The Journey – On the Road With All Purpose Cake Co (part 3 of 3)

– Welcome to The Journey. This is episode three. The moment you’ve been all waiting for! We’re gonna put it all together. Nealey’s even gonna try it, right? – Absolutely. We’re gonna have our cake, and eat it too. – And we’re gonna learn
about some social media marketing tips that they can apply. My favorite platform I want to dive into, Instagram, and Instagram
Stories specifically. – Just take their business
to a whole ‘nother level. – Next level. – Just like those layers on the cake, a whole ‘nother level.
– Don’t wait for it (laughs). (upbeat music) Look at the peaks on that! And now we’re gonna dive
into episode three, where we’re gonna get more into
marketing, and websites, but, might as well cut the cake right? – Let’s cut the cake. Let’s let the professional cut the cake.
– Yeah yeah. – We’ve done enough. – I’m done.
– I’m up to that. Let’s see. – Look at your buttercream. You did a good job. – We get it, Nealey has more of the talent in the kitchen, I get it. – I think we’ll hire him. (laughs) – This is delicious. I’m sorry you can’t have any. They’ll be selling soon, I hope. – Well, if you help us with our website and our social media, we’re well on our way! – Speaking of that.
– Speaking of that! – Speaking of that. – One of the things that we thought we’d get started, use a website as a, an opportunity to bring people in, and do pop-up events. So, pop-ups send a
notification to our website so we can start to generate, the interest, and get the community to
come in and taste our cake. And then we thought we’d
do like a taste test too. – Yes. – Aww, fun!
– Figure out, you know, like test the market, like the people– – Nealey will do that! – I’m already doing it. This is a winner. – We also want to use
our website as a journal, because right now we don’t
have any cakes to sell. But to follow us through the journey, of what it takes to get us to that launch product. So that people feel that they’re part of the community that we’re trying to build for this cake. Part of what’s behind our name, that we had chose All-Purpose Co., “Co” does not only just stand for company, but stands for community, collaboration. – yeah, community. – I love it. One thing that you probably
wanna start doing now, once you get the website going, is have somewhere to
collect email addresses. Email is the easiest way to really connect with your followers on an ongoing basis, and tell them about the pop-up events. Ongoing and ongoing, and just, another way to tell your story. So you have a new blog post out, share that with your followers via email, ’cause the algorithm changes
especially on Instagram. Not everyone’s gonna see your post. Email, they’ll always see them. – Oh clever, okay, yeah, I like that. So if you can give us some advice, for navigation through the website, because I’ve seen some websites where all the tabs are on the top, some are on the side. What I like, is where it’s laid out like a table of contents, like a cookbook. Like, what’s your advice? What’s the best way to approach this? – Yeah, I think it comes down to, what do you do when you visit a website? Try and look at where your eyes go. Are there certain things you click on? Is there a certain colors that really pop? But there’s a pretty standard methodology, of the Z Flow. I don’t know the proper term, but I’m going with the Z Flow, so you go left-to-right, on the screen, down, and then left-to right again, and it’s just the way we read. So the most important content needs to be on that top-right section or that bottom-right section. Whatever that call to action that you want them to do, maybe it’s to check you out on Instagram, maybe it’s to check out your newsletter, whatever that looks like, have right there, ’cause that’s gonna be the
most important content, and then tell them what to do. Don’t let them guess, right? I know my brain-span is probably a goldfish, I’m everywhere, just squirreling out. Tell me exactly what to do! So “Get your daily dose!”? Like, get your daily dose of
emails to your newsletter, or whatever that looks like, tell me right there.
– Gotcha, hm-hm. I know Emma’s probably itching to talk about Instagram. – Let’s get over there. Yeah, let’s pull it up. One thing, I love that you guys are doing, is that on a lot of your posts, you’re not only mentioning
other businesses, so let’s go to this one for example. We used eggs from these guys today! And that you actually, in this,
mentioned the Sisters Farm. One thing I would just ask right away is do you know if they have an Instagram? – No they don’t. – We should tell your friends. – Yes! – So I love two of the hashtags that you’re using, farm-to-table, hashtag fresh, hashtag
all purpose cake co, hashtag keto, and that’s really great because it’s gonna help you to be found by, really, your
target audience, for one, or other businesses out
there, maybe a coffee shop that is looking to get this on their menu. But one thing I noticed when
I’ve been following you, which, it’s been briefly but, is Instagram Stories is something
I saw you leverage today, but, I’d love to see you
guys leverage it more. Because a majority of Instagram users, like, they’re spending
time, on stories, everyday. And then, when you’re actually on there for example, you did a
boomerang today, right? – Yes. – Yeah, did it right here. One thing, that you can do, did you know that on your stories, similar to some of your posts, you can mention other businesses? Did you know that? – Oh no! – Yeah! So think about, where are we, right now? We’re at? – Yes. – Whose kitchen? – Leigh’s! – Leigh is on Instagram! – That’s right! – She has like, 450 followers! – She does. – So you mention Leigh, in your story. You can even tag the location
of where we’re at, the city. And even add some of those hashtags! Keto, or, all purpose, and then anyone searching for, let’s say hashtag keto, or whatever we’re baking that day, they could come across your story. – Okay. – And you might get a new follower. – Okay, so same as if,
photo post, but on Stories. – Yeah! And then think about too,
we say we mentioned Leigh, maybe mention GoDaddy, and
then you know what happens? They get notified, on their Instagram! And then they go to it, GoDaddy,
if you mention them, Leigh, and then you have more of a chance, maybe they repurpose your post, ’cause it’s one click for them! – Yeah, that’s right. – I’m just thinking now, the other big part is
user-generated content. – Mmhmm. – And you wanna get more of that, and Stories is a great way to do that. So while it’s tempting to like, take that boomerang and
just put it up there, you wanna make sure you
leverage as much as you can. Tag places, mention other businesses. – I guess we’re learning,
and I guess that Stories is definitely a great
advice to add that in. And I have a 16-year-old, and I think she, I do
recognize has helped a lot. So she taught us some of the hard tricks. Like she generates her own. It’s not just about
throwing pictures out there, it’s participating with everyone else. When I’m looking through their content, you have to be engaged. And I’m like, yeah, I love what
other people are putting in! – For sure! – You know, and I should be liking, because I like what I see. – Some of my favorite
bakeries that I follow, are the ones that do Instagram Stories, because I, while I love to just, eat the dessert, I enjoy it more knowing, how did this come together? – There’s a local, she does like, marshmallow-type bakery items. And what she does, once every week, she does an Instagram
live video of her baking. The whole process. So what Instagram does, and Facebook too, is when someone goes live, it notifies all of their followers.
– Yes, I noticed that. – Ohh! – I noticed that, yeah.
– And how long is that live content saved, and other people can now
see it, as a recorded? – Yep, it’ll pop up in their story, it’ll have a different circle
around your little photo. – Okay. – And then they can watch it for 24 hours, so you can download that video if you want to use it for other content, and break it up and piece it up. – Nice!
Okay. – And then, you can almost make it like, do you remember like, way back in the day before Netflix and Hulu, like shows would come on
at Sunday at eight o’clock! You had to be there for
Sunday at eight o’clock! – Yeah. – We could potentially
do something like that, to where your followers now expect you! – Oh yeah! – Like oh wow, it’s two o’clock
on a Thursday, they’re on! I have to watch this. – Another thing you could
do in your bio up here, is, put your favorite hashtags that you think are gonna be
the most successful. Like your All Purpose
Baking Co., add that here. Because this is where I see,
ya know I check you out, I get a little bio on both
of you, and then I see, oh, they have these like, hashtag or two that they clearly want us to use. So now when I’m at, one
of the local coffee shops, gettin’ my coffee and I have
one of their delicious cakes, and I’m mentioning you, I know ooh! That hashtag’s in their
bio, I should use that. Clearly, ’cause you have
it there in your bio, and then you get more
content from your fans, and your customers, that
you can then, repurpose. – I see.
– ‘Cause you’re jugglin’, you’re doing a million
other things, right? – Crowdsourcing again. – There you go. – Bingo. – Let them do the work! – Yes. – Get some time back. – This is all amazing stuff, thank you very much. – Absolutely. – Yeah, it’s been a
pleasure having you here, thank you so much for teaching
us how to make this cake. – Oh yeah! – I’m gonna probably try it later at home, and see how I do, we’ll see. I’ll at least get the buttercream right. – Yes, for sure, and we’ll try you, again. – I’ll stick to cooking. (laughter). – Well, if you liked this video, make sure you give it a like. Comment below on something you learned or if you want to try
to check out this cake. – Yeah. – This is The Journey,
we’ll see you next time.

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