The Journey – On the Road With All Purpose Cake Co (part 1 of 3)

– Welcome to The Journey. Today we’re gonna bake an awesome cake, and hangout with our friends
from the All Purpose Cake Co. which I’m super stoked about. They’re in the very early stages of their business and
not only are we gonna learn how to bake, but
also we get to share some expertise with them and
learn about their challenges. Which is awesome during this early stages, and the create it stages
of their business. (upbeat music) All right guys, I’m so
stoked to dive into this. Especially for the cake at the end. I am here with Val, from
All Purpose Cake Co. Listen, I’m just dyin’ to know, how did this all start? – This is a recipe that my mom learned when she was young. It’s called Sans Rival,
and it means without rival. And it’s layers of meringue, filled with a french buttercream. – Oh, sounds rich. – Yeah, it’s rich. – I feel like you serve it small slivers otherwise it’d get overwhelming. – No, I mean we just like
drop it in, big chunks. (laughter) If you’re gonna go in
you’re gonna go in big. (laughter) – Deal. – So, my mom had passed
this recipe on to my sister. And my sister made a little
business out of this in Canada, five years ago. So earlier this year I said, “I wanna do this business in the U.S. “but I’d like to take the sugar out, “and I’d like to take the lactose out.” And this is how we came
about to All Purpose Cake Co. So the first thing you
do is you crack the eggs and try not to get shells in. And separate– – You don’t want a little
crunch in your cake? – No.
– Oh okay. (laughter) So you want me to do this right now? – Yeah, so you have to separate the yolk– – I’m just nervous. I was nervous about cracking
egg the whole flight here. – Well, I can help. – Okay, let’s do this. The brown. All right ready? – [Val] Yeah. – [Emma] Just a little tap taperoo. It’s like (cracks egg). – And we don’t have spare so you can’t like mess up on the eggs.
– No pressure, Val. Holy smokes. (laughter) – I should have brought extra. – Okay, and then I’m gonna– – And you wanna put it over the yeah. – Put a little bit of, oops. Don’t worry, I’ll get it out. Kay I’ve got some goop in my hand. Oh it feels funny. – [Val] This is when you feel
like you’re really baking. – So we want that in there. – Yeah, that in there. – And this over here. – That’s right, you got it. – Got it. – There you go. I think you passed. – There’s like a small shell in there, can I pick it out with my finger? – I think so, yeah. – I got it. – No one wants that in their cake. – All right so I gotta ask, ’cause this obviously takes a lot of time. Are you selling your cakes yet? ‘Cause you talked about
doing it for friends, and stuff but are you
actually making profit? – Not yet. – Okay, but this has gotta add up. It’s expensive, you got the fancy nuts, you got the cool heritage eggs. – It does, quality comes with a price. Because even though there’s
only five ingredients, by using locally sourced
and small producers we wanna pay them fairly. So in return, we’re putting
a fair price for our cake. – Now, we’re gonna whip it up right? – We’re gonna whip it up. – Is there any strategy there?
– There is. So this is what my mom taught me. So I baked this cake with her, and there’s a timing thing that doesn’t show up in the recipe. So you start with a number four. For four minutes. – You gotta timer? – Yeah.
– Cool. – Let’s set up the timer. Okay, three, two, one. (mixer going) – We’re on four. So far, it’s like doin’ laundry. Is this what you do day in and day out? Are you makin’ five ingredient cakes, sun up sun down? – No, I have a full time job. (laughs) I have two kids at home. – So you don’t sleep. – I’m not much of a sleeper. (laughter) – So this is your side hustle.
– So this is my side hustle. – Yeah, so you must feel like, and you’re not making
money off of this yet so you must be collaborating
with a lot of people, maybe friends and family. Tell me about that, ’cause
that’s fascinating to me. – What I’m finding in my industry, which has nothing to do with cake. I run into other people, clients, suppliers, customers, and
when I tell them about my side hustle they tell
me about their side hustle. – Everybody’s got a side hustle. – So everyone’s got a side hustle. Other people that are doing little things that have nothing to do with what they do in the day to day job,
so what I’ve unearthed in my world in my work, all the people that are side hustling and we’re all kinda coming together and helping each other out. Oh, oh hang on okay. So we stop. (mixer stops) And then we wanna put
the cream of tartar, ooh. (wiping bowl) And then flip it up to eight. – Go up to eight, oh
yeah now we’re movin’. (mixer going) Cool. – Oh, now we start putting sugar I forgot about the sugar. (laughter) So we wanna put– – While it’s moving? – Yeah, so just a little bit at a time. – Lil’ bit like lil’ sprinkle? – Yeah a little sprinkle. Okay, we’ll do it together. So this is teamwork, since
we’re talking about teamwork. It takes a village to start a startup, that’s how I feel about it. (mixer going) – So it’s looking good I feel like there’s some,
what do you call ’em? Strong peaks? Sturdy peaks? – Stiff peaks.
– Stiff peaks. (laughter) I think they’re
some stiff peaks in there. – Yeah, looks like it. That’s where we want it to be. – Okay, looks good. – And when we get to the stiff peaks, then we’ll fold in the cashews. – What do you mean fold in? – You use the spatula, and well first we have to turn this off. (turns machine off) – Off.
– Get that out. (takes mixing bowl out) There we go. – Looks great. – What we wanna do is I usually wanna try and get half of it out. And then just it’s one circular movement from the outside to the inside. Outside to the inside. So that we don’t lose the air. – Okay, I got that. Outside to the inside. Now what? – So we pour in pans. So these are greased and
lined with parchment. These are nine inch, and I
think they’re a good height. They’re about two inch. In the traditional pans
are narrower in depth. They’re usually about an inch. And they’re hard to find here, so next time I have family
back in the Philippines we send ’em out to hunt to
look for these in the markets. – What are some of your mentors? Or have you, I mean
besides your mom right? I mean mom’s huge. – My mom’s a mentor, we
had to find resources in the City that help small businesses. Through business coaching. So there’s SBA Small Business– – I love the SBA. – Those are classic so I’ve
done a few of their workshops. – And are those free? – They’re free, they’re at the
local library where I live. SCORE, is fantastic as well. – Also love SCORE. – And what I love about
SCORE is they connected us to the business coach that
has 16 years experience in the food industry. And she currently sells
in 16 farmer’s market. – Isn’t it cool how you can have access to someone of so much experience, and now they’re like retired right? So they’re all chill and they wanna give you all this great advice. I’ve hung out with some SCORE offices. – Yeah?
– Yeah. What about like a local
Chamber of Commerce? You ever go to any of
the networking events and meet with people there? – I got to The Economic
Development Office. I do it for work, because it’s part of what I do for my job. But also, I talk to them about my cake. So, they’re both a collaborator for what I do for my job and for my cake. – Makin’ a mess. – Oh I know. (laughter) I guess that’s part of making a cake. – It is, you know I’ve never made a cake? – Really? – This is my first– – You’re so not hired. (laughter) – I don’t blame you. (laughter) Little bit more in this one?
– Yeah, pour it in there. We’re hoping to hire someone that actually bakes cakes so we don’t
have to do it ourselves. (laughs) – Now how will you find that? ‘Cause it’s so specific
what you’re looking for. Is the SBA or SCORE helping you with that? – That’s been a journey for us, trying to find bakers because there isn’t a pastry school here in Seattle. – Here on The Journey. – Here on The Journey. A great resource for me is
the kitchen supply store. There’s one in our City, I pop in, he gives me contacts. He’s actually connected
me with other people, other restaurant owners,
other food truck owners in the industry. And tried to connect me with them. – All right, so next
up, we gotta bake right? – That’s right. – How long do these take? – One hour, and then
we sort of eyeball it. We add an extra five, 10 minutes. Everything is dependent on humidity. So, we’ll stick it for an
hour and see where it goes. – All right, keep an eye on it. All right, so stick around, next episode, episode
two actually I’m bringing Nealey back he’s like somewhere
eatin’ cake or somethin’. But we’re gonna bring
him back to actually make the buttercream which is
gonna hold it all together. And add extra flavor of course.

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