéo m'a donné les larmes au yeux .😳 Taeyang tu es une personne tellement inspirante et passionné 💗

  2. por dios! q lindo…. TAEYANG me siento tan orgullosa de todos los logros que has echo. no estás solo, tienes a tus VIPs, tu familia, tus amigos y a tus hermanso BIG BANG… nunca olvides que eres el SOL… you are the sun 

  3. I just can understand what choice37 has said.. do any of you know where I can watch this video  with eng sub? thx

  4. Just ordered the album but after seeing this I have a lot more respect for YB and I'm even more excited to listen to the whole album. Always a fan and supporter of Taeyang 🙂 keep up the hard work YB !!

  5. Taeyang's album is beautiful. I listen to it in the mornings when I go for my walks and on my drive to work. 🙂

  6. and now his journey turns out so well for him. Surely YG artists are different. They're not just singing but they put their souls into the songs. Now I just realize that true singers shouldn't just sing and dance or just have good-looks, but they have to know how to make people immersed on what they're singing about, that's the main point of a performance. Good job, Youngbae!

  7. My dream for Korean music is for it to break into the American market so there will be no laws, and  no limits , just freedom.

  8. Dear Taeyang, 
    This video really had me crying to see Taeyang do so much for his fan. He really is amazing every time i listen to his music i can hear that he put alot of heart into his mucis and now i truely understand  y i love YG and Taeyang. this is y i love kpop they take you behind the scene of every thing tell what the artist go through to give you what they do. Every day i wake happy because i have amazing artist to listen.  Taeyang if you every read or see this please no that you don't have to go through all this hardships for us we will love you no matter what. You are and forever will by me male role model. Please stay health and have a joyful day, hour, minute, second. 
    Love Taicha  

  9. As a brand new FAN a native from New Zealand I was introduced to the K POP music and culture by my good friend from China, I did some research on BiGBanG and more specifically TaeYang…I have been Hypnotized and drawn into your world, blown away by the talent that is fast becoming popular if not already as I say Im new but Ive since been Hooked on YouTube trying to catch up and in doing so I have since fallen for Tablo (awesome daddy) who I find as being Humble, passionate and dedicated to his craft which is DOPE….2NE1 are just so cool I love how yous are a family and I am so grateful to have a small peak into your world of POP culture and awesome talent…I thank you and hope one day yous will come gig for us down under in NZ xx  

  10. This all explains why I love him. It has been my 5th year anniversary this year since I've known him and Big Bang. For me, being a V.I.P is like the just AMAZING. Even though I'm an international fan from the other side of his world, I feel very close to him and the others. Oppa, I'll love you and support you (And others) 'til the end <3 Let's make another 5 years being together Yah? :3

  11. YG Family always work from beginning to the end. They really know what they want and what to do. Respect for them.

  12. I like whoever editing and produce this video.. only hearing they speaking, background music, and even though its in Korean, it sound really sincere, just like what we think of taeyang. LOVIN' IT ! 

  13. I love that he wants to pass messages and emotions through his music, instead of using his physical appearance to attract fans by writing insignificant songs with match with a dance choreography (which includes lame sexy and awkward repetitive moves, like most kpop mvs)

  14. Этот альбом, на мой взгляд идеален! Нет ни одной песни, которая бы мне не понравилась! Не ожидала, что будет столько душевной лирики! ТэЯн молодец, честно его творчество мне ближе, чем скажем творчество Джи, хотя и у Джи и СынРи были хорошие альбомы, но они не пронизывают до самой души, они не заставили сердце чаще биться, в отличие от RISE! ТэЯн это уникальный человек, у него отличный речитатив и при этом шикарный вокал, не говоря о том, что он бесподобный танцор! Таких в к-попе на самом деле очень и очень мало, даже больше скажу таких в к-попе единицы!  

  15. No matter how long it would of taken for this album to be released i wouldnt mind the wait because taeyang you never fail to succeed and show your fans your best <3 sarangheyoo oppa~ 🙂 fighting!!!

  16. Why do u want him to sing in english? He's korean, it's normal that he sing in korean! Were not going to change a person in charge that u speak english and he has a lot of english fan. He sings his song, he transimts his messages, and in his language! It's like we wonder singing in Russian or Deutsh when u speak english. Alala ces anglais des pièces de nombrilistes –" FIGHTING Taeyang!

  17. This album really put Taeyang's Soul in the spotlight, he is really for me one of the most inspiring figures. Even after 1 month and a half I can never really get sick of the album Rise, because each and every song in it is unique in it's own way as it conveys TaeYang's personal emotions.

  18. this album is best kpop album so far..you work hard tayeang …hope you win daesang this year…best song of the year…respect brotha..

  19. Não entendi nada do que eles falaram, porém vejo o esforço que ele faz por nós (fãs) e a alegria em fazer isso.
    Amo cada detalhe, cada esforço seu <3
    Me fazendo feliz sempre.

  20. This album was 'Paradise'. Taeyang rose above all. 4 years of hardwork and it did pay… 🙂 i love Taeyang.

  21. I feel you Taeyang and if people say bad things about I can feel that pain but you know what, those people are going to learn their lesion sooner or later because it's not nice to say or do bad things to you and a lot of people love you Taeyang and I support and other fans too❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️

  22. "Taeyang up to now, symbolized something powerful, like his name. But this album is like the red sunset. Wider and deeper" – GD poetic as always.

  23. every song in the album is so perfect. when I listened to it for the first time, even though I don't understand, the music itself sounded like he was telling me stories.

  24. This album had me in tears the first time I listened to it. He worked so hard on it, you can tell it came from a place not many people see. Either in themselves or in others.

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