The Waste Journey – Materials Recycling Facility

Ever wondered what happens to your recyclables when they arrive at one of our sorting facilities? … In this video we show you the variety of manual and mechanical methods we ued to separate different materials and extract recyclable content [Music] We’re here at one of Yorwastes material recycling facilities in North Yorkshire where dry mixed recyclables have just arrived from one of our transfer facilities. This material will whizz around our facility being sorted into different waste streams … let’s take a closer look. Once unloaded from the lorry, material is put in a hopper where it gets moved around on conveyor belts … firstly the glass is removed by a machine called a breaker deck small metals are removed using magnets and a machine called a ballistic separator sorts heavy and light materials … when the mechanical sorting is complete the material then runs through a picking station to be sorted further by hand [Music] Sorting the waste can be a dirty and smelly job so it’s really helpful if waste for recycling can be washed clean and dried before it is disposed of … as well as being loose to make sorting possible. If its not clean .. it risks being rejected as contaminated waste. Please remember recycling should be clean dry and loose All of us can help tackle pollution and make our planet a better place, let’s do it together by effective recycling. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and follow us on one of our social media platforms [Music] you

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