hey guys and welcome back to the vlog. So
we left to go to lunch and I forgot my camera and I’m vlogging
today because this has to go up tomorrow and we were coming back, which we did see
it when we check the camera too, but he had shredded something and we had no
idea until we got home, but it was a Christmas card. and it had fallen and I’d
picked it up and stuck it back out, but I guess it fell again and I know which one
it is and it was a really pretty one. He did fine yesterday so here’s the deal we
took the tree down as you can see and we left him out yesterday and he did just
fine so we thought okay it was just the tree but clearly not but I just well it
was but then I hung it back out but I think the tape wasn’t sticky so it must
have fallen and it was a really heavy one it was a really nice light so I’ve
had a hard time the whole time but we took the crate down because this was my
Christmas wish was to have my master bedroom back so it looks so much better
in here and bigger so I’m hoping we can work with him and just be cautious
because I love not having his crate in here so I want to let you guys know
because now that I’m in here I did get a new bedspread for Christmas I had picked
it out my mom bought it for me I did think it was the whole set it came from
Kohl’s I’ll link it for you guys down below in my description box and it’s
like this tufted it has ruffles just a really pretty grey
it’s got like a light gray underneath and I opened it up sorry my camera shut
off and it didn’t come with shams or anything and so I looked on a colles to
order it and it’s like a closeout cell so the shams are sold out the pillows
are sold out and I thought about just ordering another like twin size bed
spray and having my dad makes shams and maybe a blanket right here for when
Jorge jumped up on our bed but it’s not on sell anymore so you
the twins light $98 I’m hoping it’s again I eventually go back on to sell
but if not I’m just gonna have to find some gray pillow shams I have my
original ones up there for my last one it doesn’t look terrible but I do need
to figure something out so this is one of my Christmas presents I’ll be showing
you as I go throughout the day but I did want to let you know since I was in here
he had all these toys to play with and he got the piece of paper
every time he shreds something everybody’s like just get him toys and
he’ll be fine look at all these toys he’s got a time
and still today my socks to play with I know what I heard you’re always busting
autumn and I remember why but we do but he still goes after our socks so
Christmas is down I’m not going to show you too much because I filmed an entire
house clean like tear down and clean up yeah that’s what I named a and that’s
gonna be going up Sunday on my other channels make sure you’re subscribed I
also did have some big clean outs I think I lost like 40 people in this
channel so if you guys are watching this make sure you’re subscribed and you
might want to check tail vacuum just because YouTube did do some clean outs
but we’re gonna let George back in now that we cleaned up anything else
wasn’t i singing something over there did I finish me oh but in my video I
think I was talking about that in my video I should I clean I Kalina and I
take down all my Christmas stuff and then I do a little mini home tour so you
can see what the house looks like with all Christmas down so that was my point
he knows we haven’t said anything to him yet we just let him outside to go party
George what did you do huh you just couldn’t help it did you think the card
was for you yeah he’s checking on chase it’s like daddy guys I’m sorry
and I’ll trust you you gotta be a good boy better and then tigers always a good
boy aren’t you yeah he’s a good boy perfect so Savina got this Lego set as
you can see it is humongous it’s really shown the swing so I was editing last
night my Sunday cleaning video and they worked on this very long time dating you
and Daddy yeah oh and another one of her gifts was her shirt she wanted some more
adidas clothes so she’s got that chase got this jacket we might be able to link
it for you but it was nice it’s like a I’d say like a it looks like North Face
but it’s a Walmart that’s warmer how much was it it’s Swiss tech is the brand
is only 25 doucement course but it looks good it’s nice yeah and chase will enjoy
it more since it’s not North Face yeah we looked at North yeah we looked at
North Face and you’re like I’m not nobody on that it was that Walmart we’ll
try to link it I’ve told them a lot of stuff I’m gonna link so yeah just
comment down below well here’s the actual picture if you guys want to see
this one man it turned out great yeah the pulley system yeah a lot of
sony that’s cool okay so if you guys follow me on
instagram you know I bought this purse I’d asked you guys in one of my last
vlogs if you wanted me to buy it and review it and if you don’t follow me on
Instagram I end up getting this for 40% off and so I posted that like promo code
or coupon code for you guys you guys went insane buying this so I’m gonna
link this again it’s just in my Amazon store so click on my Amazon store link
and I’ll leave the code if it’s still good I’ll leave it down there so you can
try it this video is going up tomorrow so it may still work but it makes this
$19 I have it stuffed that’s why but I’m super happy with it anybody wanting the
review sometimes on these like dupe Louis Vuitton’s this reg just like way
off it’s like a bright red but this actually looks
really really good I’m so excited I got it plus the wallet went on sell it used
to be around 15 and it’s been $7.99 so that hasn’t come in yet but I did order
the wallet to match so I’ll leave all that information down below my
description box are hopefully chase will but this is definitely the time to buy
if you haven’t bought it yet but I have this one and then I also have
it in the brown super super happy the Browns not right here because I’m
actually carrying it today but both are great bags so just go with what you want
or why they’re 40% off by both because you just can’t beat that but we sold so
many of those so we’re all gonna be little twinsies so sadly this is our
trash from the holidays from all the Christmases and you can see right there
I attached a card and I told them thank you and bye lunch on us so out in the
country we don’t have like city trash we have it’s like private isn’t it yes
companies and so it’s nice because they take anything pretty much and you get
your trash can and up to like eight or ten bags so this isn’t crazy but it is
for us we never have that much okay so just in case you’re wondering I
would think it’s fun to hear prices from what things cost from different people
is it 16 a month is that what it would have turned trash 1717 so when we first
moved out here was 15 a month and it’s went up to 17 a month but I just always
think that’s fun sure if you don’t mind sharing what yours cost a month
definitely let me know like how much you pay a month for trash and then like what
state you’re in or something and is here if you’re in the city like we used to be
our trash is built into our water bill so it was hard to tell how much it was
because it was like a seventy dollar bill but that included water sewer trash
it was so much more like when we lived in town
it was so much more expensive than like our bills out of town yeah we got a
bigger house and it cost less with all the bills just because you’re paying
these private companies to do everything yeah it was crazy so when we lived in
town we had about 1,200 square feet house and a tiny lot like I’m talking
like postage stamp and then we moved out here in our house is about 17 15 square
feet and we live on an acre and it was only $100 more month with like all bills
and like everything it was only gonna cost us it was crazy
how much more we were able to get out here let me know some people out here
dying for paper trash they just burn it we don’t do that like but I think those
are the people have a lot but we’re heading into town we have some errands
to run you guys all know we’re selling our Buick and I went out to move it the
other day so we could pull chases car out so we could get our tubs down time
for Christmas to put our Christmas stuff up and the battery died yeah the
battery’s dead it’s two years old and tried to charge it overnight and it
still wouldn’t start the next day I tried to jump it it won’t jump so the
battery’s just dead but luckily we have a three and a half year warranty on it
it’s only two years old so I called him and they said they’d replace it for free
so that’s where I head and see if we get it for free which not only is a huge
busting for us because we don’t to put money into a car but I love that whoever
buys it it’s gonna get a brand new battery we just put new tires on it
it’s been very well taken care of so I hope whoever gets I like it’s funny how
God works I know he’s like preparing that car for somebody because we had
just putting tires on it before we decided to sell it and now the battery
is gonna become hurt anybody lives in the area and has you know three kids
four kids needs a seven-seater we had one kitten still a cheap car that’s a
great car because that’s a lot of miles so it’s cheaper I look weird you guys I
know when I had my stuff I don’t have my makeup on today because I got to get
over town to stay interest rates understand which
appointment do you have today I’ve had a lot of like Invisalign didn’t
stuff went on lately my dad warned him would he say to you he just warned me
and saying I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into you know that’s
fine but just know she’s high-maintenance but did you really
understand I didn’t understand you make good those sacrifices I whatever I just
wanted okay so chase I ran into here if you guys are local it’s called a bumper
to bumper auto parts just because I know somebody’s gonna ask but I’m in here
watching the boys this thing is so nice just to have so those are just all his
toys down there and they’re just up watching him all Tigers not Tiger looks
like he’s asleep and then George’s means security up there so at least he’s being
good now Gary Dahms looks like he’s got it that’s the good news
okay so chase got the battery which was so nice the warranty only stays with the
buyer so if we would have sold that car it would have cost it like the person
would have had to rebuy the battery for about 200 for about 200 bucks and since
it happened with us before we sold it it was free so I just think it’s amazing
how God works he’s definitely preparing that car for
somebody but I also had another question so if you guys follow me on Instagram
and what was it Christmas Eve for the day before Christmas Eve is on I
did I I started posting at stuff on my Akari app for you guys my closet
and you guys sold it out so I sold eight pieces from my closet but we keep earn
shows to like ship it off ourselves because we did free shipping because if
I was gonna make you guys pay shipping it was gonna charge you guys like $10
per item which i think is way too high so we’re like okay we’ll just pack it
and ship it but it was still pricey like I sold eight pieces and with shipping
and fees and all that we literally made $10 off everything so if you guys use
like Poshmark or Mike re how do you guys do it make
money like I don’t know if I just priced things too low but I felt like it was
really fair like I’m not gonna like charge new store prices for yeah we
pressed everything around eight to twelve dollar yeah so I felt like it was
really fair big like literally it was not worth I mean it was because you guys
got it was you guys so I’m glad you did but it’s like so like Christmas Eve we
were out like at the post office shipping and packing and riding the
cards and then once we paid for shipping I’m like we literally made a whole tin
oh yes I’m curious event as a way to get cheaper shipping the cheapest package
was like it was in nine ounces and it cost five dollars and fifty cents for
the cheapest shipping I don’t know how to get cheaper than that but I thought
back in the day you could ship stuff for two dollars so yeah so I’m like how do
people do this and make money start my center of someone’s I’m like glowing
like an angel so yeah if you guys use that let me know how you do it and how
you make it work because it totally I will never do that again it was not
worth fifty dollars plus it was holiday time so it made it even it wasn’t even
stressful like we weren’t that busy but I was just shocked I’m like that was so
much work like staging you know putting the picture up putting all the post up
find the supplies because we didn’t have the envelopes well that was that was
even I mean I don’t you guys do and I know people do it like
a burn Kristen Casper I feel like does it all
the time help me how do you do it oh thumb where am i close to you guys but
for that much or they’re just like ship it I don’t know well we get a goodwill I
mean oh yeah I know a lot less time involved
yeah just wrapped it off dropped it off and we’re headed into Sam’s now it’s
like a weekly little routine we have got to get some dinners savvy are you
crammed we got some dinners we got some toilet paper we got George some puppy
dog food now we’re gonna load it up and head home I don’t know we have to go to
Walmart you crochet and then head home okay we’re back home
I completely forgot we put all our groceries and Sam stuff away and I
completely forgot to show you guys what I bought so sorry I can show you my
refrigerator here in a second just in case but the boys did great they didn’t
do anything up so as long as we don’t keep paper where they can get to it
we’re good to go okay so nights sit down and show you a few more things just that
I got for Christmas like I said we don’t do a ton of her crazy I did have a sweet
subscribers send this to me I talk about her a lot it’s simply cotton creations
so I’ll turn her over to leave her link as well but she made me this really cute
and it’s like a hoodie like it even has the pockets here but without the hood so
I really love this style if you’re wanting something like custom for
somebody’s I think this is perfect it’s like a dressier sweatshirt my sister got
me this cute little sweater and then these earrings that I’m wearing today
savvy so I told you how we do like $10 gifts for each other like Savina picks
them out chase takes her and then I take her and she just gets to pick out gifts
for us she got me this really cute great infinity scarf that I love and then I
had been wanting one of these for my beauty blenders so she picked that up
for me my mom got me a lot of like likings I had wanted this pair off
Amazon I have these and like the black camo as well and I love them
really honestly like I own Lululemon’s and I’ll probably never buy them again I
think this brand the Amazon sells I don’t know they just feel good they stay
tighter at the bottom and there’s so much cheaper so I mean I’m glad I have
my Lulu’s but honestly I rarely pull them out so they have all different
designs on these I also wear a lot of gsella leggings so I think anymore you
can just get really good leggings for a lot more affordable I got this is a gift
from a friend so I know I’m not remembering everything
but I just kind of wanted to show you a few things that I got I was like when
people get me clothes because I honestly hate clothes shopping I’m just not good
at it and I get overwhelmed so I like when people send me things like that and
then you can never go wrong with home decor and me and obviously I got a pair
of black yoga pants they’re dirty so I don’t have them but you’ll see them in
Sunday’s cleaning video they have like a lot of like mesh cutouts I got those as
well I’m sure there’s so much more but like I
can’t think of it right now and everything’s like in the washer or put
away but that’s the idea of stuff I got let me go show you a few things with
Savannah’s okay so Savannah loves doing hair push this back for a second but
sometimes her American Girl dolls just are too small or they’re hard to do so I
got her this mannequin head I think it’s for like if you go to hair school and
they have it like in blondes and brunettes but I just thought it would be
fun for her to do this like a rainbow colored and when she like a braids and
those different designs it just looks so cool so that was one of her gifts she
got a lot of scrunchies she got a lot of clothes and then a lot of makeup as you
can see right here she took out her vanity and she’s been getting you can
see right there there she is let me turn around a ways she’s been
getting ready in her bathroom but I got this off Amazon so I just thought it was
fun if you guys have little girls that just love playing with hair it was just
a cool little fun gift to give okay here’s some other stuff she got we got
her this organizer she’s had this one but she put like all her nail polishes
lip glosses she’s even got like all her earrings
chopsticks I just like seeing this and I thought this was a really neat a gift
idea Chase’s aunt sent it to her but it comes with nail polishes and a file but
then you can put batteries in and it like blows air when you press on it and
it dries them I actually had one of these as a little girl and loved it so I
thought that was fun oh and then I saw one more thing as I was walking out of
her room she wanted headphones I think the bear she wanted was like the
name-brand that were 200 but we ordered these off Amazon first just to make sure
she’s gonna use them and wear them isn’t so cool how they fold down but these
were only like 20 bucks on there and she loves them they work really really well
they bluetooth so you don’t have to like plug anything into your phone or you
know whatever you’re gonna use them with yes somehow we open them but they fit
her well and like they’re adjustable but this small setting fits you well right
yeah they it doesn’t fit really well yeah turn up and down and like skip
songs from here and all that and like I can’t hear them so she can listen to
music and I can be right there next to her and I can’t hear the music so it’s
so nice so if you guys are still looking for a gift idea or just have been
looking for a good pair I’ll have these in my Amazon store as well and I’m sure
they come in all different colors okay thought I’d show you in my refrigerator
to kind of show you some of the stuff we bought we bought a coke to have back
there these are like the Sam’s version of Bob Evans but you get double the
amounts the same Christ I picked that up so we’re at Sam’s I went ahead and
grabbed this salad it was only a dollar 68 so I thought that would be good for
ranch we also have a Caesar salad because we got stuff for spaghetti one
night we made this on Christmas Day so it’s just bowtie pasta flat tires and
alfredo sauce so if you know what my flat tires are we make it the same way
but then we stick it in here so it’s like one of Savannah’s favorite meals I
may have to make that with a cook and clean with me or something and then we
also got apples oranges and grapes and I think the rest was like just
snacks but that was some of the items we got from the grocery store oh and then
we also got these pizzas subpoenas having a slumber party tonight or just
having a neighborhood friend spend the night and they requested pizza so I got
two of those so that there’s enough left for me and chase and then we’ll make the
salad for us to go with that so that is dinner easy-peasy
okay so it’s been a little bit I was outside talking to my neighbors I’m like
frozen it was so pretty here today and then it just like it dropped and I’m
like a bear flow it’s on like a shivering but I want to tell you this
funny story because I keep forgetting so Christmas Day we and you guys will see
chase take down on Christmas lights we actually took them down Christmas Day
because it was gorgeous here like 72 degrees well anyways it was kind of
windy so I had heard some blurry I when I was out there filming him his ladder
had fallen and so I told him but I was like I’ll help him put it up so I can
like hold it when he has to get down well then I came inside while he was
taking the rest down and I was like I’m showing you guys a home to her and just
like working and then all of a sudden I remembered I had left chase out on the
roof and so I ran out there and he was already down and he was like giving me
this look and I was like oh my gosh I’m so sorry how did you get down he said he
was up there he didn’t have his phone and he was just like sitting waiting for
me to come out which luckily um it was a beautiful day he said he heard Mike was
dangling his feet down here I mean I could see him but our neighbor across
the street came home luckily for whatever reason he was gone getting food
or something and he yelled at him he was like you need help and chase is like
well actually I do and he was like what’s funny is actually knew the letter
was down and still left me so I love chase stranded on the roof I felt bad
but I thought that was super funny so you guys won’t know that part when you
guys watch Sunday’s cleaning video you’ll see like me filming him outside
and you’ll see me doing the home tour but you won’t get the funny little
insert that I left him so my eyes are like watering now they always dry out I
have my lashes today I felt like the glue kind of dries them
out but then I was out in that cold wind is just kind of breezy out there so
there it looks like I’m crying I’m not but I’m gonna go ahead and get this
dinner going real fast for the girls okay guys it’s after dinner I wanted to
show you I always tell you products I love and I try to tell you when I have
products I don’t like I picked this up from sands because it was a really good
deal and so it’s just like the Cascade but it was a lot cheaper because it’s
like The Sands Mart members mark but I’ve noticed like my other one normally
has like two different things into it and this just has one powder so I don’t
I think it’s missing like the rinse aid or something but I don’t like these I
don’t feel like it’s cleaning well at all at first I just saw it you know I
wasn’t cleaning the pot well or I was cramming too much in there but no matter
what I do I feel like my dishes aren’t getting that clean so I’m gonna switch
these out so if you go to Sam’s don’t buy these I don’t think they work well
at all okay guys before I end this I wanted to let you guys know if you
follow Brittany Bourne leach here on YouTube and you don’t follow her on
Instagram and she is going through a lot right now and needs all of our prayers
and support I think it was Christmas Day they were at like a family member’s
house for Christmas and a baby crew was taking a nap and she went to check on
him and he wasn’t breathing and as I’ve her last post he’s like on a ventilator
you know the mission he’s only breathing because of a machine I know as of
tomorrow which one you guys are seeing this he’s having an MRI so they’re gonna
see what’s going on but that is every mom’s worst nightmare so I just pray
that we lift her up and pray for a complete killing for baby crew because
no mom wants to experience or go through what she’s going through right now and I
also ask that you guys just support her and her channel because obviously this
is her job and she’s not gonna be able to work so when you’re not doing
anything and you’re either just gonna put your phone down or take a shower or
cook go click on her channel I’ll leave the link down below click
one of her playlists and just let it play and watch those ads or just have it
plain so that she’ll keep getting her adsense money they do have a GoFundMe
but I think that’s just an easy way that we can all help out just turn on her
videos she’s awesome to watch if you guys aren’t following her anyways she’s
an incredible mama you’ll love her videos but even if you’ve watched every
single one of her videos I just highly suggest just supporting her and praying
for her and then clicking on those videos and watching those ads for her
and even commenting it’s just you know to help with YouTube but she will
definitely be in my prayers constantly until baby Crew is healed and home with
her. I hope you guys have a wonderful week don’t forget my Sunday cleaning
video will be up this obviously Sunday and I will see you guys in the next one.

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