Gnarly, like I would never try that ever. Oh! It’s party time! *Cough Mess out here, dude. What happened last night? He’s sleeping in the car again. Yes! Get up dream boy it’s time to roll. Where’s the Pig at? His bike’s gone. Come on! Where’s the Pig? Get up dude! I was sleeping! Comfortably! I called Pig twice already. He didn’t answer. Where we going? Fu** that party. Where’s the Pig? I have no idea. Let’s find him. You guys are fu**ing awesome. Sup dude!? What up Sidewayz!? Bout to hit up this fu**ing parking lot! Yo dog! Where’s the Pig at? I heard he’s at Tallboys. Tallboys? Alright! What up Tallboy? Yo what’s up? My dudes! Yeah! Tallboy! I like that bike, Tallboy! That thing is tight, dude. Hey you seen the Pig today? What’s up? Pig? Palm. Poolside. Hacienda. Poolside. Hacienda. Hell yeah! Hey Slice! You seen the Pig? I know where he’s at! Let’s roll! Tallboy! There’s the Pig! There he is! There’s the Pig! There he is! Damn! Finally found this guy! Yeah! Looking for you all day! Yeah Pig! Let’s do this.

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