VAN LIFE VLOG | Overnight Cargo Ferry from Baja to Mexico

that’s just the new
sounds of the vlog! got your poo right here buddy we’re swaying here and now
you’re eating the garbage again in our last episode we introduced you
guys to our new foster puppy Rojo and while the three of us absolutely loved
Baja it’s time for us to try mainland Mexico so tonight we’re gonna cross the
Sea of Cortez over to Mazatlan and begin a new adventure good morning from La
Ventana last night we tried to you create the
world’s coolest hot spring hot tub here on the beach and it meant we needed
electricity from our van so we brought the van right down onto the beach in the
middle of the night and it is super soft and so we’ve been stuck and we’ve got a
little crew in here today trying to help us out but I don’t know guys it’s not
looking so good yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Oh oh I uh
it’s just being patient and not like trying to get shortcuts there’s no
shortcuts so we’re just trying to like smooth out the sand build a little
runway get a little progress reset and get a little progress reset we’re
actually going the opposite direction that we want to go there’s a there’s a
less soft area where we can maybe turn around turning in sand is no wow are we
free as I’m driving a man’s navigating us I
ask them to put in a grocery store so we could stock up on some stuff here in La
Paz and this is where he brought me guys my master Oh time to reroute the plans
guys okay I wanted to wait I just have to tell them that I’m a great role I
feel my job that was our first hour long drive with Rojo and he lied right in
between us didn’t make a peep it’s kind of perfect he’s eating our
garbage so there’s such a problem alright so we made it to La Paz we’re
actually running a little bit late on time is it hot my shoes
Beck doesn’t know where shoes are is probably the night that we were last
night we were digging out this hot tub we’ve got this dugout
nice car big area the PVC pipe and this pump is gonna be pumping hot water from
a well fresh water we just into the tub no no pedal
oh now used to these rules and regulations here so we got a puppy puppy
proof of it he’ll be fine I could just go in in the week we’ve been foster
parents we have not run into a place that does not allowed my Scott thes in
doors so Emma’s gonna run and get some groceries for us we’re actually planning
on leaving Baja today so we got a stock up because we have a long journey ahead
bro I just gave you food and now you’re eating the garbage again all right the fridge is stocked for our
16 our mission mainland here we come in order to get to mainland Mexico from
Baja Mexico you have to take a ferry Emma and I are trying to get on the
cargo ferry and about a week ago we were at this port sorting it all out so we
will bring you back to them just arrived at the ferry terminal apparently we need
copies of certain documentation which we don’t have but also apparently the
parking attendant will do copies so we’re going to go check that out and
then head in and try and get our vehicle registered first for six pesos he made a
photocopy of my passport as well as my tourist tourist Oh permit and I’ve
already got a copy of my vehicle registration and that we’re going in I just went in and spoke to the same
lady I don’t know if she remembered Marriott but I told her that we are
looking to go to mainland so she said you go through inspection you don’t need
a ticket and then you buy the ticket you’re good and leaves at 5:00 okay we
got to try to tire this guy out because right now he’s a sleepy monster look at
him oh my god cameras so dark I’m also so hungry right
now shower get her loves organized so we go this way look at this water right
there I think I’ll be nice yeah it says pitcher thing gave Beatrice back lunch
he’s fine he’s just using his back legs this was the tire mm I think I’m gonna
be been relased that angle well it’s gonna tell you we still got a few
Lacroix Harvin lunch we’re at a beach and we got about half an hour to shower
clean up and get back to the ferry terminal drama Risto okay muchas classes for those interested we gone through
inspection and now they’ve weighed the vehicle asked us some questions about
the vehicle and now I think with this information we pay based on the weight
the size is no reservation no no problem being like maybe they’re checking to
make sure there’s room for us I’ve asked like five times possible to
go tonight are we going tonight no manana Meza plan but it’s getting
through we actually get breakfast and dinner –
babe I’m serious check that meal out are you sure yeah I said can we sleep in
advance thing yeah let’s go for those who don’t know Beck is known
for getting very sick on large boats large or small she’s just not very good this is a very large boat this is not a
small boat this is probably the biggest ferry we’ve ever been on
and I don’t know it’s it should be
interesting it could be Dacia regressive Oh throw and I buddy all right this is home for the next 16
hours we got to figure out
where this guy’s gonna poo that’s my number-one concern so like I think we’ve
mentioned this is not a normal passenger ferry this is a cargo carrier it’s
mainly truckers this was how much was it been 280 US dollars do you have any idea
where you’re going the genuine state of confusion on her
face is priceless this way Oh Jacqueline those guys deaf I never
seen a blogger you’re so maybe I’ll show you mine
show me your soul honey sweet best time me and I spin it off before you get it
baby show me your soul harmony I’ll show you I’ll show you I’ll show you and now that one that’s just the new
sounds of the vlog this evening and we have two tickets one for a day see you
know breakfast tomorrow and one for dinner this evening I’m thinking because
we’re on this ship it might be better to cook for ourselves but you know your
point Amon has got to go check it out I’m just curious like what it is you
know let’s see what the chefs are cooking so ro and I are gonna hang out
while I’m gonna go suss it if it’s good we’re gonna try it if it’s not we’re
gonna make nachos alright folks I think the kitchen was closed so we’re making
nacho cheese sauce not full of nachos because I’m already seasick but freaking
half an hour in and I got a lie like this I can’t really sit up I’m so
useless and then they also met the cutest German couple okay cute looking
couple with four kids taking two years off traveling the world that ship from
the UK to Halifax we’re talking about like shipping and the company they use
and all that for kids family goals family goals you’ll
probably meet them tomorrow you guys have never made Lorenz nacho cheese it’s
pretty trippy we’re swinging here it’s pretty trippy it’s literally carrot
potato some spices nutritional yeast tomato paste garlic salt pepper it’s not
that complicated and it’s taste can taste like nacho cheese you just blend
that all up and you can just smother it on anything good three different dipping
options two-phase probably the most random dinner of all know is random
dinner of all time but I did download Fargo on Netflix so I think we’re gonna
sign the vlog off right here sit sit and we will report back in the morning
hopefully I’m not so seasick see in the morning hmm
good morning friends very proud of little Rosita
yes yes you are a good boy he had one pea in the morning
actually one pea in the middle of the night and one pea just now in the
morning and in case you guys are wondering like where’s Rahul being where
is Rojo good Wow just right here on the main bit let me
just wipe it up it’s not that big a video how’s my best buddy I’m really
good are you feeling a little better well I haven’t gone vertical yet so I
think that’s why I’m feeling good but also it’s funny because I told them that
we were gonna watch TV and stuff and we literally just went to bed instead so
weird at 9 p.m. last night and at 7:30 this morning our boy just took a pig poo
super proud of them good boy yes you’re the best got your
food right here buddy remember the guys I was telling you about last night four
kids two adults one man tight squeeze our oh ho Wow follow directions so to be
how do you change those tires so they kept them men and underwear
cameras not okay okay no problem I am so impressed that dude built that
entire cab like the entire thing he bought the truck and he bought like this
wood epoxy outside material and welded it and the inside the kitchen dinette
actually slides out so you can check them out on Instagram I don’t know how
much they post there but Wow inspiring family while we’re rating that
family gave us a tennis ball and I don’t think rojos ever played with a ball yeah we just got the official knock
we are good to go so you take that just like that even though I got sick on
the ferry I thought it was a really easy easy transition from Baja to mainland I
didn’t know what to expect I didn’t even know how long it was gonna be but
basically Lulu buddy basically we just slept it off we’re a little ill
researched when it comes to what we’re gonna do today tomorrow and the next
couple of weeks but we have had some interest in going down towards ports of
aorta because there’s great kiting there’s supposed to be some really great
beaches and I’m not sure we’re ready to just completely give up the beach yet so
as we’re driving towards this vegan restaurant a man kind of looks at me and
he goes this looks like it’s out of the way should we go towards Puerto Vallarta
and now we’ve just decided that we’re going to make the drive today and go
towards port if I are done little one has been playing all morning so he’s
sleeping and we just figured let’s do it so guys
vamos a port and I are done and driving five hours and we said
whenever we see a Coco free sign we’re pulling over
I missed the turn by accident but I think it was a far baby
oh it literally keeps going up by degrees every half an hour it’s 35
degrees of bloody hot how cute is this look at her like so we’re excited to be
here we’ve got about another hour left to make it to this little beach town and
I think that’s where we’re gonna leave you for today guys make sure you tune in
next time just check a beach town see how Rojo is growing and that’s pretty
much all she wrote folks also just quickly we’ve had a lot of questions
about the music where we get our music from for our blogs we’ve actually
partnered with epidemic sound whether you want to create Instagram videos or
YouTube videos epidemic sound has a huge library of copyright themed pretty music
all of it is amazing so you can check it out link below they do give us a little
Commission for every sign up but it’s absolutely free you can do a free trial
to try it out and just a little tip I really like the link button so once you
find a song you like you can just think it’s up to little circles and then it
suggests a bunch of other songs that are similar it’s awesome we love using it
and if you want to check it out boy am I supposed to sleep here

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