Travelling to #LumiereDurham 2019? Use Park and Ride or public transport

This year, again, we welcome back Lumiere
to Durham City. This time we actually have lots of people’s favourite installations
coming back, so bigger and more popular than ever. We will be putting lots of measures
in place to make sure that people can enjoy the event and we cause the minimum disruption
possible, to people who work and come to the city every day. As usual to prepare for all the crowds coming
later on we will be closing many roads, so North Road, Claypath will be closed from two
pm. We will also be preventing access to vehicles on the Peninsular from one o’ clock. Just
to make sure that we get everything in place. After that we will be putting a ticketing
arrangement in place for people coming on foot. That will be in the Peninsula, in the
historic area, and that goes on from four-thirty to approximately seven-thirty, depending on
how big the crowds are. But please don’t forget the reason that
we ticket the Peninsula is simply because it is the most crowded and most confined area.
There is lots of things around the city for people to see, so perhaps you want to come
and see those first and come to the Peninsula later on.
As usual if you are coming by car the best option is to come by park and ride. We have got three access sites on the go this
year. The sites will be opening on the Sunday, open until late at night so the last bus will
leave Durham at eleven-thirty. If you are a regular park and ride user you need to be
aware that the service will change at two o clock on the event days, and that is simply
because some of the streets are closing. If you want to stay later, please do so, and
get a taxi back to the site as well. With the closures of North Road and Claypath,
that will effect normal bus users. So, if you come into the city as normal during the
event, please be aware that your normal bus stop may change. Lots of information out there,
particularly at the bus shelters that you normally use. As usual we are providing lots of information
for people to come and enjoy their, their visit to Durham and also information for people
who regularly use the city. Lots of information on our website, please have a look before
you come to the event. And for the first time this year, there will be an app which we would
encourage people to download before they come.

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