Travelling from Lorient to Roscoff & ⛴Roscoff/Plymouth Crossing with Brittany Ferries.

Well, good morning. C’est dimanche. It’s Sunday. We had our last gigs at Lorient festival yesterday and today we’ve got to go home, so I’m just in the hotel room, here, packing up. Our check-out time is 11:30, which I didn’t realise until about an hour ago, haa, so it’s been panic-stations, here, trying to get ready. The invisible boyfriend had to leave the car in a multi-story car park, because there was just nowhere to park, so it’s been there for days, so he’s gone to get that, and I’m just packing up the last bits in the room. As you might know, if you follow my channel, Isabel has stayed with my Dad for these five days that I’ve been away in France because it just absolutely wasn’t practical to be able to have her here, financially, or any other way, um, but she occasionally does self-tape auditions because she would love, love, love to do some acting work one day, so one of those came in while I was away, and my dad had to do it with her, and I’ve just watched it. He’s emailed it to me and they’ve both done a brilliant job together. Izzy’s filmed it on her smart phone and, so I’ve just been transferring that over to her agent. Ta daaa! And with two minutes to spare, I’ve managed to pack everything. It’s raining today. Can you hear those bagpipes? You know you’re in Lorient when you hear bagpipes on a Sunday morning. (distant pipe playing) The boys are back: they’ve had some kind of ordeal or other, getting in to the car-park which was locked. I don’t know how they got in. They didn’t tell me that, but er, anyway, they are back with the car and we’re about to leave. I’m just doing an idiot check. Me and Izzy do quite a lot of idiot checks. Idiot check complete. Ding! The only thing I found was this mysterious bit of string. Where could that have come from? No. Nobody knows what that is. We’re looking for somewhere to park the car. The invisible boyfriend wants me to get him a souvenir plastic cup with the year of Wales on it. Don’t know how I’m gonna manage that, but cos they normally come with the drinks in them. Well, I’ve tried the first bar. I’ve realised why Invisible Boyfriend has sent me on this mission. It’s because he doesn’t want to have to explain it in French that he just wants the plastic cup without the drink in it, cos it’s a bit… you know… out of the ordinary. But anyway, tried that bar and they only had the little ones, but he did understand me. Had some luck here in the Scottish tent. Thank you, Scotland for coming up with the goods! (laughs) We got a little bit lost there, for a moment, didn’t we, Dan? [Dan] Er, no we didn’t. (laughs) (fake coughs) Not at all. So… [Dan] No panic was involved. No, we’re not like, just retracing our steps to be on the safe side, or anything. We’re just, um, setting the route now, in the satnav. Well, just HAVE set it. And we’re off: we’re going via Quimper for a bit of lunch. That’ll be nice, won’t it? We got a bit wet. It started to really chuck it down just as we were coming back. Au revoir, Lorient. I wonder if we’ll be back next year. Dunno. The boys have just elaborated on their car-park tale. When they arrived, it was all locked, but they er, found a lower entrance, er, with an intercom, pressed a button and a lady came and opened the cage up for them, and then it was all fine, but they had a moment of terror! We’re in Quimper. That sushi restaurant is yucky, apparently. There’s a couscousserie, there. They specialise in cous cous by the look of it! I’m not that keen on cous cous. That’s a bit of a gorgeous building. What’s that over there? That’s gorgeous! [Invisible Boyfriend] Dunno. [Imo] (in Welsh accent) It’s gorgeous, it is. We’ve got some tree-cosies going on again, look. Oh, look at that architecture! Wowee! (church bells toll) [Dan] (on car-parks) One of them was ferme; one of them was ouvert. [IB] Oh, well let’s chose the ouvert then, shall we? We’re having quite an interesting time trying to navigate the roads. There’s a fayre or something, here. Parking is er, proving a little challenging. [Dan] There aren’t any spaces. [Imo] We’ve found a car-park. Yey! Oh. It’s full. OK. The car park’s full. We got stuck in a queue to get out. Now we’re moving again. [IB] No left turn, Dan. Another very beautiful building, over there. The traffic’s a bit heavy. Oh, it’s a museum. Well, it looks like a very lovely place out there, only, the thing is we’re all stuck in the car! Can’t get out! I think we’re gonna look for something a bit off the beaten track, cos this is just crazy. We’re trying another car-park. Are we having some luck, Dan? [Dan] Only if somebody doesn’t steal the space while I’m here. [Imo] I think that is a, is a maybe. Aw, look at that one. It’s over the line! Well done, Dan! You got us here in one piece. OK, roll on bit of grub and a coffee, then. That’s gorgeous. Don’t know what it is, but it’s very lovely. Uh oh: vlog-lag. Look at this stunning display! There’s le grande biciclette. There’s a cathedral, look. Look at this stunning spectacle. Just coming to have a closer look at this masonry, here. Think I’m getting left behind: it’s the vlog-lag again. (calls) OK, coming! Cor! Look at it! What a sight! That’s absolutely amazing. I wonder how old it is? Cor! Stunning. OK, principal objective is find somewhere to have some food and drink and a wee wee, if I’m honest. And then after that we’re gonna try and have a look in that beautiful cathedral, if we can. What age do we suppose these buildings are look, with those over-hangs, there, and the external timber frame? Couldn’t be medieval, surely, could it? There’s another one there, directly opposite. And here, look. I’m right under one, in fact. Cor, I can’t get over these buildings! They really are astonishing. This one here! That’s the colour my loft was, when I first moved in: yellow walls and blue timber. I painted over it. We’re gonna have something here. The seats are a bit wet, so we’re giving them a bit of a wipe, from the rain. The menu is here. I’ve just learned that a croq’ is a toastie. (chuckles) Nothing to do with crocodiles or like, synthetic footwear. [IB] Ananas? (to IB) It’s probably a pineapple is it? [Dan] Ah, it’s pineapple, yeh. [IB] Oh yeh, pineapple. [Imo] Er, we’re trying to translate the menu here. I’m trying to decide if this is most likely gonna be goats’ cheese, tomatoes… [Dan] Or actual goat. [Imo] or actual, you know, goat. I’m not sure. I might have to ask the lady. We have successfully placed our order. I managed to ask her was the goat thingy the animal or the milk…the cheese, and er, yeah, I think she was slightly amused, but she was very restrained. Confirmed it was goat’s cheese. So I’ve got that coming with some chips and salad. [IB] Not filet of goat. No, not filets of goat. (Dan laughs) Les cafés sont arrivés. [IB] Wow! [Imo] (to IB) Are you having some? [IB] That is strong. Yeah. [Imo] Oh, there was a handle on that: I didn’t notice. [IB] That’s strong. [Imo] Here it is! Croq’ chevre. We were expecting a really long wait, but they’ve actually cracked on really quickly with it. Mid-meal update: it’s blinkin’ lush! We’re all fed and coffeed now. We spent a little bit longer than we anticipated in that cafe, so we haven’t got time to look at the cathedral. We’re heading back to the car, so we can get back on the road towards the ferry-port. We’re coming back past these gorgeous flowers again so I had to whip the camera out quickly and get ’em for you. Ooh, look! I’ll go quick! I’ll go quick! We’re on a time constraint now, cos of, obviously, the ferry, but ah! It’s so lovely! So lovely! What a feast for the eyes. Ahh. Felt like I just had a little minute-long holiday then, doing that. Ha ha! Back onto the pavement again, then, we go. Look at this old telly here, in the hairdressers! Cor! Does that take you back? I had my little portable black and white telly with a dial to change the channels til after Izzy was born. I hung onto that one. Oh. Dan just nearly got run over, ahead. Looking the wrong way, I think. Oh no! It was a green man and the car just went anyway. Well, that wasn’t his fault. That crossing there. It went to a red man then, when I was crossing and I just ran in panic, Ha ha ha! across! What an absolutely beautiful town. That’s er, one of the things with being a musician. People do sort of say, “Oh, you get to see interesting places.” and yes, you do, but quite often you’re sort of shooting through it quickly, or you’re just so preoccupied with your schedule and all your commitments that you’ve got, and making sure that you pace yourself so that you’re not exhausted when you have to get up on stage. I mean that’s… that’s quite a thing – pacing yourself. There was so much to do at the festival; so many amazing bands; so many music sessions to play in, I could have just cloned myself into ten Imos and gone and done all those things and it would have been so enriching and amazing, but if I’d have tried to do more than I did, I just wouldn’t have had the energy to do the gigs and put all my attention into them and focus. You’ve just got to pace yourself. Anyway, what a lovely place. I do like a good train. Unfortunately, I haven’t got time to go over and get some gratuitous train shots on camera. But there are some. They look quite big, too! I wonder if they’re double-decker? I’ve never been on a double-decker train. But I really, really, really want to! But anyway, got all the excitement of the ferry to look forward to, so that’s OK! We’re back at the car, now. Look how close we are to those gorgeous trains! Don’t they look handsome? Err, oh no, me cellotape’s falling out. Satnav set. Not a lot of spare time. Let’s go. [IB] Maybe 20 minutes. [Imo] Bye bye, trains! Going over a railway line, here. Wheeeeh! I’m doing this on my phone. My camera has suddenly decided it’s internal database is full, so I’m gonna have to try and sort that out. Have laptop out. There’s my vlog footage so far, from today. I’m just transferring that over first, in case I accidentally delete the whole lot off. Look, 102 clips already, just from today. Importing… importing… Here we are. That’s what it does. That’s the warning that comes up on the screen, so I’m gonna Google now what to do. Well, I got impatient with trying to find what to do on my phone. Just… nothing seemed to be coming up that was relevant, so I’m just formatting my er… (mumbles, distracted) it says all of everything will be deleted so… that’s OK, cos I’ve just put it on my laptop. Let’s see what happens. Testing… testing… Yey! It’s working! Ooo! Clever me!! Sorting that out all on my own in the back of the car. I’ve come out for a little walk. All the cars are completely stationary as you can see. I think that might be our boat over there. I was gonna ask one of the people in the high vis jackets how long they thought we’d be sat here for, because the lads would like to go for a coffee, really. But we’re scared to leave the car in case they start moving, but then, just as I was about to ask, I saw that the traffic was indeed moving, and so I panicked and came scampering back to the car, but now we’re just still stuck here, so I don’t know what to do, now. [IB] Scampering?! I WAS scampering. I say scampering. Wouldn’t you say scampering? Well, you know, there’s different ways of running, and I was definitely scampering. [IB] Small rodents scamper. And Imos also scamper. (Dan laughs) That’s Dan’s impression of me scampering. (they laugh) Ahhh, we’ve moved – look at that! We’ve gone through passport control. At last. This has been a long process, this has. (lots of big bangs and chit chat from the boys) Cor! What a racket! (more loud bangs) They’re tethering the bikes down. There’s a blue paddy thing on the top, look, that they’re using so the strap doesn’t dig in too hard. At the top of the ramp, now. And, we’re in! Oh yeah! Just er, got on. The boys are having wee wees, so I’m just waiting here by the stairs. First stop on the boat, I’m afraid. Now, it might seem on the vlog that we’ve only just eaten a huge meal, but it was actually many, many hours ago. And there’s a vegetarian option. Ravioli! Which I’m gonna go for, because I’m feeling terrible guilt about the amount of fish and dairy that I’ve consumed in the last five days. We’ve done some serious face-stuffing on this trip, and it’s about to continue. We just started to move. I’ve had a good old scoff, now. I’m about to head out and just go on deck for a bit. Ooof! It certainly feels cooler out here than I have felt all week. And windier! (laughs) Blimey! I think I’d better hold on to the camera! I’m getting nearly blown away! Oh, this is the back of the ship. So, I’ve no concept even of what direction this boat’s going in. Except I have now, cos look! Those cars look a bit higgledy-piggldy at the end there! What’s going on? Is that normal?! I suppose it must be. Well, that was cool. I’m gonna go and find the boys again, now. It’s a bit chilly without a jumper, to be honest. I’m exploring the boat. There’s a cinema on the boat. I didn’t realise that. They’re watching Incredibles 2 in there. I passed by a very fun looking toddler’s area just now, which I obviously didn’t film, cos it was full of toddlers. It was like soft play: really small area, but it was soft play, and they had some colouring activities and things going on. This is the shops, here. I’ve got my jumper on, now. I wanted to stand and stare at the water swooshing about, but not if I was freezing. Ooof! There’s that icy blast, again! Whoooooaaahh! It’s a bit uppy and downy! Going up! Last time I came here it was dark! And I was getting a bit over excited then, I was. There’s a car down there with its lights flashing. We’re getting in at 11:30pm, now, with the delay that we’ve had. There’s a seagull up there, it looks like it’s… actually… where is he? Come here, seagull. It’s flapping away, but it’s actually moving the same speed as the ship, so it looks like it’s just flying in mid air. Ha ha ha! I’m just looking over the side, here. I could stare at that all day. It’s mesmeric. Is that a word? Mesmerising. Is mesmeric a word? Questioning myself, now, and my own vocabulary. I think I’ll stay out here for a little bit longer. Magician’s show going on, there. Loads of little children watching. Parked up now for the evening by here. It’s getting pretty late in the journey, now. Some people are going to great lengths to get some sleep. Are you all right in there, Dan? (Dan giggles!) We’ll be docking in about 20 minutes. I’ve just come up on deck to have a look at the lights in the distance, there in Plymouth. Well, it’s pretty late. We’ve had a long day. We’ve still got a good three hours’ drive after we eventually get off the boat, which’ll probably be about midnight. So I expect we’ll get in about three, but I’m gonna end the vlog there. Thank you so much for joining me today on my travelling day. Don’t forget to give the video a like if you liked it, cos it really helps the channel to grow. Comment down your thoughts below and hit the subscribe button to follow more adventures. See you in the next one. Byeee! (PA announcement in French and the boys chatting) (I write closed captions for all my vlogs) (Thanks for reading! Imo x)

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  1. The seagulls were stalking the ship! The cathedral was beautiful. The vlog lag was worth it. Welcome home and thanks for taking us along for your adventure. Keep us posted on Izzy's audition.

  2. We love those tree cosies! Can you imagine whoever thought of it putting the first few on…people would looking at them stitching them around the tree wondering "What the heck?" Hahaha. Mezmeric is a word, we googled it, lol. Congrats again on the gig, your videos made it look like a great week and showed us a glimpse of a place we've never been, so awesome thanks 🙂

  3. I think you should do more Brittany Ferries ⛴ vlogs but you may think it would be extremely expensive but if you join the club voyage “ to get lots of trips a lot cheaper and get onboard discounts

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