Totally Gross Twister Ride

Hello my name is Nancy, and I’m Kath. And today, we’re gon’ be telling you about the time we went to the fair. So it all started, we was linin’ up for
this ride, and it was called The Twister. We had been on this before, and we thought
it was really good. So we just got up to go on again. And Nancy had some chewing gum. As she puts it in her mouth, and then we get
onto the ride. So the ride starts going fast, and I was just
like having the time of my life. And, she started to open her mouth and scream
and yell. As we were having fun, I see something. So this little piece of white chewing comes
flying out of my mouth onto her face. And, I just started screaming, for her to
get it off. And you thought it was funny, and it wasn’t. It landed right on her nose and then the wind took it with it at the end. It like moved across my face, and it was disgusting. But I thought it was absolutely hilarious. And I’m not happy with the result that happened cause’ I just got some slobber on my face. And she just said, “Oh I’m so sorry.” I’m like, “Sorry doesn’t get the water
off my face!” So then the ride came to an end and we just,
and I jumped off. So that’s our story by Nancy, and Kath. Bye!

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