The journey has STARTED! First days in Goa // Worldwide W4nderes TravelVlog

hello everybody
we are the worldwide Wanderers and this is our third day of our tandem
backpacking journey in Asia our first destination is Goa India first of all we
would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported us in our journey
even financially with some kind words or with some other support thank you guys
thank you let’s see how we got here one two three hello guys
our journey has started as you can see or maybe not we are right now right now
at masks at the airport we have arrived there and two hours before we spend the
last few hours making videos for Instagram and later for YouTube and just
lying on these comfortable beds only one hour left and we excited we are so
excited it just unbelievable feeling you know we haven’t even slept before we
departed from Hungary so we went to the airport at around 4 o’clock we got on
the plane slept in the first few seconds from food is only one and a half hours
away so we couldn’t really rest and it was very uncomfortable because
all of us had to sit when we went from Frankfurt to here mascot we found good
seats on the plane because there was not too many people out there and have laid
on four chairs next to each other it’s a very good night’s sleep so we are
excited a little bit scared at the same time but we are really looking forward
to seeing India I wonder what it will be like
we heard so many things we read so much about India and now we are going to see
it with our own eyes so ours we are working on the shores of nuna
Beach we just eat our first really India lunch
we are feeling good so far but we don’t know what’s going to happen later of the
avocado pit and also we are really tired yeah like you can see the backpacks on
us I think we are working two kilometers
but I don’t know how far we have endured and we are heading now to the city
center find the market and to find a place to sleep tonight you guys you guys so you can see the people are very
friendly here yeah I think now is the first change here I mean it
here and yesterday for sure and cannot start preparing for the season when it’s
raining yeah I will to very work down the show you just see people building up
the new party places when you pass the restaurant because everything just working hard I go there too

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