WEST COAST USA Road Trip, Partie 3 | Los Angeles [FR]

Today we are going to Los Angeles and… It’s funny because on the highway there are 8 lanes. Here we go to Los Angeles. So now I’m arriving to Los Angeles Right in front of me is Beverly Hills. And it is where I’m going to stay and it’s weird to see in real life that That reminds me Grand Theft Auto V or Grand Theft Auto San Andreas but Grand Theft Auto V is more recent and better made. and yeah… it feel weird to be there. Look at this house above my head. on the left, every time I pass here there are always big cars. The guy must be rich here is my AirBnB just there I don’t understand their stuff. There is no logic Ah finally It is so beautiful really… It is so Huge… Right behind me is the Hollywood sign. during the sunset. it is so… beautiful what can I say ? And right behind it is the city. Finally it is the city … the city it is huge. the quality of the video is a little bit unclear so there is the Griffith Observatory. and the downtown it’s… so good again… it is so strange to see LA in real

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