The Journey – On the Road With All Purpose Cake Co (part 2 of 3)

– Welcome to The Journey. This is episode two, very crucial part. We’re gonna make buttercream and it’s gonna hold the wafers together, plus I imagine it tastes awesome. – Delicious. And just as crucial, we’re gonna talk about their web presence and just hear some of the challenges that they may have with
their web presence, see how we can help out. (upbeat music) All right, welcome back. Nealey here with Ivi from
All Purpose Cake Co. We’re gonna go to the
next level with this cake. In the last episode, Emma talked about just
the business itself, how you all got started,
and made some wafers. And basically the focus of this
episode is that next level. – The buttercream.
– The buttercream is the next level, same thing with your website
and your web presence. But before we get started, what’s kinda the first
steps with this buttercream? – Okay, well, the first thing is we’re gonna need all the egg yolks that we separated from the egg whites that went into the wafer. So that we’ll need. Of course we’re gonna
need a double broiler. We’re kinda waiting
for that water to boil. We’re gonna put in sugar and cocoa powder. We like using organic
fair-trade cocoa powder 100%. It’s just non-GMO and
better kind of ingredient. – Awesome, so with your
business and everything else, a big step is making that website. – Absolutely.
– Where are you at with that journey? – I wish we were further on, but what we did was we went
on the GoDaddy website, and it was really helpful. We watched all the tutorials. We kind of have something put together, but I’m sure with your help,
we can do so much better. – What do you envision for the website and just your site itself? When someone goes there,
what do you want them to see? – Well, first of all, we want
them to hear about our story. We want them to know why we’re doing this. We want them to be able
to follow our journey, so we were looking at
putting blog posts up there, advertising the people who’ve
helped us along the way, all those mentors and business partners that we’re collaborating with,
and showing off our cake. – Perfect, well, let’s
get started with this. – Okay. – So do I just dump it all in and then go? Never done this before, if you can’t tell.
– Okay, well, the water is starting to boil. So you want to put in all our egg yolks. – Okay. – Drop it in there. Use the spatula to clear off that plate. – [Nealey] Look, I’m a natural. (laughs) – There you go. And then, all right, good job. Now let’s put in the sugar. – Sugar.
– Just dump it in there. – Like Salt Bae? – No, just everything all at once. (laughs)
– Nope, nope. – And put in the cocoa powder. – [Nealey] Perfect. – All right. Okay, so now what you
want to do is to whisk it while it’s cooking, basically. – Perfect.
– So what we like about this method is, one,
it cooks the egg yolk, so we’re sure that we avoid salmonella. – It’s important.
– That’s always important, and you temper the sugar, so you won’t get the
granules in your buttercream. – So with the business itself,
like in a perfect world, where do you really see it
in like a year from now? – Well, the reason that
I started this business is a bit more personal. – Tell us about it.
– I have a daughter who has special needs. On top of that, she has
cerebral palsy and epilepsy, and could not have
sugar, gluten, or dairy. What happened though is she couldn’t even celebrate a birthday. We couldn’t even celebrate with cake, couldn’t even celebrate with ice cream, so it was really near and dear to me when Val came up with this
idea of coming up with a cake that was gluten-free,
sugar-free, and dairy-free. I’m like, you know,
aha moment right there, this is gonna be perfect. Part of the business strategy
is to employ my daughter and people like her who have
a hard time getting a job. – So if I was a visitor and I was trying to go to your website, what do you want me to do? – I think what we want to do
is for people to get to know us and get to know the story, obviously, but really to connect with us. That’s part of how we
want this business to go is really to connect people, and we feel that cakes
and food really do that. – I love that, ’cause I think cakes, I think like celebrations and parties and big gatherings.
– Yes, absolutely, absolutely. You just have to smile
when there’s a cake, right? Especially if it’s good.
– Absolute, smile and eat it. – Okay, let’s check our… – [Nealey] ‘Cause I’ve
been stirring forever now. – Okay, I think we’re good. Good job. So what we’ll need to do now
is mix it all with the butter. Let’s wait for it to cool a little bit, and then we’ll get to that. The butter that we use in
our cake is vegan butter, so for those that don’t want the dairy, but for this particular cake,
we’re using organic butter. – Awesome. Now you mentioned that
you wanna sell online. Is it something that you wanna
distribute and sell globally or just like the local area? – We definitely want
small-batch artisan cakes. That’s kind of the business model. We were thinking of
selling to coffee shops, especially those that,
’cause as Val was saying, every time you go to a coffee
shop, I think we’ve found that only 5% of them sell
a gluten-free option, and so we’d want to get
out that way as well, but still be able to
sell direct to consumers through our website. – Okay, so kind of an
interesting partnership there, and a thing that not a lot
of people think about is you can have the best of both worlds. You can sell to consumers,
which is the everyday person, and then partner with businesses that can really amplify your reach. I love that.
– Absolutely, yeah. Our buttercream is halfway there. – Halfway there, all right. – Pour it into the mixer bowl. – [Nealey] I’m real good at pouring. – There you go. There you go. Well, that’s the important
part about the buttercream. You can’t stop moving. You have to keep stirring it
and mixing it to make sure that it doesn’t cook.
– I’ll put that here. – All right, so we can
put that into our mixer. There you go, and start it. (mixer whirring) Okay. So you want to put in the butter. By this time, the butter
should be softened. You have to have left it
out for at least three hours so that it’s room temperature. – And now what do I do? – Tablespoon by tablespoon,
drop it in there. One thing I learned about baking is you really have to be patient. I’m not exactly known for my
patience, but I’m learning. – I think that’s the same thing with business too though, right? I think we always get stuck on we want that instant gratification, but I’m sure you know that starting a business
is hard and it takes a ton of patience.
– Oh yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. – As a visitor to your website or someone like interested
in these types of cakes, what are some things that
I might search for online? Are there like key phrases or… – Well, for sure we want
to pop up with gluten-free, sugar-free, keto-friendly. We also want to be found
as a woman-owned business. That’s really important to us. How are we doing there? Hey, it looks great. This is a great-looking
buttercream right here. All right, it’s– – Probably shoulda brought towels. – Yeah, well, it’s a great consistency. – I have a pretty good teacher. – He did good, everyone. Look at that. So okay, now we’re gonna
put it in a piping bag and start piping it into our cake. – All right, thank you so much, Ivi, for taking us through
how to make buttercream. – You’re welcome. – And talking about just your
business and your website. Stay tuned for the next episode, where we’re gonna actually make this cake. We’re gonna try it, I hope. – Yes, and absolutely taste it. – Perfect, stay tuned. – Stay tuned.

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