What do you NOT NEED in JAPAN? Ask foreign travellers to give packing advice for Japan.

– So that can stay in the bag?
– Yeah! We wish we didn’t have to make use of those two umbrellas. They are available to get here but bring one from home. It makes your day a little bit easier. Hey guys this is Cathy Cat and today I am gonna go and ask foreigners in Japan what they packed that they actually don’t need and vice versa what they wish they packed when they came here to Japan Maybe they can give us packing advice for your next trip to Japan. Let’s go and ask foreigners in Japan. Anything you’ve packed and you realized “I don’t really need that”. Our jeans. Yeah, we packed jeans. it’s pretty hot here (late summer in Japan). – What temperature did you expect?
– We expected it to be hot. But packed it just in case. We didn’t expect it to be so humid. So that’s a new temperature to dress to. How are you dealing with the humidity. My hair isn’t dealing with it so well but otherwise it’s quite nice to be somewhere really warm. I didn’t need the converter for the electrical plugs. Didn’t know it (was the same). I thought it’s a different country and I might need something. Turns out I didn’t This is coming from someone from North America. – So that can stay in the bag?
– Yeah. Anything you think you would like to bring to Japan though? Any item you would say: Don’t forget to bring that? Remember to bring battery packs. We got into a casual pokemon go party. Let’s just say without it out whole afternoon would have been disrupted. An umbrella, we weren’t expecting a typhoon to come. So it was really rainy yesterday. That’s pretty much it so far. Well we didn’t bring an umbrella but we saw an umbrella hanging out a garbage can at the airport. So we were fortunate with that. What did you pack that in the end you didn’t need at all. Well, we haven’t needed our swimming costume because last time we came we swam a lot at the hotel. When we were in out first hotel in Osaka it was men only. That was a bit disappointing. We went and had a massage in the spa area but we couldn’t swim. So we don’t use our swimming costumes. I packed boots which I don’t need. And jackets because it’s really hot. compared to England. Stuff like that, just warm clothes. Jumpers. How are you dealing with the temperatures. It’s really hot. Take one umbrella and we bought a couple more. Cause we were having rain as well. We have lots of sunscreen we have not used. You know, factor 50. Because of our white skin. – Not used it yet.
– You have NOT used it yet? We haven’t. We are in shops a lot. We are not sitting in the sun. Walking though the shops so we are not sitting. It’s not like a beach holiday. On the other side, is there anything you wish you had brought? We always said when we packed we wouldn’t take too much. Whatever we had forgotten we would just buy. Everything is available. Apart from the umbrellas we’ve had to buy. Anything when you came here, you were like “I need to buy that!” – No?
– Adapter for our plugs. That was the only thing really. Anything you’d advise someone to pack if they come to Japan. Maybe good shoes because you may walk a lot in Tokyo. It’s such a huge city. What did you pack for Japan that you didn’t need at all? – I think I need everything.
– One thing, the Iphone 4 We wanted to buy a simcard for it but it looks like it’s too old for Japan. – We couldn’t find a card for it.
– Instead we got a portable wifi. That was cool. We love it.
– Yeah we don’t know that from Germany. – We don’t have the pocket wifi.
– Yeah less known. It’s really good and convenient. We use it now with our normal Iphone 6 and 6s. So the Iphone 4 … … had to go back in my bag. There simply wasn’t a sim card for the 4. Sim cards only started for the Iphone 5. Everything else is too old for Japan. But we wish we didn’t have to make use of those two umbrellas we packed. Is there anything you wish you had brought from Germany? I sometimes have a moment when I want to have wholemeal bread again. Germans like eating their bread. But we didn’t do that for Tokyo at all. What would you recommend to people who come to Japan to pack? If it’s in summer, bring really light clothing. Maybe something for the ladies, so their hair doesn’t get to frizzy. – Because of the humidity?
– Exactly. Sunhat and sunglasses is always good. and in winter depending on where you are bring some thicker clothing. It’s pretty cold here in winter. What did you pack that you didn’t need in the end? I packed books on Japanese language from my German university. But I didn’t need them for the whole year that I was in Japan. I was for one year at Shizuoka University. We covered a completely different subject area that in Bonn. And then certain shoes. Especially those with high heels. It’s uncomfortable to be taller than the other people. Is there anything you wish you packed when you came from Germany? I miss German treats like Haribo, it’s so expensive here. I can’t really afford it that much. I like Japanese chocolate too but the German one is better. What did you pack and bring to Japan that you end up not needing at all. – Long clothes?
– Too hot? Yeah. The hotel amenities included toothpaste and such, so I didn’t need to bring my toiletries bag. What did you wish you brought from Germany? A lovely bottle of bavarian beer. – Which one?
– Augustiner beer. Damn right. What would you recommend to others to pack? Pack your best mood and expect the locals to be very kind and attentive. Everything else you can buy if you forgot it. Apart from that you will be perfectly happy. Pack a polite attitude and a big smile. And also basic vocabulary like hello, goodbye, thank you. We got a special guest here, please introduce yourself. Hey guys this is Endigo, a guy from Sweden. YouTuber, musician and vocalist of the band BatAAr. A visual kei, kind of metal band from Sweden. Currently doing the sound track for Tekken seven – It’s great to meet you.
– I am so happy to be here. I am glad you are here too. We did a video together as well. We’ll put it in the links once it’s done. Any item in your bag that you have not used yet, and didn’t need? Several button shirts. I thought I might need this if I go out and want to look fancy. Haven’t used them a single time. In fact most clothes I bought I didn’t use, I just bought here. Everything I am wearing right now I bought in Japan. Except for the shoes. Most clothes I think. Anything you wish you’d brought? More cash for clothes maybe. You always wanna go shopping when you go here. The fashion here is incredible. I like you already. We already spend a whole day together so we like each other anyways but hearing that: PERFECT. Shopping. Anything you’d advice people to bring when they come to Japan? Aside from just cash, cause you wanna do a lot of shopping, I leaned the hard way. Do try to find… what you call it… electric converter for you electric plugs. – Like an adapter?
– Yeah like an adapter. If you don’t bring one you are pretty screwed. They are pretty easy to find here. I didn’t bring one so I had no computer and phone for two days. Until I went to Donkey Hote and found one. So that was nice. They are available to get here but bring one from home. It makes your day a little bit easier. Next time bring some licorice for me. – I will.
– Fantastic. Thank you very much. We had some very efficient packers, mostly the Germans who said “We packed everything very efficiently and we needed everything” “Like it was.” I am sorry for the bad German accent that was just inappropriate there. What are you doing? Now I am a bit more visible. Some people said “We didn’t need the warm jackets” because it was very hot. Now the seasons have changed very quickly. Be sure to check the weather when you come to Japan. It can be very cold or very hot depending on the season. Adapters are a funny thing. Here in Japan we use the plugs that are used in North America, America. Those two small slits. While in Europe and the UK we have different ones. So bring an adapter but also make sure: in your country the electricity rate might be higher. While in Japan it’s quite low. If you bring your blow drier from Europe, for example Germany to Japan, that happened to me. The drier will be like huuuuuuu. Because it won’t have enough energy. While the other way around, if you buy a product here in Japan… and you bring it over to Europe, it might explode. A friend of mine did that with a blow drier. She bought it in Japan and tried to use it in Europe and it went boom. So be very careful about that. And you be careful about that. Don’t drop it, we need that for later. If you are curious about packing I have done a video about packing packing for Mount Fuji. I climbed up Mt Fuji and there are several items you NEED to get. So if you come to Japan and are curious. about going up Mt Fuji there are lots of items you’ll need. I put that in our links at the top right of the screen. I wish you a lovely day. And give us more packing tips about what to take to Japan. Maybe someone else will have a better packing result…? … by you helping them how to pack?! You know what I mean. Anyways, have a lovely day. Catch you soon!

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  1. 変換プラグ以外(大型の電器量販店にはあるけど)、大概は揃うと思うが。まあ、お気に入りの服やグッズは必須だよね。

  2. 英語も素敵ですがドイツ語を話す姿が素敵です

  3. I think the German lady in 3:57 gave us a clue as to why the Japanese people are nearly all very slim, and it is because they do not eat much bread in their diet.

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  5. I hope people don't follow the clothing instructions for summer when they visit Japan in winter – unless they are going to Okinawa! 🙂 Comfortable shoes are really important for a visit to Japan, because you will walk a lot!

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  8. the department store the swede mentioned we also found and bought adapters there. but because of the penguin on the stores we just called it the penguinshop, not even gonna try and remember the name XD

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  11. What time of the year was this? I will be going to Japan in November. How is the wether then? Will be going to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto. Thanks!

  12. How warm is it near mid-March in Japan? I plan on going for the last 2 weeks of March when I visit in 2020 🙂 I plan on packing very light since I plan on backpacking across Japan 🙂

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