Travel Organizers (What Works and Does Not)

hey there today I am sharing travel
organizers what works and which ones do not work today I’m going to show you
some of the travel organizers that I use and I will also show you the ones that
are kind of unnecessary for my travel process or system I’m going to show you
what really works for me and then other things that you can do on your own
or that you don’t have to buy these are pouches they have compartments they help
you categorize what you pack organization for packing is helpful as
long as you do not lose space in your suitcase with all of these items I’m
going to show you so put on your thinking cap and figure out which ones
you need and which ones you can do with that the most important the very best
organization thing that I use when I travel is my packing cubes they help me
organize my outfit by days of when I’m traveling you can even categorize them
with colors different colors for different family members and they also
squish and smush so that I can pack more in my suitcase because I crammed those
packing cubes to a certain area I do not know if I was going to like packing
cubes so I bought a cheaper version and they worked fine for three years they
come with three different sized cubes a shoe bag in a laundry bag you can
organize shoes as well by buying some shoe organizers for travel you can also
use the free newspaper bag put your shoes in there you can even pack your
shoes in shower caps or the cheap ones from the dollar store these were on
Amazon and I think they come in a pack of four a few years ago I did buy a
travel cord and technology accessory organizer I feel like it is too bulky
it can’t smush and squish so I don’t ever use this but I do like that it
comes in compartments but for me I don’t want to wind my cords up that small to
fit them in there another option for you that I have recently used is a gear tie
and these are really hard to twist but they stay in that position
so you can wrap up your cords and then just wrap this little tie around them
kind of like a zip tie but you don’t need scissors I packed my headphones in
this type of organizer it’s just large and I can kind of wind them up and then
just smush them and they are one-handed use like you’re supposed to be able to
pop them up like that you can also use that for a pill organizer speaking of
pill organizers they do have really cute ones if you only use a few but I also
was gifted one similar to this and then I did a review on it and this is their
updated version number one thing is it zips it’s large enough for you to carry
them they have a little notebook the baggies in here are wide enough for my
husband’s fingers that was my con of the last one but I can fit three fingers in
this baggie to organize my pills and they are by de that kind of thing if it
helps you I do have several videos on travel hack ideas and there are a couple
that have to do with headphones and I will link those below I will link one of
them in the I cards up here if you’re watching me on your iPhone you can just
click show more the upside down triangle and that’ll show you everything I’m
talking about one of them is called 23 travel hacks and that is from before I
was travel tips by Lori it’s my old youtube channel and the quality and the
sound is not that good but it is my number one most watched video so check
that out if you are brave enough to most people organize their toiletries for
travel in some way I do have a toiletry bag to me this organizer is too large
for my carry-on suitcase for a trip I just pack in pouches I usually have a
pouch for my makeup my dry toiletries and then one for my tools I did find the
Mac Daddy eyes shadow brush organizer I got burned a long time ago by telling a
company I would review a bunch of their products and they were awful and their
eyeshadow brush container was terrible but I had to review it anyway and I did
give it an honest opinion but this one is phenomenal they also have slats in
here if you don’t want your brushes to move around but when you get to your
hotel it totally stands up on its own and this upper part that zips everything
together for organization is mushy but the bottom part is a little stiff but it
still could smush and squish if you need it to in your suitcase I am a pilot wife
and we travel a lot that’s why I have so many travel tips for you to help you
travel the globe without a worry in the world
if you have not subscribed be sure to hit the bell beside subscribe and you
will receive a free video every week well approximately once a week because
we just got a puppy but anyway and some of those videos are with my old channel
Larry Popp but now I produce videos that are exclusively for travel tips I just
bought this new travel toothbrush because it folds into a small container
the bristles are clean and protected I feel like I’m holding a regular sized
toothbrush which is why I used to travel with my regular toothbrush and just the
little travel lid but because it’s so long it sticks out of my little pouches
that I pack in so I can recommend this one now if you do not like using the
paper cups in your hotel room you can pack a smoosh able travel mug you can
also pack an aluminum mug to take with you if you have the space you can also
travel with a bottle that collapses to an almost flat position I also have that
I’m too lazy to go get it and then don’t forget the hack that you can freeze your
water and go through security with your own water from your house and then once
you get through security as it melts you can drink it if you’re traveling with
the dog or if you just need it they also make collapsible bowls and this is what
I’m going to be using when we travel with our dog for snacks or for water it
does collapse and this is a sealable lid these help you stay organized because
they take up less space I have never bought a travel curling iron because it
does not save that much space for me my curling iron half-inch is 12 inches and
the travel ones that they have are nine inches and there’s one that’s 11
inches so you have to balance whether or not that’s going to be useful for you
they do come with the pouches that you can store them in if they are super hot
you can also use a cotton sock if that helps or up glove I keep mentioning
saving space in your suitcase while I’m talking about organization I think they
go hand in hand let me know if you agree with that as part of my travel
organization I like using different sized containers for my liquids Holly
what did you do with my shampoo holder I always will recommend over and over the
go tub brand containers for liquids they hold this is a two and a half one and
they also have a three point four one but this holds enough shampoo for me for
a ten day trip because I will use my own shampoo and then on an off day I might
use the hotel Hotel shampoo but these have never leaked these containers have
like a a double lock system I got burned by using a great one with the same kind
of squishy material from a grocery store and it only lasted three trips terrible
so I can recommend those I also like to use these these come in a set of five I
stored shampoo in this one upside down overnight and it did not leak so I can
vouch for that and took it with me and then they also have these little plastic
ones that have a little lid it does not snap but if you had some little
moisturizer like a very tiny amount that you needed to put in there I want to
know what kind of liquids you do store in your liquid containers I also have
these old-school ones that are totally plastic that a store my really thick
lotion in it is gold bond for diabetics it’s super super thick you can see how
much smaller it is for my liquids bag compared to a travel size that is two
point four ounces so much smaller I also like traveling with a unique liquids bag
your bag for TSA liquids needs to be a quart size and clear ish I also got this
liquids bag from my flag girl subscription box
and I love that it says plain to see get it but I do not like using these
containers at all so I will not use these maybe the little squirt ones but I
just I do not trust them I would only use this type my little set on Amazon
comes in a package of 12 if that helps you
and there’s another cute one with a pink airplane that I will also link below I
have used this type of wallet for my credit card organization for airline
travel and then I also have used this one but it’s a little floppy but it does
carry a whole lot of cards but recently I bought this it is a minimalist little
thing that also has a pocket for cash it has a pocket on this side and for your
ID it comes in a ton of color so check those out if that is for you I have a
great video on travel safety so click on that in the iCard or down below I have a
couple of crossbody bags to help me organize my eyeglasses and wallet once I
get to my destination I pack it inside my personal item bag and then pull it
out when I get to my destination I just like an open open concept they also have
fanny packs now or belt bags that are great especially if you need a safe
space in your personal item and you don’t have room for a crossbody bag they
would go easily under your jacket and if you’re trying to get past a person
tickity gate agent you can just turn it around and they won’t see that you have
this extra bag belted to your belt a long time ago I invest it in a jewelry
organizer I do like that as squishes but it is large the thing I like about
pouches is you can smush and squish them in between your packing cubes or in that
little bitty pocket of your suitcase that you have an open space in there’s
also this kind of organizer that rolls up but again I have another travel hack
for that that you can use the thing I like about this type of jewelry
organizer is they’re organized and the rubber bands are so tight that when
you shake them they will not get tangled the necklaces do not budge but I am a
minimalist when it comes to packing jewelry on a vacation I don’t take very
much at all I also do not think a passport organizer is necessary I got
this with my fly girls subscription subscription box as well and I’m gonna
donate it to someone it does have compartments but I just don’t think you
need it use those passports put them underneath your jeans in that or in the
lanyard passport holder keep those in another secure location and just safe
space you know when you were traveling somewhere and you want to treat yourself
to something I treated myself to an infinity scarf with a hidden pocket your
passport and your wallet or whatever you mean your I glasses they fit in this
hidden pocket so you are hands-free and you don’t have to worry about that love
these new things and there are like 30 different patterns if that interests you
now having a personal item bag that has organization inside it is helpful to a
lot of you let me tell you what I do not like about these two personal item bags
my weekender bag is a cavernous pit and it is all black on the inside so I need
to use bright pouches like this my tech organizer pouch I need to use bright
pouches like this inside those that one to see it it does hold a little more
than my usual backpack that I take when I travel but the backpack what I like
about that is that it has two sections so I’m not opening up the entire part to
just get my wallet my minimalist wallet pouch and my backpack has the inside
pockets but there are none that zip and I wish that my inside pockets zipped I
do like having the back pocket of stuff that I never need to even get to it’s
just an extension of my suitcase so I am mainly in my backpack just opening that
front pouch and for some reason sometimes I’m in the mood to just take
my backpack but then other times I’m in the mood to take my weekender bag my
weekender bag does fit over the suitcase handles which I
love because I’m a big fan of being hands-free in the airport but if your
bag gets checked in the belly of the plane you’re stuck having that weekender
bag on your shoulder so just something to think about and that little slip that
does fit over that suitcase handles it does have a pocket for like whatever
essentials you really need to get to and that’s where I could put my wallet I
guess okay you have a travel organizer share it with all of us below and I
really do appreciate your time and your smart thinking when you’re organizing
your packing inside your suitcase thanks again

23 thoughts on “Travel Organizers (What Works and Does Not)

  1. I find those little containers very handy too. If you're nice, places like Sephora, Nordstroms, and my favorite The Body Shop, will give you extra sample containers to take with you. The ones from the Body Shop are bigger and have a fantastic seal on them. They are great for storing a day's worth of pills, along with foundation, lotions, and oils. Thanks Laurie!

  2. Great tips ..Thank you
    I'm traveling to Virginia next week ..I ll pack heavier clothes/scarves and layers as I'm from so cal.and it s still kind warm

  3. Great video! One thing— I am wondering why you would recommend a pill travel case. I thought and have always been told that pills must be in original Rx bottles. Could you please clarify? Thank you.

  4. Liquids I pack in those TSA-friendly containers include: sunscreen, creme hair detangling, facial cleanser and lotion, and liquid foundation. Also, I have bought travel-sized, TSA-friendly set for Boston hard contacts (which contains cleaner, soaking solution and a contacts case). Great ideas, Laurie! Thanks! 😊

  5. I also have an electronics bag. This one is soft and very practical. I have a set of cords I keep in there and keep it in my carryon bag. Something less I need to pack. Thank you for all your clever ideas. I just went to NYC (carry-on only) . I had everything I needed and was even able to buy a few things and all fit. All thanks to many of your ideas! Take care of yourself and your puppy 🐶.

  6. Just wanted to compliment you on your delivery style. You are open, friendly and so informative without going on too much. That is a well honed skill. I always look forward to your videos as I learn so much. Thank you.

  7. I just pulled out my containers like that for shampoo and conditioner. The products inside (left from the last trip) sort of hardened and I can’t get them out. I’ve never had that happen before.

  8. Laurie, not sure if you ever cruised but if you plan to you may want to hold onto that gold passport holder. I have one similar but it has more interior pockets than yours and what goes in it for our cruises is in addition to our passports and Global Entry cards is our boarding passes for flights and cruise, cruise contract, cruise luggage tags, excursion confirmations, hotel confirmations, a pen and small note pad and if traveling to  an E, etc. country I like to travel with some of my destination currency on hand that is where that goes also.

  9. I love repurposing the little tin cans that Burt’s Bees sells with hand, cuticle and lip balm! They’re tiny and won’t spill a thing. Once they’re empty I fill them with a little bit of toothpaste and put them on my personal item so I can brush my teeth on a plain. I also store some Aquaphore or even some aspirinas! Best thing: they’re free and you’re not tossing them to the garbage.

  10. I just bought a Vera Bradley carryon bag- Grande Traveler. That thing is awesome- can't wait to use it for our 5 day and 7 day cruises coming up. You can check them out on QVC , Ebay, and Poshmark for cheaper prices.

  11. Have you tried the Lug Puddle Jumper or Lug Mini Puddle Jumper for personal items? I really like it as there are lots of compartments and not a huge cavernous bag to put personal items in. All the Lug purses and bags have a dedicated and soft-lined cell phone pocket on the outside which is handy. I use the mini for domestic flights and the regular size for international flights. They are available on QVC and a few on Amazon or other sites.

  12. I love your videos and have learned so much!! Great info! I have been traveling quite a bit between states because my mother is ill and keeping organized is key….you are so right about that. I use the contact lenses cases from Dollar General….they are about $2 and come in fun colors. I put serum on one side and face cream on the other. I have also done primer and liquid makeup….believe it or not it was enough space for 10 days in that tiny lens case. I just came across zip lock bags for travel. The just showed up in Wal-Mart with really cute prints and come in two sizes…..perfect for makeup brushes, cords, hairties/bobby pins, etc. They were on an end cap close to the area where all the papergoods are. Keep bringing us these great videos! Your puppy is adorable!!

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