Travel and Explore Beautiful and Crazy Kathmandu Valley in Nepal : Bhaktapur and Nagarkot

If you have got a few extra days in Kathmandu before visiting amazing Pokhara or trekking to Himalayas, you probably will be thinking about the best way to spend your time in the valley. And a great choice will be a day trip to the beautiful and ancient city called Bhaktapur, which can be reached in 40-60 minutes by car as it is located in just 13 kilometers of the Kathmandu city. Bhaktapur is surrounded by very interesting and exciting places, which are also worth visiting. For example Nagarkot – a small mountain village located at the altitude of over 2000 meters which gives travelers a chance to experience panoramic views of the legendary Himalayas including Mount Everest.. I highly recommend combining a tour to Bhaktapur together with watching the sunrise in Nagarkot, which was truly memorable to me, as it was the first time in my life when i saw astonishing Himalayas. I am gonna make another video about Nagarkot only, to share my exciting feelings of being there with you. But let’s start with Bhaktapur first. Founded in the 12th century the city was the capital of the Greater Malla Kingdom. Nowadays Bhaktapur is a home to almost 100 thousand people; Majority of them are Hindus or Buddhists working as farmers and handicrafts producers. Pagoda style temples, stupas and city gates, palaces, private houses and many other cultural and historical heritage buildings and monuments attract many travelers from all over the world. The city management is running restoration of the ancient city, for that every foreign visitor is obliged to pay an entrance fee of 1500 Nepali rupees (about 15 USD), which is used to support the preservation of culture and heritage, cleaning and making the city as one of the most interesting travel sights of Nepal. So once you enter you could feel the spirit of medieval times and experience the lifestyle of people living centuries ago. Walking the narrow city streets you will be amazed by the magnificent art and centuries old architecture, beautiful carvings, warm and friendly Newar people, unique handicraft souvenirs, delicious cuisine in various restaurants, comfortable hotels and guesthouses and many more. Bhaktapur Durbar Square is the main square of the city and the most popular site for tourists. The parts of the Hollywood film “Little Buddha” starring Keanu Reeves and Bridget Fonda were filmed exactly at this square. It is a mixture of stone, wooden and metal objects of art, sculpture and architecture, which used to be and still remain the palaces, temples and monasteries beautifully decorated with elegant carvings and impressive statues. Pottery is known as one of the oldest professions in the world, and here in Bhaktapur you still could see many potters working with traditional wooden wheels used for transforming clay into pots of various shapes and size.. The whole town is like an open air museum, with temples and handcrafts stores almost at every corner. The earthquake of 2015 caused terrible devastation and losses of life, but here only a few temples were destroyed, so you can fully enjoy exploring this ancient rich-cultured city. If you have an interest in culture and history of Nepal, then Bhaktapur is the place you should definitely visit during your trip.

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  1. I've seen Little Buddha. I'm not surprised they made the movie there, when you enter the city it's like time travel to the past. Incredible place Mickey. I love it!

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