Teaching, Travelling, Learning: New Colombo Plan

>>I chose to do the New Colombo Plan because
I felt that it would give me a greater chance at being one step ahead of the crowd in regards
to my degree. I also felt that it would give me a better understanding of different cultures,
considering now our schools are very multicultural places. And I wanted to give my future students
the best opportunity that I could when I’m teaching them. A lot of the students from
the school they can’t attend an Australian Universities when they graduate so they wanted
us to provide them with knowledge about our culture and our way of life that would encourage
them to get involved when they get to Australia. They were all really focused on their studies
and they wanted to be there and they wanted to learn, and they were really supportive
and really encouraging of us being there. And they would help us outside of school.
And then inbetween that we did a bit of travelling on the weekends, going into Shanghai, went
on a trek to Hang Jaou which was an hour on the bullet train. And towards the end of the
trip I got to travel to Beijing for five days. And we obviously went to the Great Wall,
we went to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City and it was really inspiring to see and to know
how such historical moments shaped the Chinese society today. I recently just heard back
from one of my students that I taught and she messaged me to thank me for all my support
in helping her pass her exams. And she was very pleased with herself. Definitely have
fun and see the country as well as working with students, and ask lots of questions and
really just get involved to make the most of your experience, because it’s not something
you get to do everyday.

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