What I Learned from Travelling the World (kinda)

hey guys it’s Theodore here and in this
video we’re gonna be doing something a little bit different first of all as
you’ve probably already noticed it’s gonna be animated in a different style
Yussef is my animator and he’s been animating a ton of past videos on the
channel and he’s learning a new style so let me know at the end of this video
what you think of it secondly the title of this video is what
you learn traveling around the world however I haven’t traveled the world yet
one of my writers Megan has though Megan is an absolutely great writer and has
been on the team for about a year she’s been freelancing online while
being a digital nomad all over the world and well I’ll just let her tell you hey
my name is Megan Watzke a traveller writer and yoga teacher from
Philadelphia I just got back home from over a year abroad and wanted to share a
few insights for people who might be thinking about long-term travel here’s a
quick background for you after a three-month backpacking trip through
Europe I decided that I would save up some cash and take the plunge with the
digital Nomad lifestyle after six weeks of backpacking through Asia with my best
friend I began freelancing and decided to move to Australia for a year on a
working holiday visa between the time that I left home and the time that I got
back I spent 16 months in eight different countries working in retail
freelancing and exploring the world my journeys are far from over but I thought
it would be a good time to reflect on what I learned after a year of traveling
so without further ado here’s a sneak peak of the knowledge and skills you
might gain after a year of traveling the world lesson number one just getting
around sure there are a lot of wanderlust e elements to traveling the
world but unless you have quite a bit of cash I did not you will have to do a lot
of travel on your own and when it comes down to it travel requires a lot of life
skills that you have to sometimes develop on the fly pun very much
intended one of the most daunting parts of traveling is physically getting from
point A to point B so you’ve flown into the Kuala Lumpur Airport now how do you
get to your hostel you’re ready to move on from Kuala Lumpur and you’ve heard
about a cool island called langkawi what do you need to do to get there
Google Maps has become my best friend abroad whether I want to walk the night
market or take a metro to my hotel other travelers and locals are also great
resources for the best ferry companies to book with or whether the train or the
bus is the easier option nowadays we also have a lot of
online resources including blogs they give you all the information you need to
get where you need to go public transportation can be daunting but it’s
a heck of a lot cheaper than taking ubers or taxis everywhere again learning
how to figure out train schedules or where to buy a bus pass are pretty
crucial life skills and when you get home everything else seems less scary if
you can navigate the city of Vienna with a metro system that is entirely in
German you’ll feel pretty confident that you
can do just about anything lesson number two there are so many wonderful people
on our planet when I think about my favorite cities I think about unburrow
Brisbane and Penang and Edinboro I was able to check out the Fringe Festival
and the beautiful architecture but my favorite memory from that city was
running into friends that I had met in Ireland and taking a spontaneous trip to
an art museum with them Brisbane doesn’t have the top tourist attractions in
Australia but I was able to form very close relationships with friends and
musicians that I met at shows I visited nying three times with three different
groups of people every time I had Wi-Fi problems and I had trouble working but
every time I could always count on going to Love Lane and introducing my new
friends to my favorite bartender who always greeted me with a big smile
bucket list items and beautiful sights certainly give you a reason to visit a
new country or study but often it’s the people that you meet that will help you
create warm and fuzzy memories of your travels and night in with hostel
roommates laughing over a cheap box of wine maybe just as special as seeing
ancient temples in Thailand or holding a koala lesson number three you don’t have
to travel solo let’s go back to talking about life skills for a minute
I spent a majority of my 16 months abroad quote-on-quote
alone I say like that because although there were many moments where I was
alone on different tours or traveling different cities there were also many
times when I spontaneously traveled with people that I met on my journey I bought
a car in New Zealand with a girl that I met in Malaysia the two of us traveled
from the north island to the South Island with a crew boys that we met
along the way after that I arrived in Melbourne by
myself but I left with three of my roommates as we took a road trip up to
Byron Bay back in Europe I went to a music festival with a friend from
college and a guy that she met on reddit I’m not kidding and we all traveled
through Poland together you’ll be surprised
so how easy it is to meet and become friends with travelers while you’re
traveling solo when I arrived in a hostel in the Cameron Highlands I walked
a true group of guests and asked them what they were doing for dinner a few
days later I took a bus to Penang with three of the guys from the hostel and
then continued on my travels to Lyon Cali with one of them are you nervous
about traveling solo don’t worry you’ll find that before long you’ll be begging
to get some alone time lesson number four you’ll be surprised at what you’re
capable of I remember sitting in a hostel in Bristol trying to build up the
courage to go downstairs and meet new people fast forward to my time in Byron
Bay when I departed for my friends and craved some time by myself I walked into
the lobby of the Byron hostel and told myself with full confidence I’ll just
make some friends when I feel like it in a year of travelling planning trips
navigating the world meeting new people and crossing items off of your bucket
list you come a long way it worked and lived in a working hostel in Melbourne
where many travelers began a year-long journey through Australia
I watched travelers who were 18 or 19 apply for and get jobs travel a new
country and figure out taxes in a foreign place my road trip buddy in New
Zealand hadn’t owned a car before a trip much less knew how to jumpstart said car
when she discovered the battery died don’t worry we figured it out when you
travel for a year you have a lot of opportunities to face your fears and
challenge what you believe you are capable of and now that I’m home
I can reflect on those opportunities and ask myself what’s next so as we in this
video let me know what you think of this new animation style and also check out
some imagines adventures on her instagram below I hope you guys enjoyed
this video

64 thoughts on “What I Learned from Travelling the World (kinda)

  1. Wow, new animation style. Awesome brotherhood! Love it ma man. However, I’m still kind of used to the old style, but changing up can be good for you because it doesn’t make you bored

    Thank you for sharing this with us! Looking forward to the answers for my interview bro!

    Winny out… for now 😉

  2. It's been a dream of mind to travel for ages as I'm sure everyone else as well. There are very unique lessons that you can only learn from moving around. It goes to show that we need to make precious memories with our limited time on Earth! 🙂

  3. Why do should you travel? It's so that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving

  4. Interesting video. Lesson 3 was very interesting because I was thinking of traveling alone sometime in the future

  5. The way the text enters the screen is sometimes too extra and just distracting. However the image animations are awesome. So overall, I can see this being better than the old style if your buddy fixes the text animations

  6. There is to many special effects, to much spinning letters. It would be better if it had less of that, and a bit less of popping up. It would be simpler. It is a good idea, but not every text needs to pop up or spin in. New icons look nice and modern, however, it will be hard getting used to new style if you are a long time follower, but the change is good, embrace it!

  7. I think it's so important to get away from your normal routine, I quite often get new ideas when I do this which helps me stay creative.

  8. Travelling the world shows you different lifestyles and that everything works differently for everyone..

  9. Great watch. Not sure I gained any knew knowledge, but enjoyed hearing the cool random experiences she found herself in!

  10. Interesting video, made me want to go out and do some of it myself. I am not really an outgoing person and travelling alone seems not like sth I want to do.

    Now to the animation style. I don't really like it. It's too flashy, too many things constantly moving. Especialy those letters flying in at the beginning irritated me

  11. You missed the most important: while traveling, you don't just meet fellow travelers, you also meet the locals !
    Wwoofing and hitchhiking are the best options for that purpose.
    I even made a vietnamese girlfriend while traveling in Vietnam (now my ex, but we've been together a year and a half).

  12. This was superb! Love the animation style and loved getting to know a little about the team. Great video

  13. I never understood how people pay all that. Like I lived there and there and did this and that and backpacked fpr month… like where comes the money?

  14. Hey! Nice video! I also like the new animation style. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the sound that pops up at different times in the video (ex: at 4:03), it sounds like notifications from other services.

  15. I did a year long travel abroad program with a company called Remote Year, and I’m totally drinking the digital nomad cool-aid. The transportation tip is a less painful when a company does it for you. And the feeling alone tip is less harsh too because you’re traveling with 30+ other people.

    If anyone wants to check it out, just visit the website, and if you sign up and mention my name (Dom C. from Denali) we both get monehs. Happy traveling!

    – dom (currently in Medellin, Colombia)

  16. Way too much movement. It's nauseating.
    Especially with the text taking what seem like years to actually appear, after being read off. Although the other moving bits and bobs are distracting as hell.

  17. Love the animation style Theodore and Megan your journey around the world ins INSPIRING and makes me want to fulfill my dream of doing the same. When I get the chance, I’ll stop by a few of those places! Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. Amazingly well done! I'm surprised how much I was able to quickly get into it and enjoy the content. I see this as a great move forward. After all, standing still is succumbing to stagnation. Have a great evening.

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  22. Travelling like this feels scary to me, but it´s nothing compared to a pilgrimage in medieval times…
    For some reason, many of our ancestors were so much tougher than we´re today…

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