92 thoughts on “Tucker: Should America help caravan migrants?

  1. Look how they have treated American indigenous people when they were looking to save the area they own . The system put a pipeline and ended up ruining the water . The scare tactics used are shocking

  2. "Should America help caravan migrants?". The answer is YES. ABSOLUTELY. Hire more ICE agents and step up the raids. Thoroughly check every single employments.

  3. History repeats.the same happened to rome,America wake up the west needs to open their eyes too we are to comfortable and complacent,our next generation are in trouble their standards of living are in danger thanks to us burying our heads in the sand.

  4. No help!!! They can stay in their own country and build it up. Like we built ours up!!! NO HELP BUILD THE WALL BUILD IT TALL BUILD IT HIGH TO THE SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. to all of those who want open boarders, go home and rip off your front and back doors and blow down your walls. Let the caravan go in your house and financially support them.

  6. I'm fixing to organize a group…I do not make enough to support my family now…I do not want anymore Taxes taken from my check to support those illeagals..

  7. So this is how so many view the world! A hatred and prejudice for people who are from a different culture or speak a different language yet this same country was built upon the people who so many show hate towards Great has now become replaced with hate!

  8. Make the border wall Slippery and electrify it so no one would touch it. Put barbwires on top of the border and put 2 walls so if they cross 1 border theyd be trapped between the 2 walls then Throw tear gas between the walls so they would not go back, Then when they pass out send them back in mexico. So put 2 walls and when a person jumps over the one border theyd be trapped then throw tear gas in it. Let the walls really hot so when they touch it they will burn. Let helicopters Fly over the borders with snipers then shoot the people

  9. How is it racist? When did having rights to do what you want as a president suddenly become racist?

    Edit: its like mexicans want to own America and they act like they were born in america and was sent to a different country and now wants to go back to america.

  10. I will gladly help by donating boxes of 9mm to anyone willing to stand at the borders use the ammo on these invaders before they set foot on our soil.

  11. I don't see why we should take care of those refugees. Its not our responsibility. This whole caravan problem was forced on us. Pelosi just needs more immigrants to cut her lawns, as if theyre weren't enough of them already here.

  12. Help what??hell yes help throw them back into MEXICO with people who talk the talk, walk the walk ,look the look and cook and eat the same food as they do

  13. Shut down Mexico and problem solved. You do that by shutting down the border no one in no one out close em down. If that don't work then you use moabs lots of em. Get all the politicians and drug dealers there all the same

  14. H E L L. N O, never ever help these scammers,they are in MEXICO, where they BROKE IN, they are MEXICOS PROBLEM,with their tons of BABIES and gangster young MENS

  15. Why should the u s help lawbreakers? why? The u s citizens NEEDS HELP, mexicos, problem NOT THE U S,they are very baaaaad LAWBREAKERS,breaking into country after country, they act like MONSTERS

  16. Why does he squint?
    We need these people to Help Keep America Great.
    Rebuilding after the Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Storms Our Country has recently suffered needs, Hard Working people. Most Americans just aren't into that.
    I hire only people that know how to labor hard, and I pay them very well when they do. Immigrants fit the mold. Do you know any American that would trek 3000 miles for a job? Answer: No.

  17. China's doing great thanks for watching me posted every day and you're spending money on what should we have a railway through South America but the message getting past so people can stay at home

  18. Oh, Hell NO!!! They need deported..no other President enforced immigration laws but now we have PRESIDENT TRUMP…Native American, come on don't use these people..to make a point. Thousands died..we have 5 illegal to had afflictions upon entry to USA.. separation is used in the USA..wake up..ask Dept. Of human service, foster parents services, how many children are separated from their american parents due to breaking the law. A double standard, where is the sympathy for those parents?? The illegals broke the law upon illegal entry to the USA..

  19. These immigrants are draining our country. Billions of dollars are spent on these leeches to keep them here. Democrats says it’s racist. Has nothing to do with race. It’s about this country has laws and these people are breaking them. The kids being separated from their parents is because of the parents trying to come here illegally

  20. No no no no no America help their own people they should always come first a lot of Americans are down on their luck and needs help BAD

  21. Illegal start sleeping in suburbs and sleeping on people's Lawns and eating out the trash cans and break it in they Rich homes then they'll stop this s***

  22. both political parties are destroying this country. Trump and a few others are fighting to save this country.

  23. Those people are not missing any meals. There is just to much fat there and lord only know we have to many fat people in America already. Every other person I think is fat as hell.

  24. No .Help our poor and homeless frist , ever our misleadDemacrat brothers and sisters need to come frist.

  25. nobody i know who are my friends or family are addicted to the drugs they import, in fact id like to deport all drug users in america, that is how u make america great again!

  26. I grew up around guatemalans & el salvadorans, and trust me when I tell you … all these douche bags are good for is being obnoxious disrespectful assholes. Don't let them in.

  27. No, They Should Go Back Home To There Own Country and Seek The Help that they Need. It Is Not The Responsibility Of America to Help Them.

  28. We have a million homeless Americans. 1 in 5 children and 1 in 7 seniors goes hungry in the US and that is only the beginning of issues we have. Where is the outrage about Americas children? All I hear about is the children in the caravans and how unacceptable it is for their children.

  29. No we shouldn't help them because there is going to be a lot more coming 🇺🇸 is going to turn into another Mexico

  30. Don't compare this horde to native American Indians remember native Indians were already here talking care of America now look at it people coming in and messing it up keep this horde out

  31. She's an obvious moron…and this is all by design. Check out the Kalergi Plan and learn how this destruction of Western Nations has been planned since the 1920's-1930's. It's not an accident, it's by design.

  32. Central America all the people there most of them are coming to get welfare they don't have documents to show they can support themselves and get a professional job.

  33. We do N'T need them here!!!! We have pe ople of our own to take care of. Not these free loaders and all the sickness. Get them out of here

  34. Help them with what.
    With their criminal activities, with help sell drugs, with their diseases.
    Send them back.

  35. America is America because of migrants if your not Native American your a immigrant or a descendent of immigrants

  36. NO, NO,,HELL NO HELP FROM AMERICANS, their own presidents of their countries. Is responsible for them, that is where their HELP NEEDS to COME FROM, u s helps u s citizens

  37. I work at a hospital in Dayton Ohio and I kid you not, I see so many Hondurans, Somalis, Ethiopians (a lot of East Africans) and Mexicans with no ssn, barely speaks English and are ready to pop a baby out (labor and delivery dept). And we provide translators, HCAP, and other programs to pay for their care.

  38. If we keep helping them and paying them to come essentially then they will never ever ever stop coming. End immigration. End all welfare for them all. Catch and don’t release catch and deport. Illegal is illegal. GET THEM OUT.

  39. America has allways helped and has done enough. You democrats are senile trash and dangerous to our country and government since you only break our laws and promote breaking our laws. WE'VE had enough.

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