Welcome to Mexico City, or Distrito Federal D.F. as they call it. this is the most populous city in north
america and Mexico’s capital noted for its rich Aztec heritage in numerous
UNESCO world heritage sites! Let’s go check it out! We start our tour
in Xochimilco. This area used to be a lake in
pre-hispanic times and has since been turned into an extensive canal system
used by the Aztecs today the area draws tourists and locals with a chance to
ride in the colorful boats called trajineras. This area has been referred to as the
Venice of Mexico It is a very lively and cultural
experience filled with music and food the boat will pass through the canals
which have gardens on the banks of the river in case you get hungry during the
ride or want to have a picnic… boats will approach you and offer to cook
traditional street food such as a “elote” or corn or micheladas which
is a local drink made with beer and spices. For entertainment boats will pass by with mariachi bands
and you can request different songs. We requested the Macarena of course. UNESCO world heritage site! Patrimonio de la Humanidad. And mi llamo David. This is Frida Kahlo’s house and museum. I
recommend getting tickets in advance. For lunch we went to El Cardinal which has delicioso cuisine of Mexico and mescal! Chapultepec park this is two to three times the
size of the park in Central Park in New York City. I’m going to Chapultepec Castle, this is
the path in the beautiful park. Look at this view! La Ciudad de Mexico! Chapultepec Park is an excellent place to take photographs. It is also North America’s only “real”
castle where a reigning monarch actually lived. More of Chapultepec Park. Lots of vendors, open mercado. After making our way through the open market… it was time to visit one of the crown
jewels of Mexico – the Anthropology Museum. Anthropology museum – Let’s go! and if you need a
shower, here’s the spot These are Mayan temples you can see the inside. The museum had an excellent collection
of Aztec and Mayan art, indoor and outdoor collections, and it was truly
stunning. Mexico City has more museums in London, and this one right here the Anthropology Museum is one
of the best i’ve ever been to. Do not miss the Aztecs sacrificed own shown here, or the Aztec Sun Stone which is the calendar shown here and architecture is
pretty awesome too. It is raining outside now so it’s time
for Mexico City fun facts! One. Mexico City has a population of
22 million people. Two. It is the oldest capital in America’s
founded in 1325. Number three it is 7,500 feet above sea level and surrounded by
volcanoes. Can you see them? Now it is time to walk to the Zocalo. You
might recognize this from the opening scene of the movie Spectre. It is the largest plaza in Mexico one of
the largest plazas in the world that also houses the largest Cathedral in
North America which was built on Aztec ruins. It is also the political hub of
Mexico. They call it Districto Federal or D.F.During our time there there was a
teachers protest so we weren’t able to fully see the area, but it was spectacular just had a protest here last night so
there’s barricades what is it palacio de bellas artes That’s Torre Latinoamericana It’s sunday morning in Mexico we just made it here to Museo Soumaya this was built by Carlos Slim yeah Polanco, which is kind of like one of the most elite areas in Mexico and it’s undergoing extensive rapid regeneration We’re in the Polanco district it’s like The Beverly Hills Mexico City this is also a cinema they’re
broadcasting the lion king this right here is costco and this right
here is Saks Fifth Avenue We are inside the Museo Soumaya. This is a free museum we are inside one of the galleries where
they have different types of money. BP – what did you find? well, I found rare old pesos.
Where are they? They are right here. yeah right here in the display case and…
So BP got this twenty-five years ago, and it is on display in the museum Museo Jumex, Mexico City this is one of the museums of contemporary art. so I’m walking on Calle Reforma. On Sundays they close the street for biking for a few hours the whole street is closed Behind me is Parque Alameda Central and here
is a mercado with all kinds of fruit and street food A couple minor issues during our trip…
there was a protest for the teacher’s union in Mexico City’s, so we had to avoid those
streets there is also a traffic problem in
Mexico City and it is real also getting to Mexico we took Volaris
which is a budget airline. I can’t say I recommend it but it was cheap and I
didn’t die 🙂 We hope that you enjoyed this glimpse
into Mexico City It truly is one of the most exquisite
cities and Latin America. if you enjoyed this video, hit the like
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  1. Other things…

    México city was the capital of Piliphines, Cuba, part of south América, América Central, north América in "Nueva España" era.

    The capital was the capital of diferents empires in América ; aztec, spain, Austrian – hunagry empire. and has all wars of México, the mexican revolution and the revolution of students in 60's.

    As the same time México city has the olimpic games, and 2 fifa worlds cups (1970 with the brazil of pelé and 1986 with Argentina of Maradona in aztec stadium )

    México city is the capital of mouseums of the world cuz have more of 200.

    The forest of chapultepec is 3 tiemes more bigger than The central Park of NYC.

    Rome, the Cairo, Athenas are other exaples of old and monumental capitals more older than his countries.

    But México it' s not for begginers…Acapulco, Cancun, Querétaro, Mérida, Chiapas, Veracruz, Monterrey, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Tabasco, Puebla, Oaxaca, Tijuana, Durango, Coauhila are diferentes between us in gastronomy, weather, traditions, music. One live it's not enough for know all the country.

  2. What you mentioned in Polanco wasn't a cinema, it is El Teatro Telcel (Telcel Theatre), one of the best in Latin America, where you can see the spanish spoken production of the Lion King (the broadway musical) with Mexican cast and crew 🙂

  3. Mexico is pretty awesome but last time I went I took a taxi to the airport and the guy jump me he tried to take my stuff and since I didn't let him he dragged me with the car never ever going back the police sucks too
    on the bright side there are some very nice helpful people. But I don't recommend going at this time too much crime is just not worth it.

  4. Every time I watch this I see something new that I never saw before. Love all of Run The Atlas stuff. You do travel video right!

  5. Thank you for sharing your video. We film natural 4k walks too mainly in Europe so it's lovely to see others doing something similar, in places we haven't been to (but now feel we have). We enjoyed absorbing your video and losing ourselves in it. We look forward to seeing more. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other and share more of the same?

  6. i cant wait to see it, ive been practising my spanish for a while and i think Mexico will be home soon, loooooove the food and culture

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