Ultimate MAUI Travel Guide! Plus, some SECRET Things to do in Hawaii… Don’t Tell Anyone!

Welcome to Maui Hawaii. This is the Third part of this Hawaii Travel
Guide. We end this vacation on Maui the most beautiful
of the three islands from this trip. We start our Maui Vacation at this phenomenon
called the Nakalele Blowhole. A small 5 to 10 minute hike brings you to
the blowhole. From this small hole in the rock water launches
into the air when the waves come crashing in. This phenomenon is astounding and a great
place to check out here on the Northwest side of Maui. On a hot day the mist feels really nice. And as long as you don’t do anything really
dumb you are totally safe here. Some people for some reason think this is
a really dangerous spot. Have some caution and you’ll be safe. You need to check out the Nakalele Blowhole. Now as a bonus if you look around and just
go slightly the other direction you will come to this heart shaped hole in a rock. And now for my favorite spot in Maui, the
Olivine Pools. And one of the best things is that people
don’t know about them. A ten minute casual hike down the hill brings
you to this inlet. Huge waves just crash all around you here
but like you’re in the eye of the storm the pools are as calm as can be. The placed signs and a headstone here to try
and scare you away from this location, but if you have any sense of caution you are fine. And you can just chill and just see these
massive waves just crashing all around you. I’m telling you the Olivine pools are incredible. Just come here and chill, put your feet in
the water, read a book, or whatever you want and just enjoy the sounds and the senses and
the surprisingly chill atmosphere of these waves crashing all around you. The next morning we ate at Maui’s most coveted
diner. The Gazebo Restaurant. If you are willing to wait over an hour this
is my favorite restaurant on Maui. It does not take reservations. It has an amazing view of the ocean and there
are no bad seats. To top it off their food is amazing. And both my wife and myself love the food
here. In fact I will give you a tip the best time
to go for a smaller line is actually near lunch time. Now we move on to a helicopter ride over the
islands. Maui is the best place in Hawaii to take a
helicopter ride. It has the most beautiful waterfalls and valleys
from above and to go through and get next to. This is no ordinary helicopter either. It is a doors off helicopter ride which has
a couple of perks over other Helicopter rides. Most obviously you get to feel the cool Hawaiian
air and don’t feel all cooped up like on other helicopter rides. Maybe not so obvious of a perk is that there
are no bad seats in these doors off helicopters. Just look at the views of these waterfalls. You also fly above some of the smaller Hawaiian
islands. My favorite part was the shoreline Sea Cliffs
and waterfalls of Molokai. It looks surreal and this video just doesn’t
even do it justice. Other great things about this flight is they
let you use a camera unlike other doors off helicopters. Up in the air you feel fresh and over every
peak is another beautiful valley, waterfall or shore line that make this flight exhilarating. Seeing Maui from above is a must do while
on Hawaii. So I would use this company. AND one time we asked if we could to an area
again and the pilot turned around and gave us another pass near our favorite waterfall. I will link to this doors off helicopter along
with all the other things I do in my Hawaii travel guide in the description below this
video. Most vacationers in Maui like us decide to
stay in the city of Lahaina. And here is my favorite restaurant in Lahaina. The Lahaina Pizza Company. The view from this restaurant is amazing and
their pizza cannot be beat. So relaxing. This is one of two don’t miss restaurants
in Maui. But you will just enjoy the chill atmosphere
at the Lahaina Pizza Company I guarantee it. The road to Hana is the number one thing to
do on Maui. This extremely scenic drive is all about the
journey, and unlike the title suggests is not about the Destination of Hana. All along the way there are stops that are
different ways to enjoy and experience this rain forest. I recommend getting up as early as possible
for the road to Hana because first, there is more than a days worth of things to do
and second to beat all the rest of the tourists to some of the attractions. We first stopped at the Garden of Eden. My wife and I love animals and we wanted to
see the Peacocks that roam in this park. They are one of natures most exquisite creatures
and you can get right up close and take some pictures with them. But if you like to enjoy nature with just
a casual stroll this is a good place to do so. But there are definitely more exciting locations
along the road to Hana than this. Next I am gonna take you to a Secret waterfall
that only few people know about. Now I will share the secret with you… sort of. This unknown path is a 20 to 30 minute hike
of rock hopping up a hidden valley until you get to this secret peaceful cove with a picturesque
waterfall. Its main appeal is that no one knows about
it and that is how the locals want it to stay. The hike and the cove are like a magical dreamland. And I will give you a Hint. Your hint is that it only has one parking
spot along the road to Hana and it is a hidden entrance. To find this waterfall you have to want it
but it is so worth it. Everything else on the road to Hana can be
found in this book. I recommend buying it and planning out what
sounds most interesting to you in this book. I will link to it below. Down the way is the Keanae arboretum. Now I mispronounce everything so I am sorry
for that. When I first saw this in the book, I overlooked
it. But it is a quick easy stop and has the coolest
trees on all the Island. It is well worth a stop to see the palm and
banyan trees among a variety of others but the best trees are these rainbow eucalyptus
trees. They make an awesome background of colors
for an up close shot as well. A quick detour from the road to Hana is the
Keanae peninsula. It is a great place to relax and take in the
scenery of the coastline and see some of the homes and a nearby church. What makes this small town even more worth
it is that by this point your are probably getting a little hungry and Aunt Sandy’s Banana
Bread is the best and it is also a great place to stop and eat. The best place for Hawaiian shaved ice is
featured in my Oahu Travel Guide. I will link to that video at the end of this
video. But most shaved Ice here on the island is
good just like here at the Halfway to Hana. Now, like I said, there is too much to do
in one day on the road to Hana. In fact, Hana itself only has one thing that
I love to do and I didn’t even get to do it this trip. This is a Trike. It is basically a motorized hang glider and
it still is one of the coolest things I have ever done! The footage here isn’t that great because
it is before I started travel vlogging. Starting on this random runway in Hana you
take off and really get to see the rain forest from above. And I highly recommend this especially if
you didn’t get to do the doors off helicopter ride from the beginning of this video. Make sure you book this way in advance and
I will link to it below. Next we make are way to Wai’anapanapa State
Park and this is another must do while in Hawaii. Unfortunately everybody else knows this is
a must do as well. It is most famous for its black sand beach. If you have never been to a black sand beach
this one is really impressive. What makes this black sand beach stand out
more than others is its strikingly vibrant colors. The water is a crystal blue and the foliage
is a bright green making this beach a sensory overload. If you watch my Big Island video I visit my
other favorite Black Sand beach and that one is not very busy at all. Because there is so many people here to make
this slightly more personal I recommend going on a five minute stroll to the edge of the
rocks where the vegetation is most vibrant and sit right next to where the waves crash. It is such a cool little area slightly more
secluded than the rest of the beach. Next to the main beach there is a small cave
that opens to the ocean. It is a pretty little gem that a lot of people
miss just walking right by it. When you find the small cave it opens into
a beautiful silhouette for pictures should you so choose. And as you can see here the sand is magical. The Pipiwai and the seven sacred pools are
my last must stop along the road to Hana. First you hike along the tall grass or whatever
that is to an overlook where you can see a large distant waterfall. You make your way to this old majestic banyan
tree. It is a nice place to relax and climb. After that you cross a few old bridges. Here my wife is reenacting a movie. Can you guess which one? Okay anyway, my favorite part of this trail
is the bamboo forest. At points the bamboo towers over you and makes
this amazing tunnel to walk through. And it really feels mystic as you walk through
them. At the end of this trail you are rewarded
with another breathtaking and huge waterfall. Near the seven sacred pools is the Wailua
falls. It is a quick and very magnificent waterfall. You can see it from the road. If you want a lot of waterfall for just a
little bit of effort the Wailua falls are for you. To be honest I am always astounded this place
isn’t even more packed. And it opens into this pretty little cove
to take a dip in and breath the fresh Hawaiian air. Now if you want to know what to do on Oahu
and the Big Island of Hawaii watch my other Travel Videos. Below I link to the things I did in this video
and my equipment. Comment on any questions that you have about
Hawaii and I will answer them below, like this video if it helped you out, and subscribe
to mine or my wife’s makeup channel.

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