100 thoughts on “Triumph FLEW me to Arizona to test ride their 2020 bikes! DREAM come true!

  1. Triumph made my dreams come true with this trip!! Riding my DREAM bikes on my DREAM roads (desert mountain roads!!) and meeting so many people I fan girl'd on! Wanna see a video on what I though about the Street Triple RS 765cc and the Thruxton RS soon? Comment below! 😀

    Want to see my riding journey from DAY ONE to now? Check this out:
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  2. Keep up the good work and dont worry about dropping a bike, we ALL have done it at least twice. As for La Paloma my wife and I stayed there in 1990 and 1994. It is a great place.

  3. Really cool story! Glad you enjoyed yourself. I've always been a big 4 person myself, but if I do decide to pull the trigger on another one, particularly for style over speed, I may consider Triumph.

    As far as your drops go, that's a small price to pay to get the brand out there. Even 1 bike sold because of your channel…guess who's getting a followup 😉

  4. You, and your videos are very real, which is why we all love 'em. That Rocket had to be intimidating for a wee bit of a lass like you :-). It will all come to you in time though… the experience, and confidence, and balance, and finesse; not so much muscle… A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor anyway… :-). North Ga. fan… 5***

  5. So cool Doodle!! I can feel your excitement, congratulations on being chosen to test ride your favorite motorcycle! Thanks for sharing!

  6. You are a real biker Doodle and a real Triumph enthusiast. That's why they chose you. You deserved the invite. At least you got their attention, they'll call you again next year. 👍

  7. Was thinking, if you can get a hold of another bike, lighter and off-road type that is a tippy toe experience for you, practice coming to a stop – commit to a side beforehand and slide a butt cheek off the seat that side. Even the ball of your foot down is enough to keep the bike upright. Flat footing is not required and a false sense of security anyway – if the bike isn’t balanced by you it becomes a weight battle you often lose. Also, fear interferes with our playfulness and natural acrobatic/balance skills. You’ve already proven you can handle an 800lb bike at slow speeds. So treat the bike as something you can be all over and still maintain its balance.

    In my recent experience my Ducati sports bike scared me on so many levels. After a year and riding my old BMW off-road single a lot my confidence and previously solid skills are returning. I treat both bikes now as fun, but serious toys. For me that’s the key; fun and knowing I have the inherent skills to read the bike and deal with situations.

  8. Hey Doodle im 5 7 and I struggle a bit with my ducati monster to so don't be hard on your self! Maybe hit the weights at the gym! Like you said in a past video….Get Swole!!!!!! lol

  9. Stuff happens. So glad you were able to overcome it and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Also loved the production on this video. The music was exceptionally well chosen and the narration to overcome the audio capture was well executed. Keep being you! Your honesty and candor is refreshing and who cares if you have the latest camera or make mistakes. We're all human!

  10. So much fun. Doodle has made it to the big time! That Thruxton is probably the hottest bike I've ever seen.

    About the tippy toes, I'm 5'5", and on my dual sport I slide my butt off the side and just have one foot firmly planted when I stop. Then I just hop up and let the bike grab me when I get going again.

  11. Tip from short guy who likes tall adventure bikes. You need to have only one foot down to keep bike up, no tip toeing after you get it:) And bike is even more stable that way.

  12. Great vid, it's all good (dropped bikes), I have a feeling you'll still be in good standing with Triumph. Honesty is a great virtue every company should be enriched by which you showed in your vid.

  13. Doodle. Always love your videos but I have to say I am pretty shocked they would give you a Rocket III right out of the gate. That's a pretty big, massive machine. I do give you credit for attempting to ride it though.. that takes guts (and especially in front of all those people & v loggers). But – looks like it was a great trip and such an amazing opportunity. I guess I am a little jealous, LOL. Just bought my first Triumph (Tiger 1200) but Winter up north here is just not cooperating yet! Ugh. Have not even been able to ride it yet… hopefully in 4 weeks or so :-).

  14. Really nice of you to mention all those fellow YouTubers, most of them I had never heard of, I will be checking some of them out. You're still my fave tho.

  15. Congrats Doodle! I would have lost my mind being there.. amazing experience! It's not dropping the bike that they should remember.. it's that you got back on.

  16. You are doing our industry a massive favor by getting new riders stoked about motorcycles. If your travels ever take you to Vancouver BC swing by Trev Deeley Motorcycles and we can get you on some of our beasts. Anyone can dump a bike but it takes real courage to admit it and get back on the horse! Great work!!!

  17. Life is about experience, by all accounts this is one to remember… u look very happy =)
    As for dropping a bike, who cares… Chalk it up learn from it & moved past it.

  18. Good stuff! I am loving the 2020 Striple RS… Such a fun bike… Can't wait till we get the stock ECU mapping pulled so we can load it into TuneECU and put on the new exhaust and toss it on a dyno and get it tuned properly. Luckily the stock pipe on the 20 RS is about the best sounding stock pipe I have ever heard, so it doesn't bother me too much to have to wait…

    As for dropping a bike… Meh, we have all done it. I had a Super Duke 990 and had it on a rear stand, put on the Leo Vince dual cans, nice CRG levers and bar end mirrors and got it just the way I wanted it, took it off the rear stand and forgot to put the kickstand down… BAM! Smashed the brand new mirror and scratched the left side muffler I had just installed. Woops.

  19. That Rocket is HUGE. So far only saw Snowcat's video on that event, and he seemed intimidated by dirt for good reason. I dropped my XS750 twice in a row at an intersection in Oxnard, remember every embarrassing detail, and lots of other times, so far in second newbie haven't dropped the Grom or TU250X once due to weight (it's why I chose them).

  20. Doodle, thank you for sharing this video and for your honesty. It takes guts to admit your goofs and voice your insecurities. You, my lady, are brave and true and you rock! I love you, my riding sista even though we will only talk on YouTube.

  21. Just a tip: The skin breakouts are due to oxidizing oils from inside the body, such as the blood. Cooking oils, frying, oiling sauces, etc. Cut all the oils, use butter or lard for frying (lower heat). Remember it's oxidation from the bloodstream trying to get out, not from the outside trying to get in.

  22. Doodle that is so freaking AWESOME! Huge congratulations I mean that’s something you’ll always have as a story to tell well into your later years. I have a feeling this is just the start of even bigger things coming for you. A little drop here and there – those bikes can take it. ROCK ON!

  23. How cool for you! I thought snowcat had died. He was the first motovlogger I subscrbed to. Haven't seen anything from him in a while.

  24. Where is this 2020 speed triple? I am a triumph fanboy. If they don't release the speedy I'm gonna just get the Bonneville ace lol

  25. Congratulations Doodle on getting to go ride the new Triumph Motorcycles. Don’t fret that you dropped the Rocket 3 and Thruxton. I’m sure others have done the same thing. Keep up the great content

  26. I'm glad you had fun during the ride. Yes, someone at Triumph knew you, in order for you to be included. It's always frustrating to drop a bike, but you aren't the first and won't be the last. I doubt a low speed drop would ban you from being invited to future events, as everyone knows this sometimes happens when people ride bikes they are not familiar with. In fact, I had almost the exact same thing happen to me a few days ago (backing up a new motorcycle I was test riding slightly uphill and one foot slipped on gravel). Thankfully I did not loose my balance and drop the bike, but I knew I had a close call. I commend you on vowing to improve this aspect of motorcycle operation, but honestly, sometimes these things can't be prevented. In any case, you are now a celebrity and this exposure should help you continue to increase your presence on YouTube. Congratulations!!!

  27. I had no idea you were here in town! Isn’t that ride up Mt. Lemmon awesome? It’s a little more difficult on a bicycle though!

  28. The way these things work is they work out how much the coverage they get for their bikes is worth and of course they want positive interaction,, so I love your coverage of the event and I think Triumph are great for inviting you to their promo event to ride their cool bikes and they most definitely invite you back again. That should be enough positive comments to more than cover the cost of the bikes. 😉
    Seriously don't get fixated by dropping the bikes, bit of a dent to the confidence, but we've all been there, I once fell of my bike at a standstill, I didn't realise I'd parked on a slope and when I put my foot down it went further than I expected, followed by me and then the bike, I've also worked on automotive PR events and you should see what experienced Journalists do to the cars.

  29. You are an amazing person You are not afraid to be and show your real self, no matter what people might think You have more heart than most people I know In my opinion, the other motovloggers should consider themselves lucky that they got to meet you in person Thanks for being yourself Ride safe Bye

  30. You were living my dream too…riding through the Arizona desert. Except for the dropping the bike part :0.
    Don't sweat it, bikes have been dropped millions of times on test rides.

  31. After 55 years of riding, if I find a tall bike I like I lower it. I have a 29 inch inseam. I like having my feet flat on a stop. Make the bike fit you. A good suspension shop can make most bikes into your favorite bike.

  32. Awesome job your were glowing I can tell and don't worry about dropping the bike it's part of growing up

  33. Great video… So glad that you were able to attend and that you enjoyed yourself for the most part. #goodstuff 😊👋🏾.

  34. Hey Doodle. If you were riding dangerously, Triumph might strike you off of their list. But a simple drop is not unexpected when you put a group of people on bikes they aren't used to. Glad you are okay though.. that's the important part.

  35. Trying to ride a bike and tiptoeing when you stop isn’t an ideal situation for anyone. It’s always best to get your bike fitted to your height.

    Part of the reason that companies are starting to invite more woman out to days like these rides is because they want more woman riders. So if anything, they will start making bikes that will be catering to that market. I mean most woman ride cruisers because they’re easier to get on and flat foot. But if the companies want more woman customers they need to make it easier for woman to enjoy riding in comfort (well kinda. Sport bikes are never about comfort.)

    Just my two cents.

    But stoked you got to go and had a blast 😎

  36. 😂really, D., a walking u-turn? I feel so bad for you right now😂 it's all good tho,at least you had fun…

    PS: did u really admit forgetting to put on deep deodorant? That was funny too…. Bet you keep your company full of laughter hanging with you all day ✔

  37. Wonderful !!! What an opportunity !! No matter that you dropped those two bikes…. at least you did it honestly…. I like your solution,, …Learn how to manage any bike in stock form .. Good !! Meeting all your fellow Vloggers and all in that beautiful setting comes up as what must be a lifetime experience… Exciting Exciting.. Great Vlog !!

  38. A French journalist expert in riding got off the road while testing the Rocket 3 at the Triumph grand testing event in Tenerife last November. He underestimated the weight of the bike when he entered a curve at high speed, even the Brembo brakes couldn't help. They sent him to the hospital for a surgery.

  39. I like to wear big ol work boots for the extra height. I'm 5'11 and I still drop my Yamaha Fz1 once a month like a big ol tard. In fact I dropped it today. LOL

  40. Look up a you tuber named Jocelyn Snow, she is a super petite woman and drives a BMW GS like nobody’s business. Yeah, BMW. But she oughta be a resource and ally.

  41. Hi Doodle, Hmmm, I wouldn't muck around with your seat height of your Triple. You might invest in a pair of lace-up boots with additional crepe soul material added to increase height. It's vocational rehabilitation for people that may have one leg shorter than the other, as an example. Shoe Repair stores can easily do this addition.Adds a little bit of weight, but since one is riding than no matter. On cosmetics, check out Elisabeth Grant Cosmetics and her story, on-line. I love being in Apacheria. I'm glad you had a nice time.

  42. I’ve dropped my tiny BMW G310R twice, in the parking lot at work. And I have two feet flat on the ground …

  43. Great video. You know what, at least you're REAL. So what that you dropped the bike. You actually inspire so many that have the fear of riding or dropping the bike. By the way, Jerry LOVES DUCK WALKING (: (I'm actually doing his program via his videos). I watch a lot of videos and your definitely at the top of the list! Keep it up.

  44. About dropping a bike or even doing a booboo in a crowded place. Here's how I deal with tricky maneuvers. I blank all exterior eyes, because it them that you fear if you mess up. Try it next time and you'll have a 100% of your skills. BTW there's nothing wrong in passing on a bike that looks like it going to be awkward for you.

  45. Great video, your enthusiasm is so infectious. Well done, you. And well done Triumph for inviting you! 👍🏻👍🏻

  46. Your excitement is infectious. My bike is in winter storage. We had storm Ciara, Dennis and now Jorge. But I'm excited because of you. Thank you🤗🤗👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾💯

    P.s. If triumph don't get in touch with you on their next event. I will spam them. Hahahah

  47. Your photo choice: "the eyes won it" deep down that was my choice. Admitting that you dropped the bikes is fantastic. Shows that we are all human. Very very happy you got
    selected. No one would be more honest than you.

  48. Frankly,,you have a refreshing honesty that more than compensates for audio glitches and camera footage not being as good as you would wish. Also, you fully deserved to be there: more so than a couple of other 'full of themselves' lady riders who do not even ride or support the brand.

  49. Remember me, Haha now whom you want to sponsor you? I can ask anyone😂😂😂🌸👍🏻🤘🏻🙏🏻

  50. I love your honesty.. it is a very rare commodity in this day and age and I really appreciate it. You are being too hard on yourself.. In the motorcycle world there are those who have dropped their bike and then those who WILL drop their bike… I am sure they will re-invite you next year.

  51. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAYL5H46QnQ
    I think this relates to your journey)))

    Triumph: here's one for free
    Doodle: i threw it on the ground!

  52. Doodle: "I saw all these amazing people at the Triumph meet up. They were amazing!!!"
    Others at the Triumph meet up: "I saw Doodle at the Triumph meet up. She was so amazing!!!"
    A couple others at the meet up: "I was so glad Doodle dropped the bike first. It took so much of the pressure of the rest of us."

  53. Very cool!
    Must have been a blast.
    Well deserved invite, after following your channel for a while you have been a huge promoter of the brand.

  54. Great vlog I've been on the ground before nobody is perfect you learn from your mistakes and fix them and never get in a rush that's where accidents happen

  55. That was refreshingly different and honest. I have to say you’re really brave, even editing in the “no makeup” close ups, and the whole bike drops and u-turn issues. Bravo!

  56. Great video. Being a triumph fan boy and an introvert, this video hit a little close to home. Drop a bike or not… y’r living the dream.

  57. You drop it because you worry about dropping it. Easy to say I know, but I was always taught that the bike isn't really yours until you have dropped it. You need to just spend some time pushing your bikes around. Get used to how they feel. How best to hold them. Where the weight is. Biggest thing is practise. Practise when you don't need to do it. Practise on your own. Don't do it under pressure. Dropping a bike is not a crime. Everyone does it.

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