Travelling and Improvements with ReSound Quattro

– Hi guys, it’s Michael from Aston Hearing and I’m back from holiday. I just recently went to Turkey and I’m going to give you a live review traveling with the ReSound Quattros and the charging case. So what I’m going to talk to you about is going through the airport,
going on the plane, and obviously the battery
life included in the rechargeable box and
the Quattros themself. Now going through airport security, I had no problems getting
the charging case through in my carry-on bag. I thought I’d have to show
them due to the inside design. It’s not like any other
portable charging case to what you’d normally find. But good news is that I had no problem getting this through even
with it all in the same box as all of my other technology. Now we went to Turkey,
so we went from Heathrow to Istanbul and then to
our final destination and I didn’t get asked
about my hearing aid at all apart from when I was in Istanbul. The security personnel that I was with going through Airport security; she only asked if I had
an operation on my ears and because she could
see the wire coming out. Normally, people don’t really notice but it’s their job to
be observant, of course. And I just said “No, it
is just my hearing aids.” and I took them out to show her and tried to explain that without them; I wouldn’t be able to
hear what she was saying, which she had no problem
with and that was that. On the plane, you might find that it is difficult to hear some people, especially the members
of staff in the aisles if your sitting next to
the window which I was. You can use your phone on the ReSound app to change the bass, middle, and treble to try and hear people more. But you cannot use that
during take-off or landing because that uses Bluetooth. Now moving on to battery
life and the charging box. I did do a full charge on the box and the hearing aids before we left. So I knew that I would have
no problem getting there. Now when we were there,
I did manually turn off my hearing aid for the whole week. And that just made it better and also I knew I’d have
enough battery leftover in the case for emergencies. Now I spent most of the time streaming through my hearing aid on the holiday; listening to audio books. And even with that, I still
had a full day of battery in my hearing aids. And the first charge of the battery from when I left, did
actually last for three days when I manually turned them off. Now if you manually turn
off your hearing aid you just need to press a button on the top of your hearing aid hold it down and I believe
it does say five seconds in the manual; but I always
keep the button pressed down till the hearing aid does turn off and that’s roughly around eight seconds. And then you can take
your hearing aids out. Obviously, if you were
using the charging case, you wouldn’t have to manually
turn off your hearing aid when you put the hearing aid into the case it does turn off and then turn on when you put the hearing aid back in. When you’re putting
the hearing aid back in from the charging case, it does take a couple of seconds. I have noticed it at times
about how I have got them in my ears; they are turned on. The hotel that we stayed at was a kind of party hotel though there was a pool and obviously loud music playing throughout the day. Nonstop. So you might find that
with the ReSound Quattros or any kind of hearing
aid that when you’re in that kind of environment for a certain length of time,
you do start to get a headache and you simply just want to
turn off your hearing aid. Now with the ReSound Quattros
and the app on your phone you can actually change, as I said before, the bass, middle, and treble to soften all of those loud sounds so that it’s more comfortable for you without actually having to
turn off your hearing aid which is much better,
especially if you’re on holiday with a group of people. Now what I’m going to talk a little bit about improvements that I’d like to see with the charging case especially if they do a second generation and also some improvement
on the Apple Software for future updates. Now with the ReSound charging case, I do have no problem with it myself; however, I do think
that with the indicators or where you put the
hearing aids in the case; that if you are doing it in the dark some people may struggle to
find where you need to put them. And simply using different material with the indicators to
make them glow in the dark or even parts of the case itself it would make it much easier for someone to put the hearing aid in
the charging case at night. One of my favorite parts
about the charging case is that there is a part for
your speaker wires to go and as I got custom molds on mine, it does look rather slick when it’s all in the charging case. One of the other things
that I would like to see hopefully in the next
update on the charging case is a button that you can press just to get those indicators lighting up. They do come up when you put
the hearing aid in the case and shows you how much charge is in them but it would be nice to get that up at any point in time. Now to check your hearing
aid when they are charging, you can look in the ReSound
app in the status menu, in the status page and that will show you the length, the percent of a charge
that is in the hearing aid at that moment in time as well. One of the updates I’ve been looking for in Apple Software is the ability to seamlessly transfer your hearing aid from your iPhone or your main device to a secondary device such as an iPad and so you can stream
music or watch videos from a different device. At the moment, you are supposed
to be allowed to do it, but it doesn’t work as it should and I do recommend to
clients that I talk to, to only connect the hearing aid to the main device that
they will be using. You can use the hearing aids on a secondary device, but I recommend taking the hearing aids
off the main device and then setting them up on
the secondary device manually. You would just have to do that vice versa when you want to change back. So that’s all I got time for today. Next week I will be doing
a different kind of video but I will definitely bring you an update on the ReSound Quattros
then if I find anything or have any problems and
I will let you guys know what could help you out the most when you get your hands
on the ReSound Quattros.

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