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Hey Guys! Aly, you’re not in your bedroom!
No, no I am not! If you have been following me on Social media then you know for the past
four days I have been exploring the stunning area of Taupo! And whilst I have been here
I have been staying at the Taupo Urban Retreat and I’ve got to tell you all about it because
I have stayed in a lot of hostels and this one ranks really highly in my books. When
we were trying to find accommodation in Taupo, we actually struggled quite a bit because
it is quite a touristy area and there are so many hotels and resorts and backpackers
yet either the backpackers were things like Base or YHA kind of style which I find don’t
have any character and sure they are cheap but they just don’t have anything more then
a bed in a room and when I go to a hostel I look for a family feel, I want to feel warm
and welcomed, I don’t want just white walls when I go into my bedroom and also the prices
in Taupo can be quite ridiculous so finding a nice balance of somewhere really nice to
stay and also getting some bang for your buck is a bit difficult but I found here, it’s
just perfect, it kind of amalgamates absolutely everything so let’s talk about what they have
on offer. So of course the hostel boasts a lot of dorm rooms and they range in price
between $25 and $29 per night and surprisingly I can guarantee this from the bottom of my
heart, the beds are surprisingly comfortable which is always a rarity in todays world of
hostels. But if you fancy a little private and alone time, then they do have a double
room, we stayed in both a four share dorm and our own double private and it’s just cosy,
nice, they have heaters for the winter which got to say, very appreciative of. IT might
look sunny right now but I can guarantee you that there is frost on the grass in front
of me! Let’s talk facilities shall we? Of course like with most hostels it comes with
a full equipped kitchen with everything you need, obviously it doesn’t have ovens but
what backpacker really uses an oven when they are travelling around. Anything else they’ve
got it for you, just keep it tidy, you know, standard hostel etiquette! One of the big
pluses is that they have a bar, so as it is a licensed premises you can’t bring your own
drinks in but happy hour, two pints for $8, hello? Pitchers which you get 4 and a half
glasses worth of beer for $15, you cannot go wrong with those prices. OBviously they
have a beautiful communal area, they have heaters for in the winter and the roof actually
opens up in the summer time to make it more of an indoor-outdoor area. In there they have
a pool table if you fancy it and at night time that pool table is converted into a beer
pong table! IF you fancy a bit of a chill out then they do have a TV room with an extensive
list of movies and sometimes if you really ask nicely they might even give you some free
popcorn! Wifi does come in at $4 a day but I will guarentee, I will promise you right
now this wifi is amazing, because we have all been to lots of hostels and with everyone
using it, you haven’t got a hope in hell of getting onto Facebook sometimes, never mind
streaming a TV show. But it is $4 per day or $12 per week for wifi and it is unlimited
and fast. IF you haven’t bought your own laptop or your own tablet or anything like that and
you want to use a computer then they have three computers absolutely free for everyone
to use so if you need to book a bus out of here or a flight back to England or to Thailand
or wherever else you are going next then there are computers for you to use here at your
convenience. The hostel is just so pretty and I would love to come back here in summer
and see it in all it’s glory when it’s busier but even in winter there is just a select
few people. Prices are normally cheaper and you just get that warm cosy feeling when you
are sitting in a communal area with a jug of beer and brand new friends that you have
just made all pitching in to make a meal and you get absolutely smashed at beer pong that
night, it’s just great! I would highly recommend Taupo Urban Retreat, I just wanted to show
you the place and show you where I’ll be staying more often as I haven’t done many videos like
this and a lot of you have been asking for me to show you how much I pay, where I go,
where I stay so we are going to start doing more of this. I’ll put the link for this place
down below so you can go and check it out for yourself. Don’t forget you can subscribe,
keep up to date with all my travels and get some advice as well. There is also Facebook,
twitter, instagram and snapchat all at PsychoTraveller but the links are down below and I will see
you, soon. Love you!

5 thoughts on “Taupo Urban Retreat OFFICIAL REVIEW | Travelled & Tested |

  1. I stayed there when I was in Taupo. I was in the 16 bed dorm and even though there were so many beds it was one of the nicest rooms I've ever stayed in while travelling New Zealand. Plenty of room, high ceilings, and I loved that the lockers were under the bed.

  2. Hi Ally. My twin sister and her boyfriend is in New – Zealand and I think they have been in Taupo. I'm definitely going to send this to her to watch as I think they want to go back there again.

  3. please don't take this the wrong way, I absolutely love your videos and your personality and i love all your tips and hope to use them on my travels…. But it's pronounced Toe – paw 🙂 I know a lot of people pronounce it like taow pow but thats incorrect. Hope you're loving New Zealand though !!

  4. Hey! big fan of the page, just wondering, were you able to apply for your visa to New Zealand while still on your working holiday in Oz?

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